Big Brother featured the houseguests blindsiding and evicting Ameerah Jones instead of her "Festie Bestie" Terrance Higgins as well as the start of the next Head of Household competition during the Season 24 episode that aired Thursday night on CBS.

Ameerah, a 31-year-old content designer from Westminster, MD, was evicted from the Big Brother house through a 7-4 vote instead of Terrance, a 47-year-old bus operator from Chicago, IL, on Day 23 of the game.


The week's Head of Household, Matthew "Turner" Turner, had named Ameerah and Terrance the week's replacement nominees after Michael Bruner, a 28-year-old attorney from Saint Michael, MN who currently resides in Rochester, MN, and Brittany Hoopes, a 32-year-old hypnotherapist from Atlanta, GA who currently resides in Austin, TX, won the Power of Veto competition and removed themselves from the chopping block ahead of the live eviction.

Turner, a 23-year-old thrift store owner from North Attleborough, MA who currently resides in New Bedford, MA, orchestrated Ameerah's eviction with a new alliance called "The Leftovers."

The Big Brother broadcast began with the Veto Meeting following the Power of Veto competition.

Michael and Brittany announced they had decided to use the golden Power of Veto to save themselves. Turner, as the HoH, had to name a new set of "Festie Besties" as the replacement nominees, and he ultimately selected Ameerah and Terrance.

Turner claimed that he didn't talk much game with Ameerah and Terrance.

"This may come as a surprise to a lot of you. There was clearly one target this house had, but I don't feel like that's best for my game, and I really don't want to add to the dog pile that I feel like is going on in this house," Turner explained to the house.

"I'm sorry about that, but behind closed doors, some of you say some crazy things behind closed doors about individuals, and I really don't want to draw a line in the sand by saying this, but as the youngest one in the house, I really don't feel like I should be the one to say that it's not okay. But here I am."

Taylor Hale cried as Turner made his speech. Turner said in the Diary Room afterwards that the house had been bullying Taylor and, even though he wasn't perfect himself, it was going to stop that night.


Taylor finally felt like she had found the "right crew" and they were going to take care of each other moving forward.

Joseph Abdin said he was excited to turn the tables and vote Ameerah out come eviction night, but Nicole Layog was shocked and never saw this move coming. She had fully anticipated going on the chopping block.

As for Ameerah, she wondered who had the balls to work against her and aid Turner in the blindside. She had no idea what other alliances had formed in the house, and she set out to get to the bottom of things. Ameerah also claimed she had been defending Taylor all week.

Ameerah and Terrance, however, agreed that they weren't going to campaign for votes against each other. Terrance even said that he wanted to go in order to keep Ameerah in the house, and Ameerah thought she was going to have at least five votes.

But Michael confirmed he was 100 percent working with "The Leftovers" and Terrance was going to stay in the house "whether he liked it or not."

Monte, Taylor and Michael told Ameerah that she'd have five votes to stay, plus Jasmine Davis, and so Ameerah thought she was going to be good. Ameerah figured Turner had people backing him up, but Monte tried to keep her as comfortable as possible so she wouldn't stir up any trouble.

Before bed one night, Ameerah walked in a big group talking and seemingly scheming outside. She realized in that moment that Joseph, Taylor, Turner, and Michael were probably working together. And Terrance was also a part of that conversation.

Ameerah ironically pointed out how those were the people that were "leftover" from the Girls' Girl alliance and the Po's Pack alliance.

Taylor then put her acting skills to the test by making the house think she still had no friends or allies, and Turner assured Terrance that he wasn't going anywhere and was going to be safe this week.


Meanwhile, Ameerah was threatening to blow up the house on her way out if she got evicted.

When it became time for the live eviction, Ameerah said she hoped the house would view her as an ally and vote to keep her, and Terrance announced how Turner's move was "unexpected and courageous."

Turner and the two nominees were unable to vote.

Ameerah then received eviction votes from Monte, Brittany, Taylor, Michael, Joseph, Kyle Capener, and Daniel Durston.

And Terrance received votes from Ameerah's allies Nicole, Jasmine, Alyssa Snider, and Indy Santos.

"It's okay, you guys got me," Ameerah announced as Nicole's jaw was on the floor.

Jasmine whispered to Ameerah before she left, and Nicole told her, "I'll see you on The Amazing Race."

Ameerah told Big Brother host Julie Chen in her post-eviction interview that she was "kind of" shocked but also "kind of not."

"Everyone was telling me that I was safe, but I knew that I was a bigger threat in the house than Terrance, so I never actually really believed a lot of the people that were telling me I was safe... I was very nervous," Ameerah admitted.

On why she thinks the house evicted her, Ameerah reasoned, "I think I was a bigger competitor than Terrance. If I were them, I would've voted me out over Terrance too, so I completely understand."

Ameerah said she knew "something was up" when Taylor was not nominated for eviction because she assumed Turner wouldn't have made the move unless he had enough votes to secure his plan.

Ameerah guessed Daniel, Nicole, and maybe Michael were probably responsible for her blindside, but she wasn't sure.

Ameerah was then shocked to hear the members of "The Leftovers" alliance from Julie, except for Turner, Taylor and Michael .

"That's fair. I think I was a big threat as well, so it's all good!" Ameerah concluded.

Julie proceeded to announce to the remaining houseguests that Terrance, as a lonely "Festie Bestie," would have the power to choose which set of besties he'd like to join. Julie explained this would be the format going forward, showcasing that people can have more than one best friend.

If anyone in Terrance's group won HoH, they'd all be safe. If one person got picked to play in the Veto competition, they'd all play. And if nominated, they'd all sit on the chopping block together.

Terrance opted to join the "Festie Bestie" pair comprised of Monte and Joseph.

The Head of Household competition then commenced live, and everyone except for Turner, the outgoing HoH, was eligible to compete.

The competition dubbed "The Invitation" required the participating houseguests to find an invitation by looking through 1,500 envelopes that rained down upon them. They were looking for a red invitation, and the first eight people to find one would move on. Four people would therefore not compete for Head of Household.


Jasmine found an invitation, and then the episode ended on a cliffhanger.

[Highlight the area below to find out which houseguest is the new Head of Household.]

Monte won the HoH competition and is the new Head of Household.

Big Brother's next episode will air Sunday, July 31 at 8PM ET/PT on CBS.

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