Dancing with the Stars has been hit with two more injuries to its eighth-season celebrity contestants.

One week after singer Jewel Kilcher and Access Hollywood host Nancy O'Dell were forced to withdraw from the competition due to injuries, Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak and former Jackass and Dr. Steve-O star Stephen "Steve-O" Glover have also been hit with injuries that may affect their ability to continue to compete on the ABC reality dancing competition.

Wozniak has been diagnosed with a foot fracture that is forcing him to wear an air cast when not practicing while Glover has been saddled with back pain and spasms caused by torn muscles.

Wozniak revealed his injury in a Wednesday posting on his facebook.com fan page.  According to Wozniak, he learned of the injury after going to the hospital and undergoing both X-Ray's and an MRI scan to determine the cause of some foot pain he was experiencing.

"Finally the doctor came in and we went over the MRI. I got very serious at this point because I could tell that he was worried. My dance partner, [Karina Smirnoff], pointed out that all the white on this MRI was bad and an indication of fluids," he wrote. "My doctor called another doctor who must have pulled the MRI up on his own screen and they concurred about something. The fact that my doctor wasn't talking to me made me more and more worried."

"He explained to me that I had a fracture and that he had only had a ten percent expectation of this, he added He expected something simpler, like a pulled muscle or tendonitis.

Wozniak said that he made it clear to the doctor that he still wanted to continue competing on Dancing with the Stars and they were then able to reach a "compromise" agreement that he will wear a removable cast at all times except when he is practicing. However Wozniak also added that he agreed that he will "halt everything" if he begins to experience acute pain.

"The doctor said that if he were in my shoes, he would also continue with the dancing but [to] watch the foot," Wozniak wrote. "My partner Karina was very concerned. We have become very close, especially since we are opposing others about which dance was the best. But Karina did say that were it her foot, she would go on. For her it is a profession."

"After a brief practice with Smirnoff that he said was "short but went well," Wozniak said that his partner eventually convinced him to give up his Segway for the time being and travel by car as well.

"After first opposing this, I came around. I have seen a lot of things to know that I can trust her. I'm glad that I have largely switched to car travel," he wrote.

In addition to Wozniak's health issues, E! News reported on Thursday that Glover has seen four specialists in regard to back pains that surfaced during recent salsa practices with his professional partner Lacey Schwimmer.

"They all say he has pulled a lot of sciatic nerves and that's pretty bad," Schwimmer told E!. "Everyone who has looked at him has said that it's not good. He's in pain."
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Schwimmer said that the couple would be scaling back the number of "tricks" they had planned to include in their next dance, but added that the former Jackass star may have to withdraw from the competition if his injuries don't heal. However, she said that her partner had assured her that he doesn't plan on leaving the competition willingly.

"It would really suck if he had to get out of the competition," she told E!. "But if it doesn't get better it is something the show and Steve-O are considering. His health is more important than a TV show. But Steve-O has also told me, 'There is no way I am going to get out of this.' He doesn't care. He's jumped off buildings. He'll dance through a few minutes of pain, I'm sure."

Following his meeting with a physical therapist, Glover released a statement that confirmed a back injury, but reiterated Schwimmer's comments that he doesn't currently plan to withdraw from the competition.

"A physical therapist has told me that nerves are being pinched in my back, and it is in spasms because of inflammation related to torn muscles," he said. "I'm doing everything I can to let it heal -- icing it, taking Advil, drinking water, visiting a chiropractor and continuing to be worked on by the physical therapist."

"I'm still rehearsing every day, but walking through my salsa routine rather than practicing the physical stunts and tricks that are incorporated into it," he added. "It is going to be a risky routine that I hope to pull off."

Both Wozniak and Glover are still scheduled to perform during Dancing with the Stars' next performance episode on Monday, March 16 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.