Big Brother featured Jared Fields winning the Power of Veto and protecting his mom, Cirie Fields, by keeping Cameron Hardin's original nominations the same during the Season 25 episode that aired Wednesday night on CBS.

Jared, a 25-year-old exterminator from Norwalk, CT, won the Power of Veto competition and chose to keep the Head of Household's nominations the same.


Jared's decision therefore leaves Felicia Cannon, a 63-year-old real estate agent from Tacoma, WA who currently resides in Kennesaw, GA, and Izzy Gleicher, a 32-year-old professional flutist from New York, NY, on the chopping block heading into the next live eviction of the season.

The Big Brother broadcast began on Day 38 following the Nomination Ceremony. Cameron said "Legend 25" was dead after he decided to put Izzy and Felicia on the chopping block.

"I blew the whole thing up... but an amateur would go after the President, [Cirie Fields, in this case]. No thanks," Cameron said in the Diary Room.

"I want to go ahead and chop off all the arms first, and I want to watch her wiggle afterwards. I'm done being used as a tool; I'm doing being used as a pawn. You are living in my world now."

Izzy thought it was funny how threatened Cameron was by her, and she proudly stated to the cameras, "Game on!"

Felicia was blindsided by Cameron's nominations, but she said she was going to go after the HoH "like a firecracker." She didn't seem concerned about her place in the house at all.

Jag Bains admitted he was completely shocked by the nominations and he couldn't trust Cameron, and Blue Kim was on the same page.

Afterward, Felicia told Cameron that she had heard him loud and clear, but Cameron claimed his speech wasn't for her.

Felicia explained how her alliance had every intention of voting out Jag about an hour before the live eviction last week, until Cirie and Izzy informed her that Red Utley had called Cameron "a liability" and suggested they should get rid of him by flipping the vote.

Felicia therefore said the women decided to change their vote last minute. Cameron was thrilled to hear Felicia "singing like a bird" and "throwing her friends under the bus." He thought it was a "beautiful" ripple effect of his master plan.

"It's as if I was left out of the conversation to spite me," Cameron told Felicia. "You didn't tell me on purpose, about Red going home and your vote... But all I can say is, you're not my target."

Felicia, however, knew that "pawns go home" on Big Brother, and so she intended to fight hard for the Power of Veto.

Cameron then spoke to Izzy about how, when looking at their relationship in the house, there was a big distinction between person and game for him.


Izzy agreed, telling the cameras that Cameron made her skin crawl but she needed to remain calm in order to not paint extra targets on her back this week. Cameron joked in the Diary Room about how he and Izzy talked in a merry-go-round of "bullsh-t."

Cameron told Izzy his nominations would hide how "close" they were, which made Izzy laugh. He also told her to her face that she wasn't his target, which was a lie.

"Felicia is a loose cannon sometimes, and I don't trust her," Cameron told Izzy, adding, "I think this is a move that could work for a lot of people... and I love Cirie."

But Izzy could tell that Cirie was going to be Cameron's replacement nominee if he needed to choose one after the Veto competition.

Meanwhile, America Lopez was thrilled about targeting the trio of strong ladies in the house: Cirie, Izzy and Felicia. She was so glad that Cameron saw them as being dangerous as well.

For Cirie's part, she got to work trying to convince Cameron not to use her as a replacement nominee.

Cirie told Cameron that she could be his "girl" and she'd "stay real" with him. Cameron poked fun at Cirie being "frazzled" and trying to "save her own butt," but he hugged her and put a good face on for her.

"I'm thinking my Cirie senses are right, that there is a master plan and it includes me," Cirie said in the Diary Room.

Izzy then told Cirie that if she won the Veto, she wasn't going to save herself. Instead, Izzy wanted to keep nominations the same in order to keep Cirie in the clear. Cirie said a move like that is what made Izzy such a "phenomenal" person.

"We both are going to stay!" Izzy insisted to Cirie.

Jag, who wasn't feeling safe, approached Cameron for a conversation. The men had made a deal to protect each other for the next week, but Cameron said if Jag betrayed him in any way, he'd immediately put him on the block.

Cameron told Jag that he wasn't the target and he's a man of his word. With that being said, Cameron warned Jag not to go behind his back or else he'd be in trouble -- but Jag said he doesn't respond well to threats.

Jag and Matt Klotz -- who previously saved Jag by using his superpower -- then called their bromance "The Minutemen," paying homage to "The Hitmen" alliance which had been comprised of Derrick Levasseur and Cody Calafiore on Season 16.

Jag said he could see this alliance going to the very end of the game, and the two men agreed it would be best for their games to keep nominations the same and attempt to build some sort of trust with Cameron.

Later on, Jared Fields had a chat with Cameron. Jared didn't trust Cameron, who bragged about how chaos in the house was just starting. Cameron thought he could trust and work with Jared, who had seemingly been blindsided by Red's eviction.


Cameron informed Jared that he had told his nominations they were both pawns and that Felicia had sung like a bird. However, Cameron didn't reveal to Jared that Cirie was going to be his replacement nominee.

Regardless, Jared had an inkling that was the case, and so he hoped to win the Power of Veto in order to protect his mother.

It then became time to pick players for the Power of Veto competition. In addition to the HoH, Cameron, and the two nominees, Felicia and Izzy, the following houseguests were selected by random draw to compete: Matt, Jared -- whom Felicia ironically called her "son in the house" -- and Jag.

Jag was Izzy's "Houseguest's Choice." She considered Jag to be a strong competitor who would play on her side.

Matt felt close to Jag, Cirie and Jared, and so Jared pitched to Matt how they should keep nominations the same or else Cirie would be in trouble.

Afterward, Cirie and Izzy had an emotional conversation about how Izzy felt short, fat, and ugly with a lack of confidence in herself.

Izzy's disclosure brought Cirie to tears, and Cirie said she had never made a connection like this outside of her family members. Cirie said she essentially found her "person" in life and they're just "two hot messes." Their trust and bond in each other was unbreakable.

The Veto competition then commenced. The house watched a trailer for CBS' new series, Buddy Games, and then actor Josh Duhamel surprised everyone in the backyard.

The participating players were required to spin in a chair and then throw three balls, one at a time, in attempt to land them in numbered slots that were scattered around a sloped platform. The numbers, when added together, would give that person a score.

At the end of each round, the player with the lowest total score would be eliminated and pick a prize.

Each eliminee could choose to keep their prize or trade it with a previously-ousted player. In each round, the spinning would be faster and longer, and the players would receive less time to shoot the balls.

The last person standing would have the choice of any prize, including the Golden Power of Veto.

At the end of Round 1, Izzy was out, and she received the Veto.

Round 2 ended with Cameron's elimination, and he received a "Piggy Pals" punishment. It would involve scooping dirt and potentially missing out on the opportunity to play in the next Veto competition. Cameron traded this punishment for Izzy's Veto. (Izzy chose to do the punishment with Cameron).

During Round 3, Felicia collapsed on the ground and complained about how she felt really hot. She ended up being okay, but she lost.

Felicia's prize was a European vacation, and she chose to trade with Cameron for the Veto in the hopes of saving herself.

The fourth round of competition concluded with Jared's elimination. His prize was a punishment called "Kayak Companions." Two people would have to move around the Big Brother house together in a two-person kayak for 48 hours.

Jared chose to trade his punishment for the Veto, but Felicia still hoped Jared was going to pull her off the block. (Felicia chose to do her kayak punishment with Cirie).

After Round 5, Jag was out, and he won $5,000. He opted to keep the money because Jared was in his alliance anyway.

The last person standing in the competition was Matt.

Matt's ultimate prize was "Duhamel a'Maniac" in which he could supposedly hang out with Josh all week and take "selfies galore."

Jag and Cory Wurtenberger were both convinced Matt had received a humiliating punishment, but Matt chose to keep the "prize."

Jared therefore won the Power of Veto. He looked forward to hearing Cameron's actual plan.

Izzy said Jared's victory was best case scenario because she could continue hiding her tight relationship with Cirie in the house.

For Matt's punishment, he had to carry around a lifesize cardboard cutout of Josh while wearing a crazy plaid outfit and matching hat. He also had to take selfies with Josh's image constantly and create a creepy shrine with all the Polaroids.

Prior to the Veto Meeting, Cameron broke the news to Jared how Cirie would be his replacement nominee next to Izzy on the block.

"Okay, that makes sense," Jared pretended. "Cirie is on an island, how poetic. It's like Survivor."

Jared tried to steer Cameron in a different direction by naming Jag the replacement nominee. Cameron was intrigued and could tell Jared didn't want Cirie going up on the block.

"I want to build more trust with Jared, so the idea of throwing Cirie up on the block against his wishes, it's something I'm going to have to think long and hard about," Cameron said in the Diary Room.

For Izzy and Cameron's punishment, they had 12 hours to transfer 12,000 scoops of dirt into a pigpen or else Izzy would be ineligible to compete in the next Veto competition. (They eventually completed the task in the early morning hours, wet the dirt, and jumped into the mud).

Later on, Cory and America were shown flirting under the covers in bed. America was begging for a kiss, but Cory didn't want his mom to watch. However, he eventually gave in, and so America confirmed they were in a showmance.

Before the Veto Meeting, Felicia wanted Jared to use the Veto on her, but she didn't want Cirie to be in trouble either. Felicia suddenly realized her friendship with Cirie was going to have a huge impact on her personal game.

At the Veto Meeting, Jared announced he had decided not to use the Power of Veto.

"This is just the best decision for me going forward, and I hope everybody can understand it," Jared shared with the group.

Jared told the cameras that he loved both people on the block but couldn't risk his mother, and real Final 2 ally, going up on the block.


Felicia admitted she was "disappointed" but not out of the game yet. And Izzy said she "totally" understood Jared's decision but wasn't about to be evicted by "a swine like Cameron."

Cameron was still pleased by the outcome, saying he was going to get rid of Izzy.

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