Big Brother evicted returning champion "Boogie" Mike Malin and newbie houseguest Ashley Iocco during Thursday night's special live double-eviction broadcast of the CBS reality competition's fourteenth season.

Boogie, who originally competed on the second season of Big Brother in 2001 and won Big Brother: All-Stars in 2006, was evicted from the Big Brother house via a 5-2 vote after being placed on the chopping block by fellow newbie houseguest Shane Meaney, the season's sixth Head of Household.

Shane, a 26-year-old house flipper from Bennington, VT, had originally nominated Boogie and Frank Eudy, an unemployed 28-year-old from Marion, AK who currently resides in Naples, FL, for eviction.

Shane had nominated Boogie and Frank because his "Quack Pack" alliance's mole, Ian Terry -- who was leading Boogie and Frank to believe he was on their side only to retrieve vital information from them and relay it back to his real five-person alliance -- had discovered Boogie and Frank mentioned Shane and returning houseguest Britney Haynes' names when discussing whom they should target next.

Once Ian shared that news with Shane, Britney, Danielle Murphree and returning houseguest Dan Gheesling, the alliance determined Boogie and Frank could no longer be trusted and needed to be evicted as soon as possible. Shane's move to nominate Frank and Boogie enforced the idea that the former "Silent Six" alliance was destroyed, and Boogie and Frank were wrongly convinced Dan was behind the betrayal.

However, after winning the subsequent Power of Veto competition, Frank opted to remove himself from the chopping block and Shane therefore had to name a replacement nominee. Shane decided it would be best to nominate a "floater" for eviction in order to ensure Boogie's ouster, so he placed Jenn Arroyo, a 37-year-old musician from Brooklyn, NY, on the chopping block as his pawn.

But before Boogie's eviction, Big Brother host Julie Chen surprised the houseguests with the news that in addition to evicting one of Shane's nominees, Thursday night's live broadcast would be a special double-eviction episode in which the houseguests would also participate in an additional HoH competition, PoV competition and eviction live.

During the first round of voting, the "Quack Pack" all voted to evict Boogie while only Frank and Ashley Iocco voted to remove Jenn from the game. Once Ian -- who had been coached by Boogie up until the moment the game "reset" and the coaches entered the game as regular players -- told Boogie he had been working against him rather than as his loyal ally, Boogie was completely shocked and blindsided.

"I'm not mad at him, I still love him. I'm proud of him. He did learn from the best and that's why he did what he did. The 'Quack Pack?!' Oh my God!" Boogie told Julie in his post-eviction interview.

Following his eviction, Big Brother's remaining houseguests -- minus Shane, who as the outgoing HoH, was ineligible to compete -- competed in the season's seventh HoH competition.

Dubbed "Before or After," the competition required each houseguest to name whether an event that took place over the course of the summer occurred either before or after another event announced aloud by Julie. If a player answered correctly, he or she would stay in the game. If a contestant guessed the wrong answer, he or she would be eliminated from the competition.

Ian, a 21-year-old engineering student from Pittsburgh, PA who currently resides in New Orleans, LA, won the competition and became the season's seventh Head of Household. He then quickly nominated Frank and Ashley, a 26-year-old mobile spray tanning company owner from Pittsburgh, PA who currently resides in West Hollywood, CA, for eviction.

"I hate to do this. Just, things were said after [Boogie]'s eviction that have my heart racing. I hate to do it to you, Frank and Ash, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry you guys. I hate to do that to you," Ian announced.

The houseguests -- minus Dan, Jenn and Britney, who although it wasn't shown, apparently lost the drawing which determined the six participants -- then competed in a Power of Veto competition.

Dubbed "Somewhere Over The Veto," the PoV competition required the houseguests to race across the yard and search for two clovers in the "pot of gold," or giant pit of yellow balls, at the end of their lane. After retrieving each clover one at a time, the players had to bring them back to their starting podium and then return to their pot of gold, grab the veto symbol hanging above it, and bring it back.

Frank was the first person to snag both clovers and the veto symbol and bring them back to the starting point, successfully completing the challenge. Since he won the Power of Veto, Frank opted to remove himself from the chopping block once again. After Frank revealed his decision, Ian then had to announce a replacement nominee. 

Ian chose to put Joe Arvin, a 41-year-old chef from Lexington, KY who is originally from Schererville, ID, on the chopping block with Ashley, leaving the houseguests to choose between evicting one of them.

Ashley ended up getting evicted based upon a 5-1 vote in which Frank was the only houseguest who wanted her to stay in the house. Ashley then became the first member of Big Brother's fourteenth-season jury.

"I made the house very mad because this whole game, I've considered kind of like this floater. I never really had a team that I trusted and believed in. I love [Janelle Pierzina], she was my coach. But I don't know, there was always that tier system and I just felt like I was expendable," Ashley told Julie in her post-eviction interview when asked where she believed she went wrong in the game.

"So then I thought I had an opportunity to work with a team that had my back, and I thought that Frank and Ian and Boogie could take me far in the game, because obviously I wasn't winning competitions. I thought I had a little strategy there, but I made the wrong people mad... I [also] never really knew whether Jenn had my back for sure, but she's ride or die, so she would have."