Deemed to be a beautiful, bubbly girl who just wasn't model material, Brooke Miller, an 18-year-old student from Keller, Texas, became the sixth girl eliminated from the seventh edition of America's Next Top Model during last night's broadcast of The CW reality show.

Top Model 7's seventh episode began with the eight remaining girls returning back to the house after the elimination of A.J. Stewart. The next day, Tyra Banks surprised the girls with an impromptu black and white photo shoot in their own backyard. With Tyra acting as the "freaky" shoot's photographer, the girls were asked to express anger while maintaining their sex appeal. While many of the girls thrived, Brooke found it difficult. "Being younger is sometimes a little bit overwhelming. I don't have the experience that these girls have," Brooke said.

The following day, the girls met with burlesque entertainer Dita Von Teese, who taught them the fundamentals of being sexy. Dita gave each girl a prop and encouraged them to be confident as they each attempted to perform a seductive dance. After the girls had all performed, it was obvious to Dita that Brooke had been the most uncomfortable and nervous. Brooke agreed with Dita's assessment. "I have to be seductive and sexy and that’s not something I normally am... I felt totally uncomfortable," Brooke later acknowledged to the cameras.

When the girls returned to the house, Jaeda Young -- who had earlier used the burlesque session as another opportunity to complain about the short hair style she'd received in Top Model 7's third episode -- continued to whine about her short hair. "I wasn't even having fun today [at the burlesque session] because hair is really important to a girl," Jaeda said. "I'd had long hair my whole life... I loved my [old] hair... it gave me part of my personality, I know that... I don't feel like a woman [without it.]"

The following day, the girls met with Elite Model Management director Cathy Gould, who threw a dinner party in which the girls were the main course. Each girl strutted down the middle of dining room table at which Cathy and her guests were enjoying their meal. Although several of the girls struggled with the unique challenge, Cathy was not "convinced" by Brooke’s performance. "I had to focus the whole time on staying engaged and not on how uncomfortable I was," Brooke later admitted.

In the end, Melrose Bickerstaff was deemed to have won the dinner table runway challenge. As her reward, Melrose won the opportunity to appear in an editorial spread in Seventeen magazine -- Melrose's second straight challenge win. As the challenge's winner, Melrose was allowed to pick three other girls to join her in the photo shoot. She selected Brooke and twin sisters Amanda and Michelle Babin.

The following day, the girls met with Jay Manuel. After reminding them that the week's lessons had been intended to teach them "the fine line between sexy and sleazy," Jay revealed that the girls' next fashion shoot would require them to pose for romance novel covers with male model Fabio. Each girl was assigned a different "story," with Brooke's being about a woman who was "so desperate for your man to stay because he's trying to leave you." Although she gave it her best shot and several of the other girls also struggled, neither Jay or Fabio were very impressed with Brooke's performance. "Brooke, you [could] tell that she's inexperienced, she's very young so you have to give her some time," Fabio later told the cameras.

After the girls returned to the house, Brooke noted the fact that her high school graduation -- which she was missing to compete in the show -- would be taking place at the same time as the girls' next elimination ceremony. "My high school graduation is during panel tomorrow night, if I get sent home on the night of my graduation that's going to suck a lot," Brooke told the cameras.

During the judges' elimination ceremony deliberations, Nigel Barker told the rest of the judges that he was still getting "such a pageant feel" from Brooke. "The judges love [your] personality... [but] continue to say 'Has she lasted this long because she's so bubbly or... because she has the potential to be a model?,'" Tyra told Brooke before eliminating her from the competition.