Big Brother's Head of Household, Scottie Salton, won the Power of Veto and kept his two nominations the same during Wednesday night's Season 20 episode on CBS.

Scottie's decision at the Veto Meeting leaves Winston Hines, a 28-year-old medical sales representative from Somerset, KY, who currently resides in Bowling Green, KY, and Brett Robinson, a 25-year-old cybersecurity engineer from Oakdale, CT, who currently resides in Charlestown, MA, on the chopping block going into Thursday night's live eviction.

The Big Brother broadcast began on Day 24, with both Winston and Brett on the chopping block.


Brett was confident one of "the bros" could win the Power of Veto and then his "Level 6" alliance would have the numbers to save the other guy left up there. Brett called Scottie an "idiot" for making this move.

Winston said he was going to torture Scottie in the house and he'd be coming for his head.

Meanwhile, Faysal Shafaat, Haleigh Broucher and Angie "Rockstar" Lantry were celebrating Scottie's nominations. They hoped the Veto winner would keep nominations the same so they could send one of them packing.

Scottie told Brett he didn't want to backdoor him because he had enough respect for him to allow him to compete.

Brett, typically charming and charismatic, admitted to Scottie he no longer liked him and he wasn't going to pretend to like him. Scottie realized he had made the right choice in putting him on the block.


Kaitlyn Herman then advised Winston to separate himself from Brett and attempt to rally votes to stay, but he refused to listen. Winston was just fired up, and he wanted to do his own thing.

"I respect it. It's a big move. I just want you to know you just drew a line in the sand and you're gone next week -- zero questions asked. You just wrote your own eviction, so good luck, you better hope I'm gone. You better hope I don't win the veto," Winston told the Head of Household.

Winston then talked to Rachel Swindler about which player should become the target if himself or Brett wins the veto. Rachel said Angela Rummans would probably be the back-up target, so she suggested they start throwing Kaitlyn's name under the bus.

Winston agreed Kaitlyn would make a great replacement nominee because she had flipped on her alliance in Week 1 and then orchestrated Chris "Swaggy C" Williams' blindside in Week 2.

It then became time to pick players for the Power of Veto competition. Scottie hoped Faysal, Haleigh, Bayleigh or Tyler Crispen would be picked to play.

In reality, the players chosen were Tyler, Rachel, and Rockstar.


Tyler wasn't happy about being chosen because if he won the veto, he would have to choose a side and show his cards. "The bros" were in his alliance, but he was also working on the side with Scottie.

For the Power of Veto competition, the players were instructed to spin around 15 times under a disco ball and then run down a lane to a platform, where they must stack champagne glasses and build a tower.

The first person to build the tower would win the Power of Veto as well as a trip to Greece in honor of the new movie out in theaters, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

Brett's tower was almost complete, but his clock ran out, so he decided to become a "Have Not" for the week in order to receive a second chance in the competition.

But it didn't matter in the end because Scottie really wanted to win this veto and he came through. Scottie won the Power of Veto, with Rachel finishing in second place.

This was "worst case scenario" for Brett and Winston. They were both "pissed off" and had to come up with some type of Plan B. Brett didn't know whether he should campaign against Winston or convince Scottie to backdoor somebody else.

However, two "Power Apps" were still in play. Sam Bledsoe could use her "Bonus Life" to save the next person evicted, and Bayleigh had "Identity Theft," meaning she could change the Head of Household's nominations one time before a live eviction within the first half of the game.

Meanwhile, Brett and Winston came up with a plan to promise Scottie a Final 3 alliance. Since "the bros" were mad at him, no one would expect they're working together. The guys thought this might be their best chance to stay in the house.

Winston and Brett later talked to Scottie and pitched their plan about backdooring Kaitlyn.

Brett suggested it made no sense to take Winston off the block since there was clearly bad blood between them, but no one would be completely shocked if Scottie chose to take him off.

The two guys said the move would make both sides of the house happy because he would avenge Swaggy C but also save a member of the other alliance.

Winston said the three of them could have a "brilliant" and "secret" alliance in which Winston and Scottie could use each other as pawns going forward whenever one of them becomes Head of Household. Winston added that taking out Kaitlyn would still be a huge move for his game.

Scottie slept on the plan before making such a big decision, but he definitely considered what the guys had pitched.

Suddenly, Kaitlyn had a feeling in her gut that Winston and Brett were gunning for her. Kaitlyn attributed her knowledge to her "spirit guides."

Kaitlyn approached Scottie about her fear, and then he confessed to her as well as Rockstar and Faysal that the two guys were conspiring with him the previous night. Kaitlyn vented about how Winston and Brett "f-cked with the wrong intuitive b-tch."

Scottie determined Winston or Brett absolutely needed to go home. Kaitlyn then confronted "the bros" about their attempt to take her out. Kaitlyn said she didn't deserve to be the guys' target, as she had assumed they were friends.

Brett called Scottie "a weasel" and "a spineless worm" for spilling the beans about their strategy.

This is the last week Sam can use her "Bonus Life" advantage or else the person evicted next week will automatically be guaranteed a spot back in the house.

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