Big Brother featured Jasmine Davis winning the Head of Household competition and then nominating Joe "Pooch" Pucciarelli and Taylor Hale for eviction during the Season 24 episode that aired Sunday night on CBS.

After Jasmine, a 29-year-old entrepreneur from Terry, MS who currently resides in Atlanta, GA, won Head of Household, she put Pooch, a 24-year-old assistant football coach from Staten Island, NY who currently resides in Boca Raton, FL, and Taylor, a 27-year-old personal stylist from West Bloomfield, MI, on the chopping block heading into the next live eviction.


The Big Brother broadcast began on Day 9 in the Big Brother house after the first round of the season's second Head of Household competition.

Taylor said it felt amazing to still be in the house and no one should underestimate her. Taylor looked forward to potentially having full power over everyone who had been prepared to kick her out the previous week.

Terrance Higgins was ecstatic about his second chance in the game, and Alyssa Snider said she so confident she could win the $750,000 grand prize. Alyssa intended to make Paloma Aguilar proud since they had become best friends and "Scorpio Sisters" in the house.

Meanwhile, Daniel Durston was upset because his Head of Household reign had meant absolutely nothing. The three players he had put on the chopping block were still in the house, and so he admitted it was very scary going into the next week unprotected.

Daniel planned to rely on his social game and "go even harder."

After Paloma left the house, Ameerah Jones approached Nicole with "a proposition" to join her alliance with Alyssa, Kyle Capener, Michael Bruner, and Monte Taylor -- and Nicole Layog appeared thrilled about the opportunity and said she was onboard.

Jasmine apparently sprained her ankle, but she was not about to give up. She was also cleared to compete in the next round of the HoH competition.

After Indy Santoa was shown feeling homesick and crying, Taylor and Alyssa hugged. Alyssa thought Taylor was a little standoffish at the beginning of the game, but the girls decided to join forces for the next week.


Alyssa admitted she was trying to cover her butt and hoped to target Taylor before Taylor could come for her.

"I feel pretty good about Alyssa. She seems to be someone who is really embracing me to bring me back in with the girls, and I really appreciate that. I can see [myself] moving forward with her and the rest of the girls to totally dominate this summer," Taylor said in the Diary Room.

It then became time for the second round of the Head of Household competition.

The winners of Round 1 -- Jasmine, Joseph Abdin, Taylor, Michael, Kyle, Ameerah and Monte -- competed in a unique version of a pie-eating contest.

The participating players were required to use only their mouths to find the letter "T" or "F" in a pie, answering a series or "True or False" questions about their "BB Motel" home decor.

There were several rounds of pie-eating competition, with the pie becoming a different color and a bigger size each time. Round 1 was a banana pie.

Everyone answered correctly in the first stage of competition, and so Kyle and Monte were eliminated since they had been the last two people to buzz in.

The first three houseguests to find the correct letter in Round 2, featuring a blueberry pie, would advance to the third round. Michael, Ameerah and Jasmine were the first people to answer correctly, and so they moved on.

Pooch called Taylor "Enemy No. 1 in the house," and so he was glad to see her lose.


In the semifinal round, the first two players to answer correctly would move on to the final round. Eating large key-lime pies, Ameerah buzzed in first followed by Michael. However, Ameerah answered incorrectly, and so Michael and Jasmine moved onto the final round.

Ameerah, however, wasn't worried because Jasmine was in her Girls' Girl alliance and Michael was a member of her side alliance that Paloma had helped to create before her unexpected exit from the game.

Jasmine asked Michael to throw the competition so she could receive a letter from home, but Michael -- who said he'd be okay with Jasmine winning -- told the cameras that Jasmine was going to have to earn her victory.

Daniel wanted to see Jasmine win the competition since he had put Michael on the block the previous week. And in the end, Jasmine found her letter in the cherry pie and became the season's second Head of Household.

Michael felt good with Jasmine based on the deal they had made during the competition, so he thought Jasmine's win could actually be beneficial for his game.

Taylor predicted Jasmine was going to target one of the guys and she'd maybe be a pawn.

Michael then told the cameras that he wanted to work with Taylor and take shots at some power players in the game.

While in the pantry, Nicole warned Daniel that she had made a Final 6 deal with other houseguests. Daniel was uneasy about the alliance at first but decided to trust Nicole, and he was happy to have heard the news right from her.

Pooch figured the best way to get Taylor out of the house would be to put himself on the chopping block as a pawn. He thought Taylor was a strong competitor, and so he wanted to backdoor her and take away her chance to play in the upcoming Power of Veto competition.

Pooch pitched his plan to Alyssa, who said she was onboard. Pooch was confident he'd be able to beat Brittany and Jasmine in the PoV competition, but Alyssa said it was a dumb move for Pooch to make himself vulnerable like that so early in this game.

Alyssa told Ameerah, Brittany and Michael how Pooch wanted to get nominated alongside Brittany.

"I say we get Pooch out," Alyssa announced to the women. "We feed into his ego and we're like, 'Yeah, let's do your plan.'"

Michael agreed they could tell Pooch it was an awesome idea and then blindside him. And Alyssa said if, worst came to worse, Pooch actually won the Veto, they could go through with the plan to take out Taylor.

Ameerah figured it would be a great time to strike at Pooch since they may not get many opportunities in the future to vote him out. Alyssa intended to use Taylor as a weapon this week to get Pooch out, unless the plan backfired.

"[Pooch] is playing super hard and super fast, so if Pooch wants to put himself on the block and volunteer, I'm not going to stop him," Michael said in the Diary Room.

Pooch then told Jasmine that she could consider putting him on the block in order to backdoor Jasmine.

"Taylor was my target. Taylor is not in the Girls' Girl alliance, and Pooch is nominating himself. I'll be happy if either of them goes home," Brittany told the cameras.

Pooch told Jasmine that she could nominate Brittany and then tell Brittany that she'd use the PoV to save her if the power comes into her hands. Pooch, who felt he was well-liked in the house, said he was willing to handle the stress of being on the chopping block.

Ameerah said everyone in the house wanted to win the money and so they'd have no problem taking Pooch out.

Pooch acknowledged he was making a risky move, but he thought such moves were necessary in order to build a resume and eventually win the game.

Jasmine told Taylor flat out that she was going to be the pawn that week.

"But I need you to understand that you're not the target," Jasmine told Taylor.

Taylor told Pooch that he was the pawn as well, and so Jasmine was buying herself some time to figure things out. Jasmine said she didn't go on the show to play "Baby Brother."

At the Nomination Ceremony, Jasmine announced she had decided to nominate Taylor and Pooch for eviction.

Jasmine explained that Taylor slept right beside her in the house but never talked game with her.

"I want to give some respect to the first HoH and try to get you out of this house," Jasmine declared.

"Pooch, honestly, I just picked you because you had the opportunity to become 'Backstage Boss.' And although that was not your fault, I do feel like you should try to fight in the Veto competition, and hopefully you'll get to stay."

Jasmine recognized Pooch was a big threat, and so she just hoped her nominations would stay the same and either Pooch or Taylor would get sent packing.


Pooch didn't want to give Taylor a chance to win the Veto, but he said he was going to enter the PoV competition with "extra drive" to get the job done.

Ameerah said she didn't know whether to laugh at Pooch or feel bad for him.

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