Dallas Caroline may not have won her The Voice Battle on behalf of coach Blake Shelton's team, but she did win a spot on Alicia Keys' team.

Blake paired Dallas, a 17-year-old from Santa Rosa, CA, with Spensha Baker, a 25-year-old from Boerne, TX, to perform "I Could Use a Love Song" for the Battle Round, and their duet aired during Tuesday night's episode on NBC.

Coach Kelly Clarkson thought Dallas needed a little more confidence, but Alicia admitted she'd choose Dallas as the winner since she has so much potential. Alicia believes Dallas has an "unlimited ability" to perform different songs.

Blake felt he "screwed" himself over by matching these two talented girls together, but he considered Spensha "so ready" for the music industry and said she'll "blow the mind of Nashville" with her country sound. So although there wasn't a clear winner of the Battle, Blake named Spensha the champion.

Alicia, however, opted to steal Dallas -- whom Adam Levine called "adorable" -- because the coach saw something very special in her.

On Wednesday, Dallas talked to Reality TV World about her Battle. Below is what she had to say.

Reality TV World: Was your Battle the last one of the season or was it just edited that way last night? Because if you did perform last, I'd assume you went into the Battle knowing Alicia had one "Steal" left to save either Spensha or yourself.

Dallas Caroline: I'm not exactly sure where we went. I don't think we were the last one, but I'm not sure exactly where we went. But yeah, it was a super fun Battle.

We didn't know much going in about "Steals" and where we were or anything like that. So we just gave our best performance, and I'm really grateful that I got stolen by Alicia and that Spensha won and we both got to go through.

Reality TV World: So were you surprised to get stolen?

Dallas Caroline: I feel like it's all kind of a blur. It's kind of a roller-coaster, like, I cried when I got stolen because I was so surprised. And when I found out I lost, I was so happy for Spensha, but there is disappointment a little bit because you have a moment where you're like, "Okay, I might be going home." 

And so you go from that right back up to, "Oh my gosh, I just got stolen and I'm staying!" It really is a roller-coaster, so I was super surprised and super grateful as well.

Reality TV World: Did you feel you were at a disadvantage going into the Knockout Round as a stolen artist? Perhaps you were worried Alicia might have already bonded with her original team members?
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Dallas Caroline: Yeah, I mean, going into the Knockout Round, I just -- I obviously knew I was a "Steal," so that does kind of feel like I have to prove myself a little more just because the coach has a relationship with some of the artists before you.  

So I just want to stay true to myself and really pick a song I feel represents me well for the Knockout Round and show Alicia she made the right choice by stealing me. I want to show who I am.

I've gotten some feedback about my nerves, so I really want to try to control those and, kind of, put my nerves aside and shine as much as I can!

Also during the conference call with reporters, Dallas talked about her feelings on jumping from Blake's team to Alicia's team for the upcoming Knockout Round.

I know you're very committed to country music, but you left Blake's team last night. How do you think being on "Team Alicia" is going to work for you?

Dallas Caroline: I think it'll be great. I'm really excited to work with Alicia. I am a country singer, so that's why I went with Blake to begin with, and I feel I learned a lot from him, and I'm excited to see what I can learn from Alicia too.

I think music is music and you can learn from different artists and different musicians and styles. In every way, I am country and Alicia isn't country, but I still feel like I can learn a lot from her and I'm really excited about it.

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