Completing a journey in which he went from Big Brother 6's Head Of Household penthouse to the jury's lakeside sequester house in a little more than a week, Beau Beasley was voted out of the Big Brother house during Saturday's broadcast of the CBS reality series.

Beau, who fell victim to the competition's second surprise double eviction week, had been nominated for eviction by Howie Gordon, Big Brother 6's tenth Head of Household. A 25-year-old personal shopper from Pembroke Pines, FL, Beau had been responsible for the previous week's eviction of Rachel Plencner, Howie's one-time secret partner.

Forced by Big Brother host Julie Chen to immediately name his two nominees after winning Thursday's live Head Of Household competition, Howie had put Beau and Ivette Corredero -- the competition's last remaining not-so-secret pair -- up on the chopping block.

With only six houseguests left in the competition, everyone was allowed to compete in the tenth Power of Veto challenge, a house trivia/gambling hybrid that was hosted by Big Brother 5 houseguest Holly King -- the first outsider to visit the houseguests since they entered the house back in early July.

After the initial competition ended with a four-way tie among Ivette, April Lewis, Maggie Ausburn, and Janelle Pierzina (the competition's last four female houseguests), the foursome competed in a series of tiebreaking rounds that left Maggie and Janelle as the competition's final two competitors. With only two competitor's left, Maggie came closer to correctly answering how many keys were under the mud in the previous "Playing It Dirty" Power Of Veto competition, making her the challenge's winner.

Despite feeling that her own chances of winning Big Brother 6's grand prize might be better served by keeping both Beau and Ivette (the last remaining pair) in the game and instead putting April, her "adopted" partner up on the block, Maggie ultimately decided to remain loyal to her new partner, leaving Howie's nominations unchanged. Beau was evicted unanimously from the house, with Maggie, April, and Janelle all deciding to instead keep Ivette -- the only remaining houseguest who had never won a Head Of Household challenge -- in the competition.

Once Beau was evicted and interviewed by Julie, the remaining houseguests competed in "Magnetic Attraction, " Big Brother 6's eleventh Head of Household competition. As the outgoing HoH, Howie was not eligible to compete, leaving Janelle to compete alone against the "Friendship" alliance's three remaining members. Another trivia challenge that tested the houseguests' knowledge of each other, the eight-question competition ended with Maggie and Ivette tied for first place.

Knowing that the fact that she was the only remaining houseguest who had yet to win a Head Of Household competition had been upsetting Ivette, Maggie threw the tiebreaker (a question that required them to calculate the total number of points scored in the "Playing It Straight" tenth HoH competition won by Howie), making the 25-year-old Miami Beach waitress the show's eleventh Head Of Household.