Big Brother houseguest Paloma Aguilar, who has faced backlash for bullying Taylor Hale while she was in the Big Brother house, is now alleging Taylor was actually the one who bullied her.

Paloma, a 22-year-old interior designer from San Marcos, CA, recently posted -- and subsequently deleted -- a TikTok video sharing her "truth" about what happened with Taylor during the game.


Many fans were outraged over the way Taylor, a 27-year-old personal stylist and former beauty pageant queen from West Bloomfield, MI, had been verbally attacked and ostracized during her first few weeks in the house.

Paloma appeared to trash Taylor more than anyone else, and she also led an all-female alliance into targeting and gunning for Taylor, whom Paloma simply insisted was not "one of the girls."

"I am feeling much better since I left the house and self-evicted. I want to make it super clear that I self-evicted not because of Taylor or anyone else, but because of my mental health," Paloma began in her TikTok video, referencing how she voluntarily left the Big Brother house prior to the first eviction of the season.

"Another thing I want to address obviously is the whole Taylor drama because, frankly, I am so sick of people on Twitter making assumptions about who I am without actually hearing me out. So, it's as simple as this -- I was in the house bullied by Taylor."

Paloma alleged, "I was in the shower washing my hair and she makes a comment and makes fun of how I look in the shower, right? Or I drop a piece of pineapple and there's a condescending comment that happened, right?"

Paloma went on to ask her followers, "So what does someone do when they're bullied?"

"They clap back, right?" Paloma said, answering her own question. "It's not taking the high road and it's not being the nicest person. I've had moments in there where I definitely was not nice -- at all. And I do apologize for that."

But Paloma insisted she's "not a perfect human being" and she's "ready to take accountability for that."


Paloma was accused of racist behavior and microaggressions directed at Taylor during the season.

Big Brother's Season 23 winner Xavier Prather tweeted on July 10 that some players were being racist towards Taylor and "change is a MUST," adding, "People of color stand no chance in the Big Brother House due to perpetuation of micro-aggressions and unconscious biases which plague our society."

Paloma said in her TikTok video, "Was it a matter of race or me being a racist? Absolutely not. Was it a matter of being bullied and it not being shown on camera? Yeah!"

"That for sure happened," Paloma noted. "Did Taylor and I get past that and become friends? Absolutely. But I'm here to tell you that the media and the show a lot of times doesn't portray what the truth is. They want to portray what's entertaining."

Paloma, who was shown having a nice heart to heart with Taylor before her self-eviction, said no one can blame producers for wanting to create a great show but it's "at a cost."

"It's at the expense of my mental health. It's at the expense of me and my character," Paloma continued. "And it's at the expense of my well-being, truthfully. So I'm here to tell my truth, and take it for what it will be."

Taylor told fans they can choose to "believe it or not believe it," adding, "At this point though, I don't really care. I am here to just tell my truth for my clarity and my closure. And that's what it is."

Videos of the live feeds have been circulating on social media, showing moments when Paloma discussed Taylor's alleged bullying incidents with her fellow houseguests.

In one clip, Paloma was filmed talking to Jasmine Davis and Ameerah Jones about her confrontation with Taylor in the shower.

"I'm like washing my body and I pop out, like, 'Oh hey!' And she's like, 'Oh my God, why do you look like that?!'" Paloma claimed to Jasmine and Ameerah.

Jasmine responded, "She's on a whole other level," to which Paloma repeated, "A whole other level."

Paloma went on to accuse Taylor of making a funny face that "mimicked" her expression in the shower.

"And I was like, 'Bro, are you not aware that you come across like a f-cking b-tch?'" Paloma vented. "I don't even know if she means to be a b-tch, honestly."

The other two women then joked how being a b-tch seemed to come "naturally" for Taylor.


In a second clip of the live feeds, Paloma spoke to Alyssa Snider about how she had dropped pineapple on the floor and Taylor allegedly made a snarky comment about it.

"[Taylor] was like, 'Ooh girl, you dropped pineapple,'" Paloma told Alyssa.

Towards the beginning of the game, Paloma had an issue with Taylor's flirtatious behavior.

Paloma didn't appreciate Taylor prancing around the backyard in a bikini and spending most of her time with the guys in the house.

"Her demeanor comes across even more cocky when she's not trying to make an effort with women. She's just digging that hole for herself with the girls," Paloma told the cameras.

It especially rubbed Paloma the wrong way when Taylor modeled her tight sparkly dresses and jumpsuits from prior beauty pageants.

Taylor then told her pal Monte Taylor how Paloma was afraid the men were forming an alliance and would come after the girls. Monte brought that information back to Paloma, who felt betrayed and decided that she needed Taylor to go home.

"She's such a b-tch to me.. Her personality just rubs people the wrong way and she lacks, most of all, self-awareness," Paloma vented at one point.

Paloma also called Taylor "a lying b-tch" and "a snake in the garden."

She added, "[Taylor] will stab you from the back and make you a turkey club sandwich, okay?"

Viewers also saw Daniel Durston yell at Taylor on the show last week for telling Nicole Layog that it would be okay if the game became too much for her emotionally and she needed to quit.

Following Ameerah's eviction from the Big Brother house on the July 28 episode, Ameerah admitted to Us Weekly that Taylor "definitely did not deserve" how most of the women had treated her in the house.

"I have to admit that there was definitely some things that I said as well as other people in the house that probably shouldn't have been said," Ameerah confessed.

Ameerah explained of Taylor, "She said a lot of snarky things to people as how we perceived them. A lot of things were like said under her breath and honestly, they weren't that bad at all to deserve that."


Taylor is ironically now a member of the dominant alliance in the Big Brother house called "The Leftovers."

Taylor has power in the game now that the new Head of Household, Monte, wants to target either Alyssa or Nicole Layog in the next week.

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