Daisy Kent and Joey Graziadei are growing their connection on The Bachelor's 28th season.

Daisy is a 25-year-old account executive from Becker, Minnesota, and according to ABC, she is "SO ready to find The One."


When Joey met Daisy on Night 1 of the show, she wowed him with her "gorgeous" looks, and they shared a kiss.

"I was blown away as soon as she got out of the truck. She has this soft spoken demeanor that pulls you in and is captivating," Joey gushed of the blonde beauty. "I'm drawn to it and I want to know so much more."

Daisy then accompanied Joey on his first one-on-one date of the season, and Daisy opened up about her story about a years-long health crisis, which Joey found "amazing" and "inspiring."

Joey gushed of the bachelorette, "Daisy is resilient... and to have that be the person that you're with, it's a huge trait that you can look to... I can see Daisy being someone I end up with at the end of all this, and it's exciting!"

And on The Bachelor's latest episode, Joey called Daisy special, and she in turn thought he was so caring and sweet.

Until The Bachelor viewers can get to know Daisy a little better on the show, let's learn some information about the blonde beauty right now.

Below is a list of eight facts Reality TV World has compiled about The Bachelor bachelorette Daisy Kent.

Daisy grew up on a Christmas tree farm

Daisy says her childhood was like a storybook growing up on a Christmas tree farm.

Daisy comes from a big, loving family and her parents have been married for over 30 years. Daisy's parents have a relationship that provides a blueprint for the kind of love Daisy wants to find for herself.

Daisy said she's ready for a man who will put her first and be there for her no matter what. She'd like a partner who is loyal, adventurous and family oriented.

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Daisy worked her way up in a company called Jungo for well over three years

Jungo is a mortgage software company. She began working for Jungo in September 2020 as a customer relationship specialist.

Daisy continued to get promoted as a Tier 1 Specialist in May 2021, as a Strategic Account Manager in January 2022, and then as an Account Executive in April 2023.

Prior to joining this company, she held down a job as a marketing assistant and content creator for The Social Tale.


Daisy went to college in San Diego and still lives there now

Daisy attended San Diego State University from 2017 to 2021. She studied Communications, Digital and Social Media.

Daisy made the Dean's List in 2017 and 2018.

Daisy also traveled abroad during her college years and took classes in Barcelona, Spain, in 2020.

The Bachelor bachelorette lost her hearing as a teenager

When Daisy was 11-years-old, she started experiencing "stroke-like seizures," and she often got very sick. At age 17, she woke up and couldn't hear her father talking to her.

Daisy eventually could barely walk a block, and so she moved in with her parents and eventually discovered she had been suffering from Lyme Disease.

Daisy opened up about her hearing loss via TikTok, on which she has amassed over 40,000 followers.

"I don't know 100 percent why I lost my hearing, but the theory is that I have Lyme disease and that caused Meniere's disease, which got rid of most of my hearing," Daisy shared in August 2023.

"You can test me for anything and everything, and I'm perfectly healthy -- it's just that I'm losing my hearing."

Hearing aids apparently didn't help Daisy when she began experiencing drastic hearing loss.

"Losing my hearing felt so isolating, and it really impacted my self-esteem... I went from being a social butterfly to someone who did not like being in groups or around other people at all," Daisy admitted.

Daisy got a cochlear implant in 2023 that she rocks as a fashion statement

Daisy sought treatment for Lyme Disease in Germany, and she ended up being in the hospital for 30 days. During her treatment, Daisy lost a lot of weight and a lot of her hair, but it made her healthy again.

However, Daisy's hearing continued to get worse, and so she decided to have a cochlear implant in March 2023. The device activated the following month, and Daisy said the successful surgery made her feel more confident, involved and happy.

"Being a little girl who couldn't stop singing & playing piano, I never imagined I would lose my hearing. Slowly losing conversations, music, part of who I am has been the most challenging thing I've experienced & has broke my heart in ways I didn't think possible," Daisy told her near 20,000 followers on Instagram in an April 2023 post.

Daisy, who boasts over 40,000 followers on TikTok, continued, "A cochlear implant gives me the chance to love all of this again. It's not an easy journey, but I'm learning it's one that is changing my life every moment my brain takes in a new sound!"

She added, "I'm thankful to the people who have inspired me by showing that being different is beautiful & powerful."

"Forever grateful for my supportive surgeon, friends & family who continuously uplift me every step of the way. TO A WHOLE NEW ADVENTURE & finding the beauty in all the unexpected things," she concluded.



Daisy wrote a children's book and founded a nonprofit organization

Daisy wrote the book Daisy Doo: All the Sounds She Knew, helping children discover "the beauty of" her "favorite sounds" thanks to a cochlear implant.

She also founded Hear Your Heart in April 2021.

Hear Your Heart is a nonprofit organization created to help support children who have autoimmune disorders or hearing loss. The organization helps to provide kids with medical assistance and funds for future education as well as brings awareness to mental health.

Support from Bachelor Nation means a lot to Daisy

After Daisy and Joey's date aired, Daisy wrote via Instagram, "I want to thank you all for being so kind and receptive of my story. The support I've been receiving has completely blown me away."

"My story is my personal experience & no path is the same, but I hope one person felt a little less alone, a little more understood, a little more seen," she continued.

Daisy continued, "I want to thank @bachelorabc @bachelornation @abcnetwork for allowing me to share part of my story in the best way possible. I will always be thankful for that day and the support I felt from the girls in the house, Joey, the producers, the people behind the cameras, mics, and everyone involved."

Daisy said sharing her story was "one of the most uplifting days" of her life, and she added, "[It] changed my confidence in a way I can't explain."

"I encourage you as this season unfolds to show love and uplift every woman who shares her story," she went on in her post.

"I can't wait for you to hear parts of the other ladies stories as they have changed my perspective in the best ways. It's all about the love & how we express that love to others. xx."

Daisy reveals relationship advice

The best relationship advice Daisy ever received is to be kind to yourself.

Daisy's #relationshipgoals couple is Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. And her celebrity crush is Justin Bieber.


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