Big Brother allowed "Battle Back" winner Victor Arroyo to re-enter the house, after which James Huling won the Head of Household competition during Friday and Sunday night's episodes on CBS.

Big Brother's special Friday night episode featured the "Battle Back" twist in which all of the evicted houseguests so far competed against one another for one spot back in the Season 18 game. After Jozea Flores beat Glenn Garcia in a challenge, Victor battled and defeated Jozea, Bronte D'Acquisto and then Tiffany Rousso one after the next in three separate competitions.

All of the challenges were smaller versions of Big Brother 18 competitions viewers have already seen. Before going back into the house, Tiffany warned Victor he couldn't trust anyone except Frank Eudy, whom she had worked with prior to her exit from the game.

Once Big Brother host Julie Chen revealed to the original houseguests Victor would be making his way back into the house, everyone was shocked. Julie also explained a new twist in which the houseguests must pay attention to clues in order to find a secret room somewhere in the house. If a player finds the room, he or she will earn a special power.

Sunday night's broadcast began with Paul Abrahamian excited his best buddy Victor was coming back, however, he needed to handle the situation with caution since previously aligning himself with Victor in the beginning hurt his game. Paul had worked hard to get in good standing with Paulie Calafiore and his closest allies.

Upon entering the house, Frank told Victor about how Da.Vonne Rogers couldn't be trusted. Frank said he definitely had Bridgette Dunning on his side -- and maybe Corey Brooks and Paulie.

Meanwhile, Da'Vonne, James and Nicole Franzel discussed whom to target next. Da'Vonne still wanted to go after Frank before Victor, and then Nicole warned Frank about what Da'Vonne was plotting. Frank noted to Nicole that the feeling was mutual, and Nicole was clearly trying to play both sides.

Paul then talked to Paulie about why Victor shouldn't be his target this week. Paul explained that Victor would do whatever he's told, and he wanted to prove to Paulie he'd still be loyal to him going forward. Paulie once did Paul a favor by keeping in the house, so Paul felt it was necessary to return the favor.

Paulie therefore planned to get Frank and Bridgette out next.

The season's next Head of Household competition then commenced. For the "Electric BB Festival," each participating houseguest was required to hold one arm up into the air while their wrists were attached to a box. If at any point a player dropped his or her wrist, the box would open and confetti would fall out, eliminating that person from the competition.

To make things more difficult, a glow stick moved side to side by the houseguests' feet, so they had to constantly step over it and make sure not to trip on it.

After four hours, Natalie Negrotti dropped out. Frank then tried to convince Da'Vonne to drop so either Bridgette or James could win HoH, but she refused because she didn't trust Bridgette. Frank assured Da'Vonne she'd be safe and then told her that an hour before the competition, Nicole told him that Da'Vonne wanted him out before Victor.

Da'Vonne was shocked to hear such news, which Nicole obviously denied. In the end, Da'Vonne and Bridgette agreed to drop out of the competition one by one and allow James to take the crown.

When James won HoH, Frank hoped he'd go with the house and put Victor up on the block. James had also made a deal not to nominate Bridgette for eviction, so he had to determine whether to stay true to his word or make the house happy.

Afterward, Nicole acknowledged Frank had thrown her under the bus and so she needed to do some damage control. Da'Vonne told Nicole she believed that Frank had lied, but Nicole was secretly on her radar. Regardless, Nicole avoided Frank and was done giving him second chances. She would never trust him again in this game and wanted him gone.

Paul then talked to James, Corey and Nicole about nominating Frank and Bridgette together. He promised them Victor wasn't a problem in the near future. Paul then asked Victor to lay low and be cool. Frank, however, felt safe with James in power.

James spoke to Da'Vonne about nominating Victor and Frank together, but Da'Vonne pointed out that Bridgette could win the Power of Veto and then save Frank. James realized he might have to listen to the house in order to get as little blood as possible on his hands. Paulie also insisted to James he should nominate Frank and Bridgette together, promising James that he had his back going forward.

Similarly, Frank told James he'd "go to bat" for him because they had established trust. Frank also noted how he wanted to go after Da'Vonne the following week.

At the Nomination Ceremony, James announced he had decided to nominate Bridgette and Frank for eviction. James said Bridgette was "collateral damage" and he hoped she'd survive the week, but Frank was always in the middle of drama, madness and chaos in the house.

Bridgette was so angry about being lied to over and over again. She assumed James would keep his word since he was so close to her good friend Natalie. James' decision, however, was to go after two competition beasts and make big moves. Frank, however, was pissed and shocked. 
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