Big Brother evicted Paola "Pow Pow" Shea from the house and determined the week's two new Head of Households during Thursday night's eighth broadcast of the show's sixteenth season on CBS.

Paola, a 27-year-old DJ from East Hampton, CT, who currently resides in Astoria, NY, was evicted from the Big Brother house instead of Zach Rance, a 23-year-old recent college graduate from Palm Beach, FL, via a 10-2 vote. Jocasta Odom and Donny Thompson are the only houseguests who voted for her to stay.

Paola and Zach had been put on the chopping block by HoH Devin Shepherd, a 26-year-old former professional baseball player and motorcycle sales manager from Santa Barbara, CA, who currently resides in San Antonio, TX.

Leading up to Paola's eviction, a brawl went down between Zach, Devin, Paola and Brittany Martinez. Brittany announced she was well aware Paola had thrown the prior "Battle of the Block" competition and lied to her face. In her own defense, Paola said Devin was behind the whole scheme and he just wasn't a good person. Paola also denied throwing the competition, which Devin called her out on.

Zach then lost it and revealed Frankie Grande "shouldn't feel threatened," while Paola just sucked at everything. He went on to say there wasn't "an ounce of truth in Devin's body," and if everyone kept him in the house, his main goal would be to get rid of Devin. Zach admitted he flat out hated Devin and Devin's daughter would be shocked about the dishonest game he was playing.

Cody Calafiore noted that by Devin putting Zach up on the block, it showed Devin had no loyalty to the Bomb Squad alliance of eight members -- which was comprised of Devin, Cody, Zach, Frankie, Caleb Reynolds, Amber Borzotra, Christine Brecht, and Derrick Levasseur. The alliance's pact was to never nominate one of their own.  

Frankie was pissed that Zach had made him seem untrustworthy and in the middle of all the drama. Zach apologized and insisted he'd always have his friend's back. Regardless, Frankie felt Zach had ruined his game and questioned whether he could trust him going forward. Likewise, Derrick noted Zach was digging his own grave although he'd like to see him stick around.

Devin believed Zach was no longer in the Bomb Squad and therefore wanted to replace him with someone else. Hayden Voss was his first pick because he was a competitor and not overzealous. Hayden felt the offer was basically "join or die," so he agreed. However, he admitted in a confessional his No. 1 goal was to be blow up the Bomb Squad. Devin was convinced they had the numbers and Zach would be going home.

Derrick wanted to keep Zach because he and Devin could go after one another, leaving himself out of things and off people's radar.

Meanwhile, Frankie surprisingly told Donny and Derrick that Caleb and Devin were stronger allies than Zach as long as they didn't become their targets. Derrick and Caleb then agreed they could use Paola if they kept her around, however, she could easily flip on the Bomb Squad if someone outside of their alliance ended up winning the next Head of Household competition.

Caleb determined that voting to evict Paola would guarantee them another week in the game. As a result, Frankie warned Devin the Bomb Squad wanted to keep Zach around, and Devin flipped out, saying he was going to play an individual game going forward -- simply taking out one houseguest at a time. Zach told everyone he'd do everything in his power to get rid of Devin.

Following Paola's eviction, all the Big Brother houseguests -- minus Devin, who as the reigning HoH, was deemed ineligible to compete -- participated in an HoH competition dubbed "Underwater Polo." Nicole finished in first place, and Derrick came in second place, so both individuals became the two new HoH's.