Danny "Bad Boy" Bonaduce is all set for Tuesday's premier of "Starface," a celebrity-gossip challenge game show filmed in Hollywood for cable channel GSN.

A far cry from last fall's VH1 reality series "Breaking Bonaduce," the Hollywood wild man is dressed in a dark suit to do his best impersonation of a game show host, the Los Angeles Times reports.

"This is the weirdest show I've every done by leaps and bounds," Bonaduce says.

July turned out to be a great month for the former Partridge Family star. Not only did he find out A& E will air his biography but several high-profile radio offers are reportedly starting to roll in.

Bonaduce's youth is something of a Hollywood legend.

Playing red-haired Danny Partridge in "The Partridge Family," Bonaduce's home life was so bad costar Shirley Jones often brought him to her house.

After the show closed, he lived out of his car for awhile.

Then, the general manager of WMAQ-TV in Chicago gave him a break by hiring him for radio. Bonaduce was so grateful, he had Larry Wert's name tattooed on his rear end.