Big Brother featured Christian Birkenberger winning the Power of Veto and deciding not to use its golden power, keeping Xavier Prather's two nominations, Brent Champagne and Britini D'Angelo, on the chopping block during Wednesday night's Season 23 episode on CBS.

Christian, a 23-year-old general contractor assistant from Harwinton, CT, announced that he wanted to keep Xavier's original nominations the same at the Veto meaning, and both men have the goal of taking out Brent, a 28-year-old flight attendant from Cranston, RI.


Britini, a 24-year-old Kindergarten teacher from Niagara Falls, NY, also remains on the chopping block heading into the live eviction, but Xavier, a 27-year-old attorney from Kalamazoo, MI, has insisted she's just a pawn.

The Big Brother broadcast began on Day 17 with Xavier serving as Head of Household and Brent and Britini sitting on the chopping block. Xavier explained Brent is his target this week because he's a threat in the game but has also been rubbing everybody the wrong way in the house.

Britini, on the other hand, is Xavier's pawn, and Xavier was hoping Britini would be a smokescreen, covering up the fact he wants Brent gone.

Brent, however, saw right through Xavier's plan and said although he was "born late," he
wasn't born last night."

"I think Xavier's speech is absolute crap. I'm not an idiot... In any scenario, you can't use a guy like me as a pawn. It's just not believable. It's unfortunate because I thought we were on the same page," Brent lamented.

Meanwhile, Britini bawled her eyes out and told the cameras she was "pissed" being nominated for the second week in a row.

"You can't trust anybody in this house! You can't. I'm done!" Britini complained.

Azah Awasum, a 30-year-old director of sales operations from Baltimore, MD, said she was upset about Xavier's choice to nominate Britini again because she didn't deserve to be put through another week of anxiety.

Azah trusted her alliance members but said she needed to be involved in all decision-making. Azah said it was really difficult balancing morals, emotions and the game all at once.

Although Xavier said he hated to watch Britini cry, he knew nominating her was his best move to get Brent out of the house.

Britini said in the Diary Room that she was done putting her fate in the game into other people's hands and she was about to take matters into her own hands.


Hannah Chaddha, a 21-year-old graduate student from Chicago, IL, said she couldn't wait for Brent to leave, explaining, "I can't stand the guy so much so that I'm willing to take out my own teammate. That's how bad it is."

Whitney Williams, a 30-year-old makeup artist and business owner from Portland, OR, also said she was "pumped" to see Brent on the block because he allegedly thinks he's "the hottest thing to ever enter the house."

Everyone allowed Brent to believe he was going to be safe and that they'd be voting Britini out, but it appeared no one wanted Britini gone.

Derek Frazier, a 29-year-old safety officer from Philadelphia, PA -- who said his loyalty belonged to "The Cookout" alliance first and foremost -- even just advised Britini to "roll with it" this week.

Brent then sat down with Xavier and acknowledged how he doesn't make a good pawn, but Xavier insisted he wasn't gunning for him. Xavier attempted to maintain a sense of calm throughout the house to ensure a smooth Brent eviction.

"I know I'm the target, but it doesn't even matter [because] I have too many relationships built in this house. So I have the numbers to stay. I have my team," Brent bragged.

Brent went on to name his alleged alliance members: Whitney; Hannah; Derek Xiao, a 24-year-old start-up founder from Baltimore, MD who currently resides in New York, NY; Tiffany Mitchell, a 40-year-old phlebotomist from Detroit, MI; and Claire Rehfuss, a 25-year-old artificial intelligence engineer from Chagrin Falls, OH who currently resides in New York, NY.

Brent also thought he had Kyland Young, a 29-year-old account executive from San Bernardino County, CA who currently resides in Venice Beach, CA, and Alyssa Lopez, a 24-year-old swimwear designer from Sarasota, FL, in his pocket.


"At this point I shouldn't even be a flight attendant," Brent added. "I should become an accountant because I'm absolutely crushing these numbers!"

Brent then told Whitney and Hannah that he believed Xavier thought his body exceeded his intelligence.

Brent assumed the girls -- who were pretending to still be buddy-buddy with Brent -- were definitely on his side, and so he told the cameras Xavier had made a "catastrophic mistake" by nominating him for eviction.

Xavier was then shown crying to Azah about putting Britini in jeopardy of elimination because she has "a heart of gold" and felt really guilty.

Azah figured Xavier was doing what's best for "The Cookout" and his own game, but she still seemed upset with both Xavier and Tiffany, who realized Azah is "an emotional player" who may not understand how she's playing this game.

Azah also came to the conclusion she and Tiffany are playing Big Brother very differently.

Xavier hoped tension wouldn't continue among Cookout alliance members because their bond will never last in that case.

Alyssa and Christian were then shown making out in Xavier's HoH bed, and Xavier walked in on them.

It then became time to pick players for the Power of Veto competition. In addition to the Head of Household, Xavier, and the two nominees, Brent and Britini, three people would be selected to compete.

Xavier just hoped Derek F. and Azah wouldn't be chosen because they'd probably take Britini off the block if either of them were to win the PoV. Xavier wanted to keep his nominations the same.

Xavier picked Christian as "Houseguest's Choice," and then Derek F. and Whitney were also selected to play.

After Xavier confirmed that Hannah was "under the wing" of his "Cookout" alliance, the PoV competition was about to commence.


For the Power of Veto competition, players selected each other in a series of faceoffs, and each player's goal was to bowl and knock down every number not provided in a three-digit room number. The numbers were all set up at the end of each player's bowling lane.

However, the twist was that the players had to spin around 15 times before bowling.

Brent eliminated Britini in Round 1, and then Xavier challenged Brent, which solidified the fact Xavier was going after Brent in Brent's mind.

Brent appeared to get sick during the challenge, as Xavier took home a win for Round 2.

Round 3 featured Derek F. challenging Whitney., and Derek F. hoped to be victorious so that he could take Britini off the block. Whitney hoped to win so she could keep nominations the same and see the look on Brent's face once he discovered his entire team had betrayed him.

Derek F. eliminated Whitney, and then Christian asked to face Derek F.

Christian planned to help Xavier take out Brent if he happened to win the Power of Veto, and he was able to knock Derek F. out of the competition.

Xavier and Christian competed against each other in the final round and Christian ultimately won it. Christian was thrilled and Xavier gushed about how the results of the competition were "perfect."

Brent was so confident that he'd still have the votes to stay that he decided not to try to talk Christian into using the golden Power of Veto to save him.

Brent told Kyland and Derek X. to pretend like they wanted to vote him out and make sure Christian wouldn't use the Power of Veto, which was the exact plan that was actually unfolding in the house.

Brent was convinced he's going to stay on live eviction night, and so he anticipated his "brilliant plan" would pull off one of the greatest blindsides in Big Brother history. But everybody, including Xavier, just laughed at Brent behind his back.


At the Veto Meeting, Christian announced he had decided to keep nominations the same, forcing Brent and Britini to stay on the chopping block.

Brent was excited for everyone to vote out Britini, saying that while Xavier thought he's "the puppeteer," he's actually "the puppet." This may actually turn out to be one of the biggest blindsides in Big Brother history, but not in Brent's favor.
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