Big Brother featured the Season 23 houseguests evicting Sarah Beth Steagall over Kyland Young before a new Head of Household was crowned during Thursday night's live eviction episode on CBS.

Sarah Beth, a 27-year-old forensic scientist from Boiling Springs, SC who currently resides in Fort Myers, FL, was evicted through a 5-1 vote instead of Kyland, a 29-year-old account executive from San Bernardino County, CA who currently resides in Venice Beach, CA, on Day 58 of the game.


The Big Brother broadcast began with footage from Day 55, when Hannah Chaddha, a 21-year-old graduate student from Chicago, IL, had used the Power of Veto on Xavier to save him from eviction and ensure Kyland wouldn't come off the chopping block and attempt to campaign to try to save Sarah Beth.

Sarah Beth was hoping the house would view Kyland as a bigger target and choose to keep her in the house.

Alyssa Lopez, a 24-year-old swimwear designer from Sarasota, FL, was then shown joking with Claire Rehfuss, a 25-year-old artificial intelligence engineer from Chagrin Falls, OH who currently resides in New York, NY, about how Claire would be the last Caucasian person in the house if Sarah Beth got voted out of the house.

Claire jokingly asked if there was an alliance in the house she didn't know about, and she was right given "The Cookout" was in charge.

"The Cookout" is comprised of Hannah; Kyland; Xavier Prather, a 27-year-old attorney from Kalamazoo, MI; Azah Awasum, a 30-year-old director of sales operations from Baltimore, MD; Derek Frazier, a 29-year-old safety officer from Philadelphia, PA; and Tiffany Mitchell, a 40-year-old phlebotomist from Detroit, MI.

Xavier couldn't believe that Alyssa had pointed out to Claire that she's essentially on an island of her own, and he questioned whether Alyssa needed to go next -- which would mean he'd have to go on the chopping block again, per the alliance's plan and rules.

Later on, Hannah explained how "The Cookout" was able to hide themselves because they had never been in the same room together before. The group of six found it hilarious how they had been able to keep the alliance a secret.


Tiffany couldn't wait until only the six of them remained, but Xavier expressed in the Diary Room how only one of them could win on finale night -- and he planned on that person being him.

Xavier predicted "The Cookout" was going to be cutthroat once they were forced to target each other, and he said he'd like to go to Final 3 with Kyland and Derek F.

"I think if I'm sitting in the Final 2 next to either of them, I do have a good chance to win," Xavier shared.

"However, I also see the benefit of bringing potentially Tiffany and Hannah to the Final 3 because I do think from an overall game perspective, I've been more involved in this game than they have."

Kyland agreed it made sense for the three guys to look out for each other, but with that being said, Kyland admitted he was going to keep an eye on Derek F., who may not have his back all the way to the end.

Kyland thought it was safe to assume Derek F. was having similar conversations with other members of "The Cookout."

But Tiffany warned Kyland that he's the biggest threat left in the game once only "The Cookout" remains and that she'd probably be the next big target after his eviction.

Tiffany and Kyland discussed getting rid of Derek F. followed by Xavier, which Tiffany believed would be best for their game.

Kyland therefore determined his true Final 2 was with Tiffany; however, he was also close to Xavier and both people have games he respects. Kyland just wondered which of the two people he could trust more and whom he should be loyal to as a result.

Kyland told Tiffany that he trusted her more than anyone to be loyal to him in return, but once Kyland left the room, she revealed that she'd prefer to take Hannah to Final 2 with her.

When it became time for the live eviction, Sarah Beth and Kyland were each able to make a statement.

Sarah Beth told the houseguests there were "reasonable and tactful reasons" to keep her around and saving Kyland may make them realize later on it wasn't the best decision for their game.


Sarah Beth insisted it wasn't too late for people to change their mind and they should do what's best for their personal game.

Kyland announced that he had nothing bad to say about Sarah Beth but he'd like to be saved.

The anonymous Head of Household's vote would only count in the event of a tie, although everyone who appeared eligible would vote to keep Claire's identity a secret.

Big Brother host Julie Chen then announced Sarah Beth had been evicted from the house in a 5-1 vote.

Tiffany was the only person to cast a "sympathy" vote for Sarah Beth to stay in the house.

When Julie asked Sarah Beth why she thinks five out of the six votes were cast to evict her instead of Kyland, Sarah Beth explained, "I think people ended up seeing me as more of a threat in the house."

"I think maybe some of the houseguests didn't know how much they could trust me or who I would choose to work with, but they could see me potentially working with other people and going against them, whereas Kyland seemed like he would be more by himself," she elaborated.

Sarah Beth admitted she regrets being so obvious with her loyalty to Kyland in the house and not playing more loyal to Tiffany and Claire, which would have been better for her game overall.

Sarah Beth, however, said she stands by her choice to evict Derek Xiao.

Sarah Beth also said it was "very difficult" to campaign against her closest friend in the house, Kyland, and she's very grateful to him for understanding her position.

In addition, Sarah Beth said she was surprised to learn there was a secret alliance in the house but she totally respects it.

After Sarah Beth's ouster from the game, the next Head of Household competition commenced.

As the outgoing secret HoH, Claire was able to play but was told she must throw the competition. Julie therefore pointed out how it was "The Cookout" vs. Alyssa.


For the endurance competition dubbed "The Flying BB-inos," the houseguests were required to step onto a disk and hold onto a rope tightly as they were raised into the air, suspended from a spinning carousel. As they spun, they were repeatedly slammed into a giant elephant.

The last houseguest standing would become the new Head of Household, while the first three players to drop would become Have Not's for the week.

[Highlight the area below to discover who won the Head of Household competition.]

The first three houseguests to drop were Derek F., Alyssa and then Claire.

Tiffany was crowned the new HoH!
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