Celebrity Big Brother featured a double eviction in which the celebrities voted to evict former NBA champion Lamar Odom and actor Todd Bridges out of the house, which determined the third season's Final 3 houseguests during a two-hour episode that aired Monday night on CBS.

Following Lamar and Todd's back-to-back evictions, former UFC champion Miesha Tate, singer and entertainer Todrick Hall, and model and former The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey became the Final 3 houseguests of Celebrity Big Brother's 2022 season.


The Celebrity Big Brother broadcast began on Day 27, with only three days remaining in the game. Host Julie Chen Moonves prepared fans for a double eviction.

The Final 5 houseguests had divided themselves into two alliances: Todrick and Miesha vs. Todd, Cynthia and Lamar.

Going back to Day 25, footage showed Todrick nominating Lamar and Todd for eviction. Todrick said he didn't feel threatened by Cynthia or Lamar, but Todd had proven himself to be able to win little "niche" competitions.

Todd admitted he was "a little salty" about his nomination but he planned to win the Power of Veto competition and save himself. Cynthia's heart went out to Todd, but she was also revealed to not be an immediate target.

"I think Todd is the biggest threat. So sorry, Todd, it's your time to go up!" Miesha said in the Diary Room.

But Lamar didn't want to see Todd go because the guys had become friends. Todd wished he had broken up the power pair of Miesha and Todrick earlier, and he complained about how the duo had tricked him into taking out Carson Kressley.

"I played with integrity and not bullsh-t," Todd boasted to Cynthia and Lamar. "I did what they asked me to do. I'm loyal -- and now you're cutting my throat."

Todd and Lamar hated being on the chopping block together because they couldn't fight to save each other. Todd said they had become brothers, and Lamar bragged, "We're going to show them how it's done when one of us wins this Veto!"


Todrick was worried Todd may win the Power of Veto and then they'd be forced to send Lamar home when he was never a threat to his game. However, Miesha pointed out how it would keep the numbers on their side.

"Todd is 100 percent my target! So either Miesha or I needs to win this Veto so we can keep nominations the same and send Todd packing," Todrick explained.

But Cynthia pointed out how if she won the Power of Veto, she could take Lamar or Todd down from the chopping block and then Miesha would have to go up!

For the Power of Veto competition dubbed "Celebrity Luge," the houseguests were required to complete a luge run as close as possible to a provided time. In a series of faceoffs, the player closest to a certain time would win the round and continue on in the game.

Two celebrities would then face off in another head-to-head match. The losing luger in each round would be eliminated, and the last person standing would win the golden Power of Veto.

Miesha defeated Cynthia in Round 1, Todd defeated Todrick in Round 2, Lamar lost Round 3 to Miesha, and finally, Todd won the Power of Veto over Miesha.

Todd told Cynthia that if one of them could win the next Head of Household competition, they could finally break Todrick and Miesha up. Todd also pointed out how Miesha would be easier to beat than Todrick because of the jury's opinions of them both.

Todd even flat out admitted to Todrick that he'd be going up on the block with Miesha if Todd was able to win the next HoH.


At the Veto Meeting, Todd announced he would be removing himself from the chopping block. Todrick therefore named Cynthia his replacement nominee.

It then became time for the first live eviction of the evening, and Cynthia and Lamar had a chance to try to sway their fellow houseguests' votes with a final statement.

Lamar called Celebrity Big Brother "a beautiful experience" and expressed love to the other houseguests, and Cynthia joked about how Miesha was probably an "undercover Navy Seal" and she was proud to be one of two women remaining in the game.

Todrick, as the HoH, was not allowed to vote unless in the event of a tiebreaker.

Miesha proceeded to vote for Lamar's eviction, but Todd voted to evict Cynthia. Todrick therefore got to cast the deciding vote, and he decided to send Lamar packing.

"Cynthia, I think that you are such an incredible human being and this house will not be the same without you in it, so unfortunately, Lamar, I have to vote to evict you," Todrick announced.

Lamar hugged everyone goodbye and noted to Julie how Todrick had fooled him with that little announcement.

"In this game, you never really know. You have to expect the unexpected, but I'm prepared mentally and physically," Lamar said in his post-eviction interview.

Lamar said Todrick probably chose to evict him over Cynthia because if he made it to the finals, the best of him would come out to play and the others wouldn't have a shot.

"I was trying to be as transparent as possible on the show, and I think they all respect me for that. I hope they all respect me for that," Lamar said.

"I was always by myself, but that's the way I wanted it to be. I never wanted to get too close to anybody and then have to cut their throat or slice their wrist at the end of the game."


Lamar revealed how he had asked Todd to be his sobriety coach and Lamar has been sober for seven years now. He also said the game taught him a lot about himself and other people, including how resilient he is.

Lamar wrapped up his interview by telling his ex-wife Khloe Kardashian that he misses her and hopes to see her soon, and he said competing on Celebrity Big Brother and in the NBA Finals is an even match.

Julie subsequently congratulated the game's Final 4 houseguests and announced how there was going to be a double eviction that evening.

Everyone, except for Todrick -- who, as the outgoing Head of Household, was deemed ineligible to compete -- went into the backyard to participate in the next HoH competition.

The HoH competition dubbed "BB Flix Film Festival" required Miesha, Todd and Cynthia to observe three movie posters and then listen to three friends talking about what kind of move they'd like to watch.

The houseguests had to listen closely because the audio was the clue. Based on their discussion, the celebrities had to determine the one movie that would satisfy everyone and select one poster as his or answer.

The first person to ring in correctly would earn one point, and the person with the most points at the end of seven rounds would be crowned the new Head of Household.

Miesha won the Head of Household competition with three points compared to Todd's two points and Cynthia's two points.

As fans probably predicted, Miesha nominated Todd and Cynthia for eviction at the Nomination Ceremony given Todrick had been her ride-or-die ally since the start of the game.


But Todd and Cynthia had a chance to save themselves in the final Power of Veto competition of the season. The winner would guarantee his or her spot in the live finale.

The competition was called "Frozen In Time" and required the celebrities to roll a ball down a lane in attempt to land it in a certain numbered slot. Each number down the lane represented a day of the game that was played.

Julie described an event that happened in the BB house and the players had to guess which day that event took place on, before trying to land the ball in the correct slot. If a person landed his or her ball in the correct number, he or she would receive a point.

If no one landed the ball in the correct numbered slot, the person closest would receive one point. The person to receive the most points after nine questions would win the Power of Veto.

The PoV came down to a tiebreaker question between Miesha and Todrick. The two players were asked, "In seconds, how long was the first HoH competition 'BB Winter Gala' from the official start until [Teddi Mellencamp] hit the ground, making Miesha the winner?"

Todrick wrote down 1750 seconds and Miesha wrote down 1122 seconds. The answer was 999 seconds, which resulted in Miesha winning the Power of Veto and securing her spot on finale night.

As the Power of Veto winner, Miesha chose to keep her nominations the same at the Veto Meeting, but she expressed love to both Todd and Cynthia.

Todrick held all the power given he would cast the sole vote to evict at the second live eviction of the evening.

When Cynthia gave her speech, she congratulated and commended Miesha and Todrick on remaining a power pair throughout the game and winning a lot together.


"I'm just honored that I made it this far," Cynthia announced.

Todd insisted Todrick had played the game better than anyone else in the house, and then Todrick announced how Cynthia would be joining Miesha and himself in the Final 3 on finale night.

Todrick thanked Todd for teaching him so much about being a Black man and "trailblazer" in the entertainment industry, saying how Todd had paved the way for so many people and taught him a lot about culture.

Todrick pointed out how he was so proud to have four Black players in the Final 5, even though the men did not make a Black alliance in the house.

"But when I came in here, I fell in love with this beautiful Black chocolate princess, and I promised Carson when we gave him the boot that I would protect her at all costs until I could protect her no longer, and so Todd, my Uncle Todd... I sadly vote to evict you," Todrick said.

Todrick, Miesha and Cynthia celebrated their Final 3 success as Todd sat down for a chat with Julie outside of the BB house.

On why he believes Todrick played the best game overall, Todd said his buddy had made friends but not enemies and "worked everyone in the whole house."

Todd said he felt betrayed by Miesha and Todrick at first but "it's just a game" and they had "to get the strongest person out."

Todd assured Julie that he had a great time with no regrets and is excited to go home and see his family again. Todd also said his strategy all along was to glide under the radar by sleeping a little bit, listening to everyone, making a little fuss, causing disruptions, and coming out strong in the end.

"Final thoughts is I don't know who I'm giving my vote to yet. I have a feeling who's going to be on top," Todd shared. "I promised Miesha it, but unfortunately, I think Todrick played a better game -- and so he's probably going to get my jury vote. He played well."


The episode concluded with Julie revealing how the jury will only consist of eight houseguests since comedian Chris Kattan left the game early. And so, in the event of a tie, America will decide who wins this game!

"Immediately following the live eviction on Wednesday night, you will have the chance to cast your vote for who you want to see win Celebrity Big Brother should it come down to a tie!" Julie revealed to home viewers.

Celebrity Big Brother's finale is set to air on Wednesday night at 8PM ET/PT on CBS.

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