Big Brother featured Michael Bruner winning the Power of Veto competition and the HoH, Daniel Durston, naming Taylor Hale the replacement nominee after Paloma Aguilar turned the whole house against Taylor during the Season 24 episode that aired Wednesday night on CBS.

At the Veto Meeting, Michael, a 28-year-old attorney from Saint Michael, MN who currently resides in Rochester, MN, decided to save himself and take himself off the chopping block.


Daniel, a 35-year-old Las Vegas performer from Ontario, CA who currently resides in Las Vegas, NV, therefore named Taylor, a 27-year-old personal stylist from West Bloomfield, MI, the replacement nominee in order to keep the house happy.

Taylor and Terrance, a 47-year-old bus operator from Chicago, IL, are now on the block heading into Thursday night's live eviction.

The Big Brother broadcast began on Day 3 in the Big Brother house after the Nomination Ceremony during which Daniel had nominated Terrance and Michael for eviction. Daniel hoped to get the Super Fan out of the house because he didn't think Michael could be trusted.

Michael had no intention of rolling over and dying, and so he told Daniel that everything was fine and cool. However, Michael admitted he was out for revenge.

Meanwhile, Alyssa Snider, a 24-year-old marketing representative from Sarasota, FL, was so happy no one from the "Girls' Girl" was on the chopping block.

The alliance was comprised of Paloma, a 22-year-old interior designer from San Marcos, CA; Jasmine Davis, a 29-year-old entrepreneur from Terry, MS who currently resides in Atlanta, GA; Indy Santos, a 31-year-old corporate flight attendant from Sao Paulo, Brazil who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA; Ameerah Jones, a 31-year-old content designer from Westminster, MD; Brittany Hoopes, a 32-year-old hypnotherapist from Atlanta, GA who currently resides in Austin, TX, and herself.

But Brittany, Paloma and Alyssa were "backstage" and were well aware they could still go home this week.

Daniel then told Terrance that he wasn't his target at all and he was strictly a pawn. Terrance wanted to have each other's back as artists in the house, and so it didn't seem like Terrance was out for blood.


After Taylor was shown "bringing the glam" and trying on some of her beautiful, sparkly clothes for her fellow houseguests, Jasmine noted how Taylor was just trying to get attention. And Paloma said Taylor's choice to "flaunt" herself around the house showed "a lack of self-awareness."

Michael then set out to find people who would play and fight for him in the upcoming Power of Veto competition. No one would make Michael any promises out of fear of going against the HoH and the majority in the house, and so Michael realized he was on his own and he must win it for himself.

Afterward, the following players were picked for the first PoV competition of the summer: Indy, Ameerah, and Matt "Turner" Turner, a 23-year-old thrift store owner from North Attleborough, MA who currently resides in New Bedford, MA.

Terrance and Michael were also going to compete as the week's nominees as well as the HoH, Daniel.

Brittany, Paloma, Alyssa, and Joe "Pooch" Pucciarelli, a 24-year-old assistant football coach from Staten Island, NY who currently resides in Boca Raton, FL, were ineligible to compete in the competition given their "backstage" status.

The houseguests were transported to medieval times for the PoV competition. The participating players were required to dress up like knights and ride horses, as if they were in a jousting match.

The goal was to collect as many rings as possible on his or her "floppy lance" along the ride, and the person to grab a special golden ring would receive three extra points.

The person to collect the most rings and points in each faceoff would advance in the competition until there was one winner.

Indy and Turner faced off first in several rounds, and Indy won the bout. Ameerah then defeated Terrance, and Michael beat Daniel.

"It sucks I wasn't able to beat Michael, but now I hope someone else can knock him out of this competition," Daniel said in the Diary Room.


Ameerah went on to defeat Indy, and so the final bout was down to Ameerah vs. Michael. At the end of three passes, Michael and Ameerah were tied at 12 rings each -- and so they faced off in a "sudden death" round.

In the end, Michael won the Power of Veto!

Michael was absolutely ecstatic, but Daniel called it "the worst case scenario" because he'd have to name a replacement nominee and get even more blood on his hands.

Brittany and the "Girls' Girl" alliance were worried the men were teaming up, but Taylor told the cameras it was too early to be so paranoid and draw lines in the sand.

When Paloma asked Taylor for some Intel given Taylor had been hanging with the guys a lot, Taylor claimed she didn't have any information to share, which Paloma found very disappointing.

Taylor -- who said she wanted to play a female-forward game -- then ratted Paloma out to Monte Taylor, a 27-year-old personal trainer from Bear, DE, by telling him that Paloma was "terrified" Monte and his boys were working together.

Taylor said Paloma was afraid, Monte; Michael; Joseph Abdin, a 24-year-old lawyer from Lake Worth, FL; and Kyle Capener, a 29-year-old unemployed cast member from Bountiful, UT, were working together and would come for the girls.

That news didn't sit well with Monte, who thought he was pretty tight with Paloma. Monte wasn't sure if he believed what Taylor was saying, and so he decided to look into the situation.

Monte confronted Paloma, warning her that Taylor had said Paloma wanted to split up the strong males in the house. Paloma accused Taylor of lying and couldn't believe Taylor was trying to ruin her game.

Paloma told Monte and Joseph that Taylor was "a snake," and Joseph wasn't sure whom to believe. Since Paloma was denying the allegations "with her entire soul," Joseph was leaning more towards believing Paloma over Taylor.

"I think we need to get her out," Paloma told the two men.

Paloma subsequently ran back to her female allies to inform them of Taylor's betrayal.

Paloma told the girls that Taylor was flat out lying, and Jasmine and Ameerah were both on Paloma's side, saying Paloma had never talked about taking two alpha males out of the house.

Monte warned Daniel about how Taylor had been rubbing people the wrong way, and Paloma told Daniel's closest ally Nicole Layog, a 41-year-old private chef from Fort Lauderdale, FL, that Taylor was "a lying b-tch."

Nicole was frustrated because she didn't believe Paloma was being 100 percent honest, but it seemed the house had already sided with Paloma.

"If we need to please the house to protect ourselves, then that's what's going to have to happen," Nicole said in the Diary Room.

Monte told Daniel and Paloma how he felt bad and guilty about targeting a Black woman but he felt the need to send her packing due to her actions. Monte was convinced Taylor had lied to his face about Paloma's motivations, but it was actually Paloma lying the whole time.

Daniel said it was clear the whole house wanted Taylor gone and so she was looking like a pretty solid replacement nominee.

Taylor spoke to Daniel about his potential replacement nominee and wanted to make sure that she wasn't on his mind, but he admitted that some people had brought her name up. Daniel said some people wished they had gotten to know Taylor a little better.

Taylor promised to have Daniel's back the following week, and she said she wasn't shocked that some people felt they lacked a connection with her. Taylor had apparently struggled with making connections most of her life.

Taylor, feeling exhausted, found a quiet place to cry, and she was afraid of being put on the block. She let out her emotions and could only hope for the best.

At the Veto Meeting, Michael announced he had decided to use the golden power of veto on himself. Daniel therefore named Taylor the replacement nominee. (Pooch, Alyssa, Paloma, and Brittany could not be named as replacements due to the "backstage" twist).

"Personally, it's been hard for me to open up to you sometimes about game and life," Daniel explained to the group.

"But generally, I don't have a problem with you. It has come to my attention though that you've been rubbing the house the wrong way a little bit, and what's good for the house is good for my long-term game. So, you're in the position now where you can rally votes and maybe even apologize for some things you've said in this house."


Taylor then cried in Nicole's arms, but the "backstage" twist may potentially change everything.

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