He may not have won Trista Rehn's heart, but he did win the better TV gig. The NY Post reports that Charlie Maher, the 28-year-old former financial adviser who was chosen by Trista as runner-up to firefighter Ryan Sutter on The Bacheloretter, has been hired by Extra as a special correspondent to cover Hollywood people and events. His qualification appears to be his friendships with such celebrity partiers as Jennie Garth, Tea Leoni (David Duchovny's wife) and Kelly Preston (John Travolta's wife).

According to the story, one of his first assignments was covering the Frederick's of Hollywood beauty show. Other assignments in his segment, entitled "Hollywood Nights", will include interviews and party reports.

It may not be journalism ... but it's a heck of a lot safer than running into a burning building and probably pays better too. Looks like that financial advisor background was good for something.