Celebrity Big Brother's houseguests evicted Shanna Moakler in a unanimous vote after Todrick Hall won the Power of Veto and changed Head of Household Carson Kressley's nominations during Monday night's Season 3 episode on CBS.

Shanna, an actress and former Miss USA, was evicted from the Big Brother house in a 4-0 vote instead of former UFC champion Miesha Tate on Day 20 of the game.


Shanna and Miesha ended up on the chopping block together after Todrick, a singer and dancer, won the Power of Veto and chose to take actor Todd Bridges off the chopping block.

The Head of Household, Carson, a designer and former Queer Eye star, chose to name Shanna the replacement nominee.

The Celebrity Big Brother broadcast began on Day 18 after the HoH, Carson, nominated Miesha and Todd for eviction, which Carson said was part of a bigger plan to probably save Miesha and possibly eliminate Shanna, who had been playing both sides of the house.

"There is some risk with this backdoor plan, but I'm going to trust my gut," Carson said.

Miesha called Todrick her "savior" and "hero" for flipping the script, and she was "all for" the target being Shanna.

Shanna was surprised Carson had decided against nominating her for eviction, but she acknowledged how she still had to win the Power of Veto in order to keep nominations the same.

"I could not be happier and prouder of myself for helping organize this amazing, iconic strategy," Todrick bragged, adding how he had turned the energy in the house upside down.

Shanna then attempted to explain her game to model and former The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey, who was feeling totally betrayed.

Shanna said when she began the game, she was feeling people out and trying to find out information but she shared it all with her and Carson so the four of them -- which included Chris Kirkpatrick at the time -- could move forward together.

"We finally have power -- everything I've worked for!" Shanna said.

But Cynthia believed Shanna had been playing both sides to make sure she could be on the right end of the ship if one side was sinking. Cynthia said she and Carson had been "100" and "straight up" with her, to the point where Carson even once offered to go home.


"I could've left [Miesha's] nominations the same and you two could've been sitting on the block, and I didn't do that," Shanna reminded Cynthia. "I think that speaks volumes."

Cynthia thought Shanna was just trying to stay in the house, and she pointed out how Shanna had yet to be on the chopping block once.

"That's because the people that you're believing right now put [Carson] on the block! I took him off... They've been targeting him the whole time," Shanna explained.

Cynthia accused Shanna of playing the game to advance herself, but Shanna said, while she was protecting herself, she wasn't going to do it at the expense of her alliance with them.

"I'm blown away by Cynthia," Shanna complained in the Diary Room afterwards, "because talking to her is like talking to a box of Crayons."

"And I'm done, I'm not doing it," she added. "Thanks Cynthia! Miesha and Todrick just won. They got exactly what they wanted -- they destroyed our alliance."

Todrick was then shown telling Miesha that they'd have to vote Todd out if nominations ended up staying the game.

Meanwhile, Cynthia complained to Carson about how Shanna wasn't owning up to anything. Cynthia said nothing could justify how Shanna had not been honest with them, even if they sometimes benefited from some of her "self-serving" moves.

Carson and Cynthia were suddenly trusting Miesha, who had said if she needed to go home then that would be okay. Carson noted how if Miesha was lying, then she's a really good liar.

And Miesha certainly didn't have Carson's best interests in mind, because she spoke to Todrick about getting Carson out next week, hopefully after Shanna. Miesha had a "go big or go home mentality."

Todrick's priority was keeping Miesha safe, but he also didn't want to go back on a deal he had made with Carson and Cynthia.


"Carson, don't rest easy. If I survive this vote, thank you very much, but you may just find yourself in my crosshairs again," Miesha boasted.

Todrick told Miesha that if they were able to get Shanna and Carson out, it would be game over in their favor.

Former NBA champion Lamar Odom was then shown saying how he wishes he could take back his mistakes in his marriage to Khloe Kardashian because he didn't treat "that good woman right."

Cynthia advised Lamar to reach out to Khloe again after the show, and Lamar replied, "I'm gonna try my damndest."

"I would probably just want to take her to dinner and it would be a blessing just to be in her presence," Lamar shared in the Diary Room.

"I would just say I'm sorry and what a fool I was. She has the right to never, ever want to see me again for the things I put her through, but time moves on and people change. I would say I'm a lot more loyal now."

Lamar said he wasn't his best self during their marriage and needed to work on himself. He wished the best for Khloe and admitted how he sometimes loss sleep thinking about her.

Carson then asked Miesha, in exchange for taking her off the chopping block with the veto, to "spare" Cynthia and himself after the next Head of Household competition. Miesha said she was absolutely onboard, but she was only telling Carson what he wanted to hear.

Cynthia gave Carson props for the move and said, "That's why I decided to ride with you until the end," but both of the celebrities were being tricked.

The pair had made "a deal with the devil," according to Carson, but he wasn't about to get money back -- and certainly not with interest.

Miesha shared with Todrick how she had promised Carson and Cynthia safety next week but not safety for the rest of the game or a Final 4 deal, with Todrick was thrilled to hear.

It then became time for the Power of Veto competition, and Shanna had not been selected to play in the random draw.

Instead, Todrick, Lamar and Cynthia competed against the current HoH, Carson, and the two nominees, Todd and Miesha.


The PoV competition, dubbed "Sweeter Than Veto" in honor of Valentine's Day, required the participating celebrities to race down a lane and attempt to put a six-piece chocolate-box puzzle together.

The first houseguest to do so would win the golden Power of Veto, but the puzzle had to be built within a small wooden frame. The celebrities were given one piece to start with, and host Julie Chen Moonves revealed that piece was already in the correct spot.

Todrick ultimately won the Power of Veto, and at the subsequent Veto Meeting, Todrick announced he'd like to use the golden Power of Veto to remove Miesha from the chopping block.

"Karma is a sweet and beautiful treat. I thought I would need to fight for this veto for my girl Miesha, but the person who needs this veto the most is the person who has been ignoring me for the past 24 hours," Todrick announced in a shocking decision.

"So I'm going to mix things up and I'm going to give the veto to you, Todd."

Julie declared with surprise in her voice, "Expect the unexpected!"

Carson, as the Head of Household, was forced to name a replacement nominee, and he picked Shanna to sit on the chopping block next to Miesha.

Once it became time for the live eviction, Miesha said in her speech that she had been an obvious target since she walked in the door. Miesha took it as a compliment but asked the house to take a look at why Shanna was on the block.

"It's for being shady, and I'm gonna call it like it is!" Miesha said. "So I ask you to take a deal with the devil you know vs. the devil that you don't."

For her part, Shanna took an opportunity just to thank CBS and production and give a shout-out to her loved ones at home, including her boyfriend, seemingly aware that she was about to get voted out of the game.

The celebrities then cast their votes to evict one by one, and Todrick told Julie that he was so happy to evict the woman who had betrayed him.

Julie then announced Shanna's eviction and revealed it was a 4-0 unanimous vote.

Shanna only hugged Lamar and Todd goodbye, and she shouted on her way out of the house, "Don't worry Todrick, I'll get the jury to vote against you!"

"Don't be too hard on me now!" Todrick yelled back.


Miesha said it's Shanna's character to "manipulate other people," and Carson accused Shanna of not having the classiest exit.

Shanna told Julie in her post-eviction interview she didn't have any control over the jury's decisions but she just wanted to give him "one last little jab."

"I already knew that they were going to backdoor me," Shanna confirmed. "Just [because] of the way they were interacting. I thought they maybe even had an alliance... I just knew and so it wasn't a surprise."

Shanna expressed frustration that she couldn't even play in the Power of Veto competition, and she confirmed that she never would have backstabbed Carson or Cynthia.

Shanna admitted she tried to be a double agent but it just didn't work out.

"Were Carson and Cynthia right to say that you were playing both sides?" Julie asked.

"It's very frustrating to me because not many people in there even know how to play this game," Shanna explained.

"So that was very confusing. I was spending so much time explaining everything to them, and then they got mad at me for finding out information and giving them information. I mean, Carson himself was in three alliances and he doesn't even know it!"

Shanna also said Carson and Cynthia are now "done" because of their mistake in evicting her.

"They just lost their number," Shanna complained.

She added, "Chris Kirkpatrick sacrificed his game so that we could make a power play to do this, and Carson just -- because they don't get it -- threw it away! They don't even know the hard work I put in to get us to the position we were in... My mind is blown!"


Shanna also confirmed Miesha and Todrick had blown up her game but she respected it "to an extent." She apparently didn't respect Carson believing them and not giving her the benefit of the doubt.

"Carson, I don't care if I had an alliance with Santa Clause two weeks ago -- I took you off the block and I saved Cynthia!" Shanna lamented.

She also alleged that Todrick rides the coattails of Miesha and Cynthia rides the coattails of Carson and it was very difficult to penetrate those duos, even as a big Super Fan.

Shanna told Julie that she's rooting for Todd to win.

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