CBS will offer Internet-only video from 'Survivor: Africa' on its web site, but it should come as no surprise that users will have to pay for the content.

The Wall Street Journal reports that CBS and RealNetworks will charge viewers $9.95 per month or $19.95 for the duration of the show to see extra video from the game, contested this time at the Shaba National Reserve in Kenya.

The price is the same as what CBS charged for live feeds from the 'Big Brother 2' house this summer. The difference is that while the 'BB2' webcam footage was live, the 'Survivor' video will merely be stuff left on the cutting room floor when the game was taped earlier in the year.

Subscribers to SURVIVOR INSIDER and GoldPass will be able to access exclusive, never-before-seen video clips related to a particular week's episode. Content might include: scenes from daily life in the camp, nighttime activities of the Survivors, and additional clips from key scenes in the program. Subscribers will see and hear conversations and disputes between the Survivors, as well as other insightful interviews that were not in the network broadcast.

"We’re trying to mine the brand a little bit further," says David Katz, vice president of strategic planning and interactive ventures for CBS.