A new addition to the family apparently isn't the only thing on the horizon for Trista and Ryan Sutter.

The Bachelorette first-season lovebirds have confirmed they are in talks to star in a new reality show, People reported Monday.

"We're open to whatever," Trista told People. "It's just a matter of whether it fits."

The couple -- who recently announced they are expecting their second child -- told People the new show would also involve both their 15-month-old son Max and their new unborn child who is due in April.

"There are pros and cons.  Having cameras in your face is an obstacle, because we've tried to be very private," Trista told People.  "But if we want to pay our mortgage and pay off our debt, well, we'll do it if it's within our lifestyle."

While the initial report of the Sutter's reality show talks -- which surfaced in May -- had claimed the couple had been meeting with Martha Stewart to collaborate on the project, People's report made no mention of her involvement.

Following the birth of her second child, Trista said she plans to have a tubal ligation, which would mean that barring adoptation, the new baby will be her last.

"I know people think it's drastic when they hear that," she told People. "But I have such rough pregnancies. I would have been as happy as a clam in salt water with just Max. So this is just the icing on the cake."

However Trista added she and Ryan are open to adoption.