Cheryl George was eliminated from The Biggest Loser: Couples during last night's broadcast the NBC reality weight-loss competition's eighth ninth-season episode.

"I have learned a lot and I've also gained a great big family so that's going to take me through a lifetime, and I do believe I can do it," Cheryl said following her ouster.

Cheryl, a 50-year-old store owner from Ardmore, OK, was voted out of the competition by her Black team teammates after six-person Blue team won the season's second Blue vs. Black weigh-in by losing 50 pounds and posting a 2.71% weight-loss percentage. 

Cheryl lost five pounds at the weigh-in -- her team's third highest weight-loss percentage -- but her six-person Black team only combined to lose 32 pounds and post a 2.27% weight-loss percentage.

Sherry Johnston, a 51-year-old non-profit administrator from Knoxville, TN, posted the Black team's highest weight-loss percentage and was therefore immune from elimination.

Prior to their team vote, Sherry had expressed her concern that the Black team's four 20-something member were likely to team together and vote off Cheryl, whom the contestants had dubbed "Momma Cheryl" and been competing on The Biggest Loser with her Blue team member Daris George, her 25-year-old son.

"Cheryl and I are the older of the bunch and I think the young group is very close and intact... they may all vote for Cheryl," Sherry lamented.  "I will miss Cheryl terribly if she goes home tonight... Cheryl brings out the best in people and she certainly has done that to me."

However Andrea Hough, a 24-year-old executive assistant from Ann Arbor, MI, had suggested the Black team base their vote on how close each member was to their goal weight -- which appeared to also put a target on Sam Poueu, a 24-year-old youth football coach and security guard from Rohnert Park, CA who was only "50-something" pounds away from his goal.

Like Cheryl, Sam -- the Black team's only male member -- had insisted he didn't want to go home yet.

"I want to be here, there's no a shadow of a doubt in my heart that I [still] need to be here," Sam said.

And once the vote took place, Sam appeared to have little to worry about.  All four of the younger members appeared to come together and cast their votes for Cheryl, with Sherry casting her vote for Sam and Cheryl casting her vote for Stephanie, a 29-year-old radio sales executive from West Hollywood, CA.

During a post-show update, Cheryl -- who left The Biggest Loser ranch weighing 182 pounds -- said she now weighs 164 pounds and hopes to reach 135 pounds by the show's May finale.