Deadliest Catch's seventh season will premiere Tuesday, April 12 at 9PM ET/PT, Discovery Channel has announced.

Deadliest Catch's new season will continue to document the activities of the Cornelia Marie, Northwestern, Wizard, and Time Bandit fishing vessels as they fish for crab in the cold and dangerous waters of the Bering Sea. 

While the Cornelia Marie will be in the hands of new co-owners Josh and Jake Harris following the death of their father Phil Harris during last year's season of the Discovery Channel reality series, the other returning boats will continue to be captained by familiar faces Sig Hansen (Northwestern), Keith Colburn (Wizard), and Andy and Johnathan Hillstrand (Time Bandit).

In addition, two new ships -- the Ramblin' Rose and Seabrooke -- will also be part of Deadliest Catch's seventh season.

Dubbed "the floating frat house," the Ramblin' Rose features a rowdy, young crew captained by 28-year-old Elliot Neese -- who hasn't let his youth prevent him from boasting about his fishing prowess. 

Seabrooke is captained by Scott Campbell Jr., an outwardly cocky and confident 36-year-old who has been privately struggling to overcome the loss of a deckhand at sea.

"Deadliest Catch has the best storytelling on television. Our captains and crew are real, raw and magnetic characters who bring an intense and honest reality to everything in their world," Discovery Channel president Clark Bunting said.

Deadliest Catch is produced by Original Productions, with Thom Beers, Jeff Conroy and Bill Pruitt serving as executive producers.