Bravo has announced that it is developing four new reality series -- Celebrity Sew-Off, Double Exposure, Polo and The Dubai Project.

"In the past year, we've increased our programming hours by almost 50 percent giving Bravo's highly engaged viewers our trademark line-up of talented, creative and culturally relevant lifestyles and personalities," said Bravo Media executive Frances Berwick.

"With our broad slate of new development, we continue to pull back the curtain on creative endeavors and different cultures."

Celebrity Sew-Off is the working title for a new reality competition series that will follow celebrity contestants as they are paired with fashion industry experts for the opportunity to launch their own clothing label.

Celebrity Sew-Off is produced by Lake Paradise Entertainment, with Holly M. Wofford and Viki Cacciatore serving as executive producers.

Each episode of Double Exposure will follow high fashion and celebrity photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani -- who have photographed everything from album covers for David Bowe and Beyonce to high-profile shoots with Lindsay Lohan and Kate Winslet -- as they professionally work together despite being former lovers.

The tentatively-titled series is produced by Juma Entertainment, with Bob Horowitz and Lewis Fenton serving as executive producers.

Polo is the working title of a new reality series that will offer viewers a look into the personal and professional lives of the world's most accomplished polo players, showing how they balance life off the field with the competitive sport they play on it.

Polo is produced by Granada USA, with Paul Bucceieri, Brian Zagorski and Riaz Patel serving as executive producers.

The Dubai Project will follow a group of American and British ex-patriots as they live in Dubai and attempt to navigate one of the fastest-growing cities on earth in the center of the Middle East.

The tentatively-titled series is produced by World of Wonder, with Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey serving as executive producers.