Davie Rickenbacker finished Survivor: David vs. Goliath in sixth place during Wednesday night's finale broadcast of Survivor Season 37 on CBS.

Davie, a 30-year-old social media manager from Orangeburg, SC, who currently resides in Atlanta, GA, lost the $1 million grand prize to Nick, a 27-year-old public defender from Williamsburg, KY, who currently resides in London, KY.

Davie was voted out on Night 36 of the game through a 4-2 vote instead of Alison Raybould, a 28-year-old physician from Leawood, KS, who currently resides in Chapel Hill, NC, because his fellow castaways viewed him as a big threat.

"I had a hellified time out here playing this game of Survivor. I don't know who it was who orchestrated the move to get me out, but I'm satisfied with my Survivor game," Davie said following his ouster.

"I want to see a good season; I want to see somebody playing this game hard, hard, hard -- because that's what I respect."

During an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Thursday, Davie talked about his Survivor experience. Below is what he had to say.


Reality TV World: Why did you vote for Nick to win, and how much of a factor was Nick being a David or Mike White already being wealthy in your decision?

Davie Rickenbacker: Yeah, well, the fact that Nick was a David I guess you could say had a little bit to do with it, only because that's where I met him at. I met him at the David Tribe and that's where our bond began to grow and where we began this great bond.

They didn't show it in the editing at all -- probably because it's a family show -- but me and Nick's alliance was [my name with "ick"]... Davie and Nick together. (Laughs) And that's why I've got to commend it, those alliance names! It was brilliant!

That was something he got from Big Brother, but giving these allies alliance names automatically makes them feel like they're close to you, and I think that's a good move that he had.

And you saw at the end, when I was voted out, me saying, "Whoever orchestrated this" -- and it was Mike -- but I was actually reading the room to see if Nick had anything to do with it.

And seeing his face and seeing how blindsided he was, I was hoping that me saying, "Make a bigger move," would get into his mind where he knew he needed to take these Goliaths out and couldn't trust any of them and needed to win immunity after immunity after immunity.
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He was the only person in our season to win multiple immunities and get the job done, and I think he did just that. And that's why he earned my million dollar vote.


Reality TV World: So what was your reaction when you found out it was Mike who had orchestrated your vote-off?

Davie Rickenbacker: You know, I've got to give it to Mike. He's a great player, and yeah, the fact that he's a millionaire, it did play into not wanting to vote for him to have a million dollars, and that's why I have to give credit to Nick -- because he knew that!

Nick knew no one was going to -- well, of course someone would vote for Mike and he knew Mike would get a few votes -- but he knew the jury would see that he's a millionaire and that the jury was already rubbed wrong by Angelina.

So, I don't want to call it a cake walk, but it was best case scenario for Nick. And so, there's that.

Reality TV World: So it sounds like you weren't surprised Angelina Keeley received zero votes.

Davie Rickenbacker: No, I wasn't surprised. You know, I thought she may have gotten one, because Angelina did have strong bonds with people out there. But I think bringing up the rice over and over and over again and pandering to the jury, I think they saw it as fake and unaware of yourself.


Reality TV World: You were the one who called her out talking about the rice again!

Davie Rickenbacker: Right, absolutely. The whole point of doing a selfless act is to not mention it again and again and again. And I think that was probably her flaw in the game. I think that was probably her flaw in the game.

I think if she wouldn't have done that so much -- and ultimately maybe that was my mistake too. Maybe I should have just taken her on that Reward instead of Kara Kay because that's where she really just couldn't stand me at that point, because she wanted to be praised for her rice thing.

So, yeah, maybe that was my "million dollar mistake," as she had said so beautifully.

Reality TV World: Were you surprised to be voted off at Final 6? Last night's episode showed you saying you knew it could be you, but were hoping it would be Alison and felt you had Nick whom you could count on.

Davie Rickenbacker: Yeah, no, I want to say I was 80 percent sure it was me. I did everything I could, and Alison and me were actually together looking for idols, you know?

I knew that if I did not find an idol last night, I was going to go home unless there was that small inkling from the family visit when we all did that Final 4 that I could be saved.

And Angelina, I don't want to say she hated Alison so much, but they did not like each other so much that she would actually go with me and get Alison out. But I think ultimately, they made the right move.

I was a big threat in the game. Nick was a big threat in the game. I think if I would have won immunity, Nick would've went home, and vice versa, you saw what happened.

So I definitely have to give them props for their gameplay, and ultimately I'm happy with the end of our season.


Reality TV World: Which of the Final 6 castaways do you think you could have beaten in the end had you made it to the Final 3 with any combination of them?

Davie Rickenbacker: With any combination, I believe I could have beaten anyone other than Nick.

Reality TV World: So if you and Nick were in the Final 3 together with a Goliath, how do you think the votes would have fallen?

Davie Rickenbacker: It definitely would have been a split vote. I think I would have had Kara's vote, and if Angelina was in the Final 3 with us, I think I would have gotten Alison's vote. (Laughs)

I think I would've been able to get [Carl Boudreaux]'s vote -- and maybe [Christian Hubicki] and [Gabby Pascuzzi]'s. But yeah, it may have been a split.

[John Hennigan] loved the gameplay... Maybe he would've voted for me. I think [Elizabeth Olson] too. But I don't know. I don't know what kind of bonds Nick had with them, so I can't say for sure 100 percent.

But all I knew going through the game was that Nick was my closest ally and I coined the phrase "my best frenemy" in the game because he was playing the same game I was playing, if not stronger, because he made more bonds than me! Well, stronger bonds, I'll say.


Reality TV World: When you left the game and Nick said he had nothing to do with your vote-off, you said, "Of course you didn't, Nick." I just want to confirm, was that a sarcastic or genuine statement?

Davie Rickenbacker: That was 100 percent sarcasm. I did that to read the room, just like when I said, "Make a bigger move and someone is getting my million dollar vote." That was 100 percent sarcasm.

I wasn't sure because them being the Jabeni 3, I always felt I was on the outs of them, and that's why I didn't want to do a Final 4 with them.

But seeing his genuine reaction and that he had nothing to do with it, that earned my love for him and I just wanted him to pull that win through, and I'm just so happy that he did!

Reality TV World: Nick was painted as the very first target of the season. Had Pat Cusack not have been medically evacuated, it looked like he was the one going home. Since you were on the David Tribe, what are your thoughts on that?

Davie Rickenbacker: That is 100 percent incorrect. The edit makes you believe that, but as soon as they brought up Nick going home, I came up with a quick lie to Carl, "No, it can't be Nick! We were just searching for idols. He could blow up my game." So I was already working it so that Nick would stay.

If anything, I don't want to say 100 percent, but Pat was rubbing people the wrong way. You saw me and Carl talking about it in that first episode, and I think Pat actually would've been the target with [Lyrsa Torres] instead of Lyrsa and Nick.

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