Almost two months ago, in the finale of ABC's The Bachelorette, all of America watched Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter proclaim their love for each other and their plan to become the first couple from a reality TV show to actually tie the knot. Shortly thereafter, we reported that the lovebirds had registered at a Century City Bloomingdale's, not too far from Trista's LA home. So what's the latest on the wedding plans of the first couple of reality TV?

In a word: nothing.

Some commentators, such as Phil Rosenthal of the Chicago Sun-Times, don't believe that any wedding is even planned. He points out that Trista is still in LA and Ryan is still in Colorado, and they turned down an offer from Oprah Winfrey to host the wedding, even though it would have extended their time in the spotlight. Think Tiny Tim marrying Miss Vickie, we guess.

Ryan, meanwhile, told the Denver Post that things were moving slowly on the wedding front by Trista's choice. Could it be that Trista, like Alex before her, is suffering from her own case of buyer's remorse?

On other interesting note from Ryan's interview. He discusses his NFL "career" with the Baltimore Ravens, which lasted all of 9 seconds -- when he blew out his shoulder. In Ryan's words, "the first eight seconds of that play were great." Well, if the Trista thing doesn't work out, maybe he could get the Crash Davis part in a football-oriented remake of Bull Durham.

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