Big Brother: All-Stars featured Head of Household Cody Calafiore nominating two All-Star players -- Keesha Smith and Kevin "KC" Campbell -- for eviction after Kaysar Ridha won the new "Safety Suite" competition twist and derailed Cody's plans during Sunday night's episode of Season 22 on CBS.

At the season's first Nomination Ceremony, Cody revealed he had nominated Keesha and Kevin for eviction.


"Being the first HoH, it's impossible to form strong relationships with everybody in this house. It's still extremely early in this game, so I hope you don't take it personal and I wish you guys the best of luck in the [upcoming Power of Veto competition]," Cody announced at the ceremony.

The Big Brother: All-Stars broadcast began on Day 1, with Cody as the first Head of Household.

Cody said he didn't want to enter the house and put a big target on his back right away, but he didn't want to leave his fate in anyone else's hands, especially since this is an All-Star cast this season.

Ian Terry had been hoping to win the first HoH of the season, but he said there are many ways to get far in the game aside from winning competitions.

Meanwhile, Da.Vonne Rogers admittedly felt intimidated by some of the All-Stars she was up against, and Janelle Pierzina pointed out how she and Kaysar had been align on two of her previous Big Brother seasons.

Janelle therefore said Kaysar was someone she could trust and definitely work with.

Enzo Palumbo said it took him a decade to get back into the Big Brother house and he was "so ready" to play the game again.

Nicole Franzel then pulled Da'Vonne aside and told Da'Vonne that she had changed Nicole and her family's life. Nicole thanked Da'Vonne for being the final vote for her to win over Paul Abrahamian on Big Brother 18.

Da'Vonne was all smiles and hugged Nicole Franzel.

"We were in two alliances together, so I thought she was going to be my ally. Come to find out she was gunning for me!" Da'Vonne told the cameras. "No, you'll never get to cross me twice. Girl, goodnight. Pick a bed and go to sleep."


The four Have Nots, the houseguests who had lost the first Head of Household competition, then checked out the room they'd be sleeping in for two weeks, and it looked like a sewer with leaky pipes everywhere.

Kaysar asked David Alexander why he was so passionate about playing Big Brother, and David said it's because he'd love to become the first black winner of Big Brother. Kaysar was hoping to bond with people in ways no one else could or was trying to.

Nicole Franzel said in the Diary Room she wasn't nervous about Cody being HoH.

Nicole Franzel thought she and Cody had an instant bond since she was on his previous season and they had worked together before, and Cody told the cameras he trusted Nicole a lot and their dynamic might be "the best thing" for him in this game since she might be close with some people he doesn't know at all.

Cody suggested he was thinking about nominating Keesha because he didn't even recognize her face. Nicole Franzel pointed out Keesha was sweet and she intended to make an all-female alliance -- while telling Cody everything she heard or figured out.

Cody said he wouldn't even mind nominating Kaysar and Janelle together because Janelle is one of the best players to ever play the game and she and Kaysar had played together twice before.

Tyler noted he was happy about Cody winning HoH and felt pretty safe in Cody's hands. Cody thought Tyler is an incredible player, but at the same time, Cody admitted Tyler would have to prove himself and work for his trust, which wouldn't automatically be given out.

Cody told Tyler he wanted to see which players would make his life harder by not approaching him to talk and have conversation about Nominations. Cody didn't want to seek people out to talk strategy; he wanted the All-Stars to come to him.

Cody then asked all the houseguests to gather in the living room because Big Brother had "a huge announcement" to make.


Cody handed out VIP passes to everyone and explained the "Safety Suite" would be open for three weeks during a specific period of time prior to the Nomination Ceremony. Inside the "Safety Suite" is a special one-at-a-time competition, where the winner would earn safety for the week.

Cody revealed each player could only enter the "Safety Suite" once so they would have to think carefully about when to try to win the special competition.

"Once you use your VIP pass to compete for safety, you can never enter the Safety Suite again," Cody said.

"Whether it's a strategic move or you feel in danger, when you enter the Safety Suite will be up to you. The current Head of Household will not be eligible to enter the Safety Suite during their HoH reign."

Cody also explained the victorious houseguest from the Safety Suite competition would be able to choose a "Plus One" to be safe along with him or her.

While the "Plus One" can't be evicted just like the winner, he or she would have to endure a special all-Star punishment for the entire week.

Big Brother was going to announce when the Safety Suite would be open, and Enzo seemed to like the twist because he could compete to save himself if he ever felt he was in trouble.

Cody said the twist sucked because it took some of his power away from him since he may not have control over two people would could avoid the chopping block and Nominations.

Kaysar noticed Keesha seemed stressed out, and Keesha called the new twist "a double-edge sword" because entering the Safety Suite could show her hand of cards, but if she didn't take advantage of the opportunity, she'd be "a sitting duck" in the house.


Kaysar agreed the players are damned if they do and damned if they don't, adding, "What are you supposed to do?!"

The Safety Suite then opened, and the players only had one hour to decide whether they'd like to use their VIP passes to enter the special room and compete in a competition.

Dani Briones said it was too early in the game to rock the boat, so she decided to sit out of the competition and wait until a better time.

Enzo said he and Cody are both from New Jersey and so it was obvious they were going to work together. Enzo said it was like "an unwritten rule."

David said no one wanted to be the first person to make a move and end up with a target on his or her back because entering the "Safety Suite" would show vulnerability and that a person doesn't feel safe or comfortable in the house and under the HoH's reign.

Janelle admitted she was "freaking out" over the decision, and so she decided to talk to Cody in order to feel out whether she was in danger of going up on the block and potentially being evicted from the house.

Kaysar realized he had absolutely no relationship with Cody and so he needed to build one.

Kaysar told Cody that his previous alliance with Janelle was 15 years ago and shouldn't scare him, and Kaysar added he'd love to be a part of Cody's story on this Big Brother season.

Cody could tell Kaysar thought quickly and was a calculative player, so Cody didn't want to show him his cards just yet.


"Cody gave me the scripted, templative response. That was an immediate red flag. Honestly, I found it to be insulting. This is Big Brother: All-Stars and I don't fall for that crap," Kaysar shared in the Diary Room.

With about a half hour to go of the Safety Suite, no one had opted to play the special competition.

Janelle then sat down with Cody, saying she'd love to work with him in the game because she'd need protection going forward. Cody didn't commit to working with Janelle and told the cameras she's such a strong player, especially in competitions, and she just wasn't buying what he was selling.

Janelle called him "confusing," and her gut instinct told her that Cody had "something in the works." She noted that safety would be "very appealing," even this early into the game.

Cody apparently trusted Memphis Garrett opinion because he seemed loyal, and Cody revealed he was thinking about nominating Janelle, whom Memphis acknowledged is "scary," as well as Keesha.

Suddenly, with less than one minute on the clock of the "Safety Suite," Kaysar stood up and decided to enter it. Kaysar decided to play with only five seconds left on the clock, and then Janelle ran up behind him and decided to join him with just one second left.

"That makes me feel some type of way, to be honest," Cody told Memphis, who pointed out neither Janelle and Kaysar trusted Cody's plan.

Janelle told the cameras it would take a lot more to get her out of the house, including better lying.

The "Safety Suite" was pretty amazing and Kaysar said he wished he could host an epic party in the room -- but he entered it all alone.

For the "Don't Miss a Beat" competition, Kaysar and Janelle were required to listen to a remix and then recreate the song by pressing buttons in the correct order within a certain time. Each button played one section of the song, and if a player hit the wrong button, he or she would hear a buzzer and must try again from the beginning.


The player who successfully built the song in the shortest amount of time would win safety for the week as well as the power to grant another All-Star houseguest safety for the week.

Kaysar felt Cody had been up to "no good," so he was motivated to change the course of this game. Kaysar wanted to send a message to the house that he came to play and they should be wary of conspiring against him.

Kaysar recognized Janelle has always been "a comp beast," so he just hoped his time would be fast enough to beat her. Janelle, however, was driven because she said she didn't leave her family and friends behind to be the first person voted out of Big Brother on Week 1.

Kaysar finished the competition in seven minutes and 55 seconds, and Janelle completed the task with a time of 16 minutes and 36 seconds.

Kaysar therefore won the competition as well as safety and was asked to choose his "Plus One" immediately. Kaysar chose to give Janelle his "Companion Pass," and Janelle appeared thrilled.

Cody therefore had to reevaluate the situation and pick two new nominees since he had been gunning for Janelle and Kaysar.

"I just feel like I need to teach these damn kids a lesson. They don't know who they're messing with! If you mess with the bull, you always get the horns. I am going to take them all down and I'm going to enjoy every moment of it!" Kaysar bragged.

Cody was then shown talking to Nicole Franzel about how he was thinking about nominating Kevin because they didn't have a chance to click as well as Keesha because she had been pretty quiet in the house and he couldn't envision himself working with her moving forward.

Cody planned to be very "apologetic" to Kevin, and he noted Keesha was just "an easy choice" because he hadn't talked to her much.


For Janelle's punishment, she had to wear a giant star costume to represent Big Brother: All-Stars. Janelle called it "one of the cutest punishments ever" because she was sparkly and joked how she looks good in yellow.

Kevin confessed Cody really intimidated him and he had entered the Big Brother house with a lot of baggage that she should've "checked at the door."

Kevin told Cody that he's "perfect and kind and nice" while he felt "so flawed" as an individual. Kevin cried about how he never considered himself a cool person and found it difficult to have conversations with social people.

Kevin apologized for seeming awkward, but Cody assured him that he was fine and he should feel comfortable in the house. Cody said Kevin's emotions hit him in all the right places and made him feel "horrible" about the idea of nominating Kevin for eviction.

"The most crucial thing in this game, if you want to go far and do well, is to separate the emotions from playing the game," Cody explained in the Diary Room.

Keesha said it was a huge wakeup call to see her face on the screen and it would be "devastating" to go home in Week 1. Kevin insisted he was going to be the one to take himself off the block.

"And then I'm coming for Cody. I'm going to get revenge," Kevin said.

Cody explained in the Diary Room that while he really liked Kevin and considered him to be a genuine person, the Nominations weren't personal at all and he wanted to get the least amount of blood on his hands and not ruffle feathers too much.


Meanwhile, Kaysar was so proud of himself for derailing Cody's Nomination plans, which he believed included himself.
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