Big Brother evicted Joe "Pooch" Pucciarelli, unleashed a game-changing twist, and crowned Matthew "Turner" Turner the new Head of Household, who then determined two nominees for eviction during the special two-hour Season 24 episode Sunday night on CBS.

Pooch, a 24-year-old assistant football coach from Staten Island, NY who currently resides in Boca Raton, FL, was blindsided and evicted from the Big Brother house in a unanimous 12-0 vote instead of Taylor Hale, a 27-year-old personal stylist from West Bloomfield, MI.


When Pooch and Taylor were on the chopping block together, they both thought that they were pawns and had the votes to stay.

Once the eviction commenced, Pooch and Taylor were able to give a speech in attempt to campaign for votes and hopefully stay in the house.

In Pooch's speech, he revealed how he had grown up with a learning disability and a lisp -- and so being able to speak in front of everyone with confidence already made him a winner. He also said he wasn't done in the game and is "a loyal-ass dude."

Taylor explained how strength can exist in power and vulnerability and the houseguests had shown her that lesson. Taylor said she was growing in her journey and would be an asset to their games rather than a threat.

Once the cast voted and Julie announced Pooch's eviction fate, he seemed very disappointed but hugged everyone on his way out of the house.

In his post-eviction interview with Big Brother house Julie Chen, Pooch he was stunned "no doubt" and "for sure" about his elimination. Pooch had volunteered to sit on the chopping block as a pawn, and his plan clearly backfired on him.

"I put myself out there being somewhat of a physical male, and, you know, I thought I had a strong social game and so it was an opportunity. If I was on the other side, I probably would've done the same thing, at least entertained it," Pooch explained.

"I really had no idea, especially for it to be 12-0... It's kind of shocking that they were all on the same page... I thought I would've heard from at least one person... but they did what they felt they needed to do. And so, I understand that from a game point."


Pooch said he thought the vote would be split, but he gets it and now "Taylor is a free agent in the game," whom people could use.

When asked whom he believed was responsible for his eviction, Pooch said he didn't know.

Pooch learned there was an alliance of five women in the house, and so he admitted he had "absolutely" underestimated the ladies and wrongly assumed the men had his back.

"I really thought I put myself in a good spot in the game, but they just put themselves in a better spot," Pooch conceded.

Following Pooch's eviction, Julie unleashed the summer's game-changing twist called "Festie Bestie" on the houseguests.

"By the time tonight's Head of Household competition is over, you will all have a bestie you will be playing this game with," Julie announced.

Julie explained that if a player wins Head of Household, his or her "bestie" is also safe for the week.

"But instead of nominating two individuals for eviction, the HoH will nominate one set of besties," Julie clarified. "The Veto competition will also be played with sets of besties. If the veto is used, the nominated besties will both be safe."

An entirely new set of besties would therefore take their place on the chopping block.

However, on eviction night, a pair of besties will be broken up since only one of them would leave the house. Julie said the houseguests would have to wait until the next live eviction to find out what happens to the surviving bestie after an elimination.


For the HoH competition, Jasmine Davis, as the outgoing HoH, was deemed ineligible to compete.

The competition, dubbed "Get Lit," required the participating houseguests to hold onto a giant lighter with two hands, which would prompt music to play.

When the music stopped, a player must sit down, activating a censor on his or her seat.

The last houseguest to sit down and activate his or her censor in each round would be eliminated. If a houseguest let go of the lighter buttons prior to the music stopping, he or she would be ousted from the competition.

"When you are eliminated, you'll have a huge decision to make. This decision could be strategic or it could be personal. Whatever you decide, it will have a major impact on your game moving forward," Julie teased.

The first person eliminated from the competition could join Jasmine as her bestie or take a seat at an open table, allowing someone still in the competition to choose the eliminated player as his or her bestie once that person is eliminated.

The last person standing would automatically become the bestie of the last houseguest left without a partner.

Terrance Higgins was the first person eliminated, and he chose to sit at the empty table. Terrance hoped he would be the last person picked and become the Head of Household's bestie, which would guarantee him safety for the week.

Brittany Hoopes was out second and chose to sit solo, and then she was followed by Joseph Abdin, who could choose to sit by himself or pair up with Terrance, Brittany, or Jasmine. Joseph chose to sit at an empty table.

Michael Bruner was out next and chose to sit with Brittany in order to protect his "Pose Pack" alliance. Taylor was out next and took a seat by herself, and then Monte Taylor picked Joseph as his "Festie Bestie" since they were good friends and Joseph wasn't in the "Pose Pack."

Once Nicole Layog was eliminated, she chose Taylor as her partner, which she thought would guarantee her safety in case both women ended up next to each other on the chopping block.

Indy Santos decided to sit at an empty table, and so did Daniel. Kyle Capener -- who had begun a showmance with Alyssa Snider -- then picked Daniel Durston as his "Festie Bestie" since he's not in the "Pose Pack" alliance but appeared to be a competition beast.

Alyssa and Ameerah Jones hoped to win the competition for their "Girls' Girl" and "Pose Pack" alliance, and they were facing off against Turner.

Alyssa was out next, and she paired up with Indy.

In the end, Turner won Head of Household, avenging his "boy" Pooch. Ameerah therefore chose Terrance as her "Festie Bestie" since he wasn't in either of her two alliances, which left Turner and Jasmine as the final pair.

Ameerah hoped that she could be in Jasmine's ear and sway Turner's decisions for the upcoming week.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Turner announced he had decided to nominate the "Festie Besties" Michael and Brittany simply because he hadn't talked much game with them.


"For my game, personally, it just seemed like the easiest pick," Turner declared. "However, I want to say that I love you both as people and you're awesome... I hope you gun for the Veto because I'm rooting for you both."

Turner thought Brittany was playing "a super sketchy game," and he also considered Michael to be a threat as a competition beast. Turner's backup plan, if Michael and Brittany managed to win safety, was Taylor and Nicole.

Michael, however, had confidence he could win the PoV for the third time this season.

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