"Backdoored" and denied a chance to compete to save himself, "Veto King" James Rhine finally met his demise and was voted out of the Big Brother house during last night's live broadcast of the CBS reality series.

James, a 29-year-old loss prevention manager from Atlanta, GA, had been nominated for eviction by April Lewis, Big Brother 6's ninth Head of Household. Fearful of James' uncanny ability to win the show's Power Of Veto competitions, April had initially nominated Howie Gordon and Janelle Pierzina for eviction. Then, having gotten Howie and Janelle to agree to not select the five-time Power Of Veto winner as their challenge partner, April won the Power Of Veto competition herself, giving her the ability to take Janelle off the chopping block and instead replace her with James.

James was evicted unanimously from the house, with Janelle, Ivette Corredero, Maggie Ausburn, and Beau Beasley all casting their eviction votes live during Thursday's broadcast.

Once James was evicted and interviewed by Big Brother host Julie Chen, the remaining houseguests competed in "Playing It Straight, " Big Brother 6's tenth Head of Household competition. Despite having the same name as Fox's canceled 2004 reality series, the competition had nothing to do with sexual orientation and instead simply required the five eligible houseguests (as outgoing HoH, April was not eligible to compete) to roll two bowling balls down a thin plank. The houseguests received between one and six points depending on what bin the ball rolled into after falling off the plank (with the bin points increasing the further down the plank the ball rolled.)

After all three of the eligible "Friendship" alliance members had rolled, Beau topped the leaderboard with eleven out of the twelve possible points. Janelle went next, and although she rolled a six with her first ball, her second roll came up short, leaving only Howie standing between Beau becoming the first Big Brother 6 houseguest to win HoH twice.

In a development straight out of "we couldn't script this if we tried," Howie proceeded to roll consecutive six's with both his bowling balls, destroying the "Friendship" alliance's plans to oust another of Big Brother 6's two remaining "Sovereign" alliance members.

After winning the Head Of Household competition, Howie demonstrated that he might not be quite as dumb as his behavior sometimes leads viewers to believe by -- before Julie could herself surprise the houseguests with the announcement -- correctly speculating that the current Big Brother 6 week would feature a second eviction ceremony. Forced by Julie to immediately name his two nominees, Howie put Ivette and Beau -- the competition's last remaining not-so-secret pair -- up on the chopping block. CBS will broadcast this week's Big Brother 6 second eviction on Saturday, September 3 at 8PM/ET/PT.