Big Brother: All-Stars featured the Head of Household, Tyler Crispen, nominating Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha for eviction during Sunday night's Season 22 episode on CBS.

Tyler chose to put Janelle and Kaysar, a power pair in the house, on the chopping block together after Enzo Palumbo won the final "Safety Suite" competition of the season and chose Christmas Abbott as his "Plus One," which provides both Enzo and Christmas with safety heading into the third live eviction of Big Brother: All-Stars.


The Big Brother: All-Stars broadcast began on Day 16 after Tyler won the season's third Head of Household competition.

Tyler planned to go after Janelle and Kaysar because the pair had been talking about him over the last week or so.

"They're pretty close to figuring out my entire alliance," Tyler said in the Diary Room. "And now that I'm HoH, it's my time to cut that off."

Janelle came so close to winning HoH, as she had finished in second place, and she told the cameras, "I absolutely believe Kaysar and I are in jeopardy this week."

However, Janelle knew there would be opportunities to save herself or Kaysar, and so she wasn't deflated or crying just yet.

Meanwhile, David Alexander bragged about how he and Tyler were working closely together and so he'd most likely avoid the chopping block for the week. Tyler did want David as an ally, but little did David know he had been left out of the house's majority alliance.

Cody Calafiore said Janelle and Kaysar had been "stirring up trouble" and so he and his crew put together a side alliance to ensure the power pair wouldn't receive any more votes to stay.

Footage then flashed back to Day 14, when Cody, Tyler and Enzo discussed how Janelle and Kaysar were trying to "rally numbers" in their favor, such as Da.Vonne Rogers and Bayleigh Dayton.

The three guys therefore worked on Da'Vonne and Bayleigh, with Dani Briones a part of the conversation as well. Enzo suggested the alliance name "The Slick Six," but Cody admitted he didn't feel much loyalty to this group.

Da'Vonne said felt comfortable in "The Slick Six" and predicted she'd have a good week with Tyler as the new HoH, which is exactly what Tyler's group had set out to achieve.


Tyler then called all of the All-Star houseguests into the living room and explained it was time for the outgoing Have Nots to select new Have Nots for the week.

David said he'd love more than anything to make Garrett Memphis a Have Not, but he decided to show the house he's a compassionate person. David therefore let Enzo volunteer for the punishment, and Cody also volunteered.

Finally, Christmas chose Bayleigh to be a Have Not, and Nicole Franzel passed the role onto an enemy in the game.

"I'm going to pick someone who hasn't done it before and likes to talk about me -- Janelle," Nicole announced.

Nicole admitted in the Diary Room she had "blurted out" her inner thoughts and couldn't even believe she had said that. Janelle just looked pissed and unsurprised.

"Nicole has been on my radar since Day 1 because she plays a snake game. She likes to play victim. She likes to backstab and lie and then cry about it. That is her MO. She doesn't like confrontation, but guess what? I do!" Janelle told the cameras.

Janelle overheard Nicole telling the group, "It just kind of came out. I didn't plan it." Janelle ran into the room and said, "Nicole, just stop... B-tch stop."

Nicole admitted she did want to make Janelle a Have Not but she didn't plan on saying what she had said. Janelle didn't care and vented in the Diary Room she was sick of hearing Nicole's nasally voice and it was "very hard to live with."

Kaysar spoke to Janelle about how they had "a rough week" ahead of them, but at least they had each other.

Janelle and Kaysar thought they still had Memphis on their side, so they discussed how it would be beneficial for Memphis to win the "Safety Suite" competition and then potentially save one of them.

Kaysar hoped, best case scenario, Memphis would win the "Safety Suite" competition and choose either Janelle or himself as his "Plus One" and then the remaining person would win the Power of Veto.

"This could go wrong in a number of ways," Kaysar acknowledged.


Memphis promised Kaysar and Janelle he would save one of them if he won the "Safety Suite," but Memphis was playing both sides of the house -- and so he admitted winning the competition would actually put him in a terrible position.

Memphis didn't want to show his cards or go against any of his alliances.

Janelle, however, was led to believe Memphis was lying to her because of the way he promised to save either Kaysar or herself. Janelle pointed out Memphis had avoided eye contact and just delivered his promise in a questionable manner.

Regardless, Janelle said Kaysar was her ride-or-die ally dating all the way back to Big Brother's sixth and seventh seasons.

"We are the strongest pair in the house. Everyone sees us as this unbreakable bond, so we are a threat. But in order for Kaysar and I to make it to the end, we have to do absolutely do anything we can to survive in this house," Janelle told the cameras.

Tyler was then shown telling Christmas and Cody he wanted to nominate both Janelle and Kaysar for eviction. Cody gushed about how he loved the idea, and Christmas also appeared very excited.

Tyler said Janelle and Kaysar were the two most dangerous people to his game, and so he acted like it was nothing personal. Tyler said he just didn't want to play scared.

Although Dani was a member of "The Slick Six" alliance, she apparently caught Da'Vonne and Bayleigh talking with Janelle and Kaysar in private on Day 16 prior to Tyler winning the Head of Household competition.

Dani therefore ratted out Bayleigh and Da'Vonne to Tyler, who then assumed that Da'Vonne and Bayleigh were working with Janelle and Kaysar as a foursome.

Dani feared the girls would eventually come after her and her allies, and Tyler acknowledged Bayleigh and Da'Vonne were not on his radar.

It then became time for the finale "Safety Suite" competition, and the only houseguests who could compete were Enzo, Nicole, Memphis and Dani. They were the only All-Stars with eligible VIP passes.


While Dani and Nicole didn't feel like they had to play for safety, they decided to give it a go in order to hide their bonds with the HoH, Tyler.

Da'Vonne asked Dani to choose her as a "Plus One" if she won because she'd love to wear a costume and have a punishment for the first time.

Da'Vonne therefore asked Enzo the same thing, and Enzo considered using the "Plus One" on Da'Vonne in order to secure her in his alliance and make her feel less paranoid in the house.

Da'Vonne's pleading with other houseguests rubbed Tyler the wrong way, however, because he thought her behavior was showing that she didn't trust him. Even though Da'Vonne seemingly just wanted the punishment, Dani liked the idea that Tyler was so skeptical of her.

As for Memphis, he planned to throw the competition, without making it seem like he had thrown it.

For the "Safety Suite" competition, the participating players were required to steal a "safety sphere" that was inside the "Safety Vault" by passing over a maze of green lasers pointed in all different directions and angles throughout the room.

To make the competition more difficult, the players had to return to the start after stealing the sphere at the opposite end of the room, and it was tough to get the giant ball through and around all the lasers.

If an All-Star broke a laser, he or she would have to start again.

The player to successfully steal the sphere in the fastest time would win safety as well as the opportunity to name another player his or her "Plus One."

Nicole, Enzo, Dani and Memphis all played, and in the end, Enzo won the competition with an impressive time of four minutes and 41 seconds. Dani finished in second place with a time of six minutes and four seconds.


Memphis and Nicole were way behind the others with finishing times in the 14 and 15-minute range, respectively.

After earning safety for the week, Enzo announced he had decided to make Christmas his "Plus One," which really disappointed Da'Vonne. This was Christmas' second time being saved on Season 22.

Since Christmas wasn't a member of "The Slick Six," Da'Vonne figured Enzo was trying to pull  Christmas in with him as a sub-alliance. Da'Vonne realized she needed to watch out for that.

Enzo said he chose Christmas in order to reel her in as an ally since they didn't talk much game together.

"Memphis' number is an absolute joke. I know he threw the competition. He is the kind of player where he doesn't want to make a move," Janelle complained in the Diary Room. "So I kind of saw it coming. He will never save me -- he's made that very clear."

Since Da'Vonne didn't look happy, Tyler said it confirmed his suspicion that she didn't trust him.

Before the Nomination Ceremony, Kaysar tried to talk to Tyler in the HoH room. Tyler said he and Kaysar started the game off tight but then when names got thrown around and lines were drawn, it seemed like Kaysar was against him.

"It hurt my feelings, man," Tyler said.

"I did feel as though we were being targeted," Kaysar said, speaking on Janelle's behalf as well. "It was nothing personal."


Tyler called Kaysar "a huge target," but he wasn't ruling out the idea of potentially working with Kaysar down the road because Tyler apparently liked him as an individual.

Janelle then took a stab at talking to Tyler. Janelle admitted to throwing Nicole's name out there, but she wouldn't admit to throwing Tyler under the bus.

Janelle told Tyler that she had no intention of putting him on the block if she happened to win HoH, and she told Tyler that she'd like to work with him and could provide protection for him as a fellow "comp beast."

Tyler recognized he was a target and Janelle could serve as a shield for him, but he'd have to go against his alliance in order to keep her safe.

It then became time for the Nomination Ceremony, and Tyler announced he had decided to nominate Janelle and Kaysar for eviction, despite their great pitches.

"Honestly, this was pretty straightforward for me this week. First week, you guys tried to flip the votes on [Kevin "KC" Campbell] and the next week, you tried to flip them on David," Tyler explained.

"And along the way, you've been spreading a lot of nonsense about me and my game. I kind of have every reason to believe if you were HoH, there would be my face up there."

Tyler added, with that being said, I respect the both of you a lot as people and as players. So [get] ready to battle for the Veto. Best of luck."

Tyler was glad to make a big move, and Kaysar said he's flattered by the attention he receives. Kaysar, however, felt he and Janelle couldn't catch a break.

Janelle said this was her moment to shine and she intended to show the other All-Star players what she's made of.


"When I win that Power of Veto, I'm not going to tell them to shove it -- that would be too frank. I'm going to politely say, 'You know who you're messing with?!'" Janelle said in the Diary Room with a laugh.

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