It's a good thing Julianne Hough doesn't need her appendix to dance.

The two-time Dancing with the Stars professional champion has confirmed that she will undergo minor surgery tomorrow to remove her appendix after being diagnosed with endometriosis, a condition which results in the development of uterine-lining tissue outside the uterus on the surfaces of organs (such as the appendix) in the pelvis or abdomen.

Despite the looming procedure, Hough and her seventh-season celebrity partner -- Hannah Montana actor Cody Linley -- are still slated to perform during tonight's live Dancing with the Stars performance episode, according to a Monday afternoon announcement posted on her website.  Hough will address the surgery during Monday night's broadcast, according to the announcement.

Assuming he manages to survive Tuesday night's results show elimination, Linley will be temporarily paired with another Dancing with the Stars professional dancer beginning Wednesday, E! News reported.  It remains unclear how long Hough will need to recover, however she could be medically cleared to return to Dancing with the Stars as soon as next week, according to E! News.

Hough was taken to the emergency room via ambulance after she revealed she had been feeling severe stomach pains during last Tuesday night's Dancing with the Stars results show. 

Although she had publicly stated she was "fine" and dismissed the incident as a "bad stomach," reported earlier today that test results showed she was suffering from an ovarian cyst and was scheduled to undergo surgery to remove both the cyst, and -- in an procedure reportedly unrelated to the cyst -- her appendix.

No mention of an ovarian cyst removal was made in Hough's website confirmation of the appendix removal.