Big Brother evicted eighth-season houseguest Daniele Donato and eleventh-season houseguest Jeff Schroeder during Thursday night's special live double-eviction broadcast of the CBS reality competition's thirteenth season.

Danielle was evicted from the Big Brother house via a 3-2 vote on Day 55 after she was placed on the chopping block by Jeff, who had been the season's seventh Head of Household. 

Jeff had originally nominated Kalia Booker, a 30-year-old writer who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, and Porsche Briggs, a 23-year-old VIP Cocktail Waitress who currently resides in Miami Beach, FL, for eviction.

However after he also won the subsequent Power of Veto competition, Jeff opted to remove Porsche from the chopping block and attempt to "backdoor" Kalia's close ally Danielle, whom he had previously pledged not to nominate as part of a deal they had cut as part of her own HoH reign during the prior week.

But before Danielle's eviction, Big Brother host Julie Chen also surprised the houseguests with the news that in addition to evicting one of Jeff's nominees, Thursday night's live broadcast would be a special double-eviction episode in which the houseguests would also participate in an additional HoH competition, PoV competition, and eviction live.

During the first round of live voting, Porsche and Shelly Moore both sided with Danielle and voted to evict Kalia. However Adam Poch joined former twelfth-season houseguest Rachel Reilly and Jordan Lloyd, the eleventh-season Big Brother winner Jeff began dating after their 2009 season, in voting for Danielle -- resulting in her elimination.

Following her eviction, Danielle told Julie that she had been particularly frustrated by Adam's gameplay -- or lack thereof.

"I think everybody is in this house to push Jeff and Jordan ahead, nobody can make their own decisions -- nobody!  Adam is the worst player to ever play this game!  There's no question at all -- I came to play a game, and they didn't that's it!" she said.

"I'm not a coaster, I'm a fighter.  I came here to play a game and these people didn't want to play."

After Danielle's post-eviction interview, Big Brother's remaining houseguests -- minus Jeff, who as the outgoing HoH, was ineligible to compete -- competed in the season's eighth HoH competition.  Dubbed "Before or After," the competition required them to answer whether a previous thirteenth-season event had occurred before or after another prior thirteenth-season event.

Kalia won the competition and became the season's eighth Head of Household. She then quickly nominated Jeff and Rachel for eviction.

"I'm going to stick to my word... Jeff, Rachel -- I'm nominating you for eviction," Kalia announced.
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The houseguests -- minus Jordan, who although it was unshown, apparently lost the drawing which determined the six participants -- then competed in a Power of Veto competition. 

Dubbed "Clowning Around," the Power of Veto competition required the houseguests to race across the Big Brother house's backyard and search through individual ball pits to find a pair of oversized clown shoes.

Porsche was the first houseguest to retrieve both shoes and successfully complete the challenge, winning the Power of Veto.  She opted to keep Kalia's nominations unchanged, leaving the houseguests to choose between evicting Jeff or Rachel.

Porsche and Shelly opted to vote for Jeff's eviction, however Adam and Jordan -- unsurprisingly -- voted to evict Rachel, resulting in a 2-2 tie that was then broken by Kalia.

"I am really, really sorry.  I think you're awesome, I think you're great at this game, and I think you have the absolute ability to win it, and that's why I have to evict you Jeff," Kalia said.  "Sorry."

During his post-eviction interview with Julie, Jeff also complained -- similar to Danielle -- about his fellow houseguests' lack of gameplay.

"Nobody in there has a sack... they don't.  I'm the only one who would have done anything in this game and I had to step up and do something," he said. 

"And then a couple of people who slept until now -- it's Day 55, they just woke up in there -- won a couple of competitions!  What are you going to do?"