Bachelor Pad eliminated one The Bachelor bachelorette and saw two other contestants quit during Monday night's second episode of the second season of The Bachelor reality franchise spinoff in which 18 former bachelor and bachelorettes compete for a $250,000 cash prize.

Former The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love bachelorette Gia Allemand and Ames Brown, a 31-year-old portfolio manager from New York, NY and former seventh-season The Bachelorette bachelor, quit Bachelor Pad after they felt they no longer had a good reason to continue competing.

In addition, Jackie Gordon, a 27-year-old assistant teacher from New York, NY and former fifteenth-season The Bachelor bachelorette was ousted based on voting by the competition's 15 remaining contestants thanks to a game-changing twist in which Bachelor Pad host Chris Harrison announced two women would be going home instead of one bachelor and one bachelorette.

Jackie's elimination inspired Ames -- who had fallen in love with her -- to leave the competition, which followed Gia's decision to quit because her strategic plans had backfired and she had little chance of surviving a vote. 

"Everyone is so sneaky. Everyone is so malicious. I'm so scared of staying there and turning into that. That's not who I am. It's killing me and it's bringing me back to somewhere I didn't like. I feel like it's high school all over again and it's breaking me down. [Kasey Kahl] was so cocky to me and it was just like, 'Well yeah, we're going to vote you out. We control the game.' It's so blatant that it hurts," Gia, a 26-year-old model from New York, NY, said following her exit.

"It hurts because you don't even want to give him the satisfaction to vote you out -- I'll just walk out, because you're not going to get the satisfaction of voting me out. No way. You're not. Kasey is supposed to guard and protect me and the only thing he's protecting is himself."

Bachelor Pad's second second-season episode began with the remaining 16 contestants participating in a challenge entitled "Target on Your Back." Chris explained the rules and instructed the men to wear blindfolds and targets painted on their backs. They had to turn their bodies and face away from the women from a distance, while the women -- one at a time -- were asked three difficult revealing questions about their opinions toward the men. Each woman then had to aim and throw an egg full of paint at the man's target whom best represented the description of the given questions.

The women received one point for every hit target and the first woman to reach three points won the challenge. Afterwards, the sexes had to switch places and complete the same game from the opposite perspective. Some of the questions included: "Who would be most likely to cheat on you if you were dating?;" "Who least deserves to win the prize money?;" "Who are you least attracted to?"

The last man and woman standing would win the challenge, receiving separate romantic dates away from the house. Each person would be able to choose three people to take with them on the dates, and there would be one rose up for grabs on each date. The two winners could offer whomever they wanted the rose, giving them immunity and the ability to stay in the competition another week.

For the women, the game came down to a tie-breaker between former fifteenth-season The Bachelor bachelorette Melissa Schreiber and Jackie, but Melissa edged her out. Former fifth-season The Bachelorette bachelor Michael Stagliano ended up winning the game for the men.

Michael's date was first and he chose to take former The Bachelor: Rome bachelorette Erica Rose, former fifteenth-season The Bachelor bachelorette Michelle Money and former The Bachelor: London Calling bachelorette Holly Durst. Michael and his three dates went to an old creepy hospital said to be haunted.

Holly told Michelle she wasn't sure if she was ready to be friends with Michael after they had been engaged but broke up twice -- one time was Holly's initiative, while the subsequent split was Michael's decision -- afterward, yet she got emotional over him when thinking about their relationship. Michelle then talked to Michael in a chapel lit by candles and asked him if he still had feelings for Holly. It became apparent he did, and he wanted to give the date's rose to Holly.

Michael brought Holly up to the roof and they talked.
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"I'm going to be very vulnerable but I want to hang out with you all the time while we're here. I know how much fun you are and it's weird to see you in a room with a bunch of people. I want to go sit next to you or pull you aside. Seeing you makes me realize that I really want you to be happy. I want to be happy and I'm so thankful," Michael told her in tears.

Holly said she didn't know what happened between them and didn't understand why he broke up with her, but he was also confused about the same thing. He couldn't fix that "something was missing" for her and she just said the timing was off because when she was finally ready to love him he wasn't.

"I love the sh-t out of you, Holly, and I miss you... I miss you a lot," Michael said.

Holly then told him she felt as if they had always been best friends, but he disagreed because he wanted to marry and love her.

"I think I was happiest the day I asked Holly to marry me and she said, 'Yes.' There's something about that connection with another human. It's just a beautiful thing. It's like everything that you are, I love -- everything about you, I love. So, what do I do with that? Yeah, I've fallen back in love with her. That's worth much more than $250,000. If she needs space, I'll give you space, but it doesn't change the fact that I love you," Michael said afterward in a confessional. 

The following day, it was time for Melissa to embark on her date and she selected former sixth-season The Bachelorette bachelor Kirk DeWindt, former sixth-season The Bachelorette bachelor Kasey, and former seventh-season The Bachelorette bachelor Blake Julian.

Melissa decided to give Kasey the rose on the date as long as he promised to save her further down the road in subsequent weeks. Kasey was thrilled because he had the power and the four contestants spent the day on a yacht swimming and enjoying their time together. Melissa said she finally felt what it was like to be The Bachelorette star.

Meanwhile, at the mansion, former The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love bachelorette Vienna was campaigning to get the former star of her season, Jake Pavelka, off the show, but he was desperate to stay. The couple had been engaged after appearing on The Bachelor together but underwent a horrible breakup in the media. As a last resort, Jake decided to ask Vienna for help and requested to talk to her outside, but she said she had nothing to say to him.

On Melissa's date, Kasey tried to tell Blake he had his back, but Blake wasn't falling for it. He said Kasey was losing his credibility because he can't become an alliance with everyone on the show. After seeing how Melissa trusted Kasey "blindly," Blake decided it would be a good idea to try and win the affections of Melissa in order to play her a little bit and receive the date's rose instead.

Blake then snagged some one-on-one time with Melissa and kissed her.

"Kissing her didn't seem like a big deal. It seemed like a very easy way to pacify her for the moment. With this money involved, I need to do what I need to do to keep myself in the game... I have to kind of whore myself out to keep her happy and maintain friendships that probably wouldn't be there otherwise," Blake said afterwards.

Melissa then gave Blake the rose, retracting on her previous agreement with Kasey. Kasey was angry she turned her back on him and said she wasn't a good person and should have been honest. Kasey and Kirk left the date and Melissa stayed with Blake -- who then continued to kiss only because Blake felt good after he "had a few drinks."

The next day, Gia pulled her friend and former fourth-season The Bachelorette bachelor Graham Bunn aside and told him they needed to take out the power couple -- Kasey and Vienna. He agreed and assured Gia she had little risk of getting sent home.

Meanwhile, Holly thought Blake was new and exciting although she had an emotional bond with Michael. She liked Blake, but Melissa was still in the picture and thought she and Blake had formed a strong connection. Blake admitted he wasn't attracted to Melissa and was just playing the game, but Melissa was starting to see his feelings through his behavior and told him he couldn't be trusted.

Blake said her behavior was "unstable" and immature, and he could understand why she was still single. Melissa just wanted to go home, but former The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love bachelorette Ella Nolan sincerely wanted the opposite. She wanted to stay and fight.

Jake then finally got to talk to Kasey and Vienna while they were together and he asked them to save him out of the kindness of their hearts. He said he deserved to be there because he wanted to donate all the money to charity. Vienna said he was in debt and she wasn't a fool, while Kasey said he was "f--ked up in the head" and certainly did not deserve to stay in the mansion.

Vienna said she wanted him out, Kasey called Jake a bad person, and there was nothing for Jake to do but walk away defeated.

All the remaining bachelors and bachelorette then met with Chris, but before he could explain what would be the game's first twist, Vienna wanted to speak her mind.

"You guys already forced Jake and I to go on TV and do a national breakup in front of everyone and I don't think it was appropriate for you guys to do this to us again," Vienna told Chris.

"Who's forcing you to be here?" Chris asked. "That door's open and that door's open. Nobody is forced to be here. If you're unhappy, I'll call the cab for you."

Chris continued and told everyone that two women would be going home instead of one man and one woman. The men would control the vote to eliminate one of the ladies, while the women also must vote amongst themselves to send another bachelorette home. Holly and Melissa had immunity after winning the week's challenge.

Vienna was horrified because she had already anticipated Jake's exit. She started to cry and called it cheating.
Afterward, Kasey called out Gia on what she had told Graham earlier about wanting to get rid of Kasey. 

Gia started to cry and was angry because she thought she had a great shot at winning. She confronted Graham about the situation, but he said it never happened. He corrected Gia and said he told Kasey she wanted to simply break up the power couple and make some big moves. Gia couldn't believe Graham said anything, so she chose to leave because she felt most -- if not all -- of the male votes would have been for her to go home. As a result, Gia quit before the Rose Ceremony even took place.

Ella and Jackie's names were then tossed around because another girl had to go after Gia's departure. Many of the girls voted for Ella, and Blake told her she posed a bigger threat than Jackie. Ella, in a desperate attempt to stay, attempted to bond with Kirk over how much they needed the money. Remaining loyal to her, he went off and told Graham and Michael he wanted to keep her around and vote off Jackie.

However, Ames did not want Jackie to leave because he was truly enjoying her company and wanted to spend more time with her. He then tried to make a deal with Kasey and Vienna to keep Jackie around, but Mike, Graham and Kirk were hoping Vienna and Kasey would vote for Jackie.

Vienna and Kasey deliberated amongst some of their loyal allies and realized they would rather lose Ames in an honest good way rather than lose Kirk under harsher and more tense terms. When it came down to the vote, half the men voted for Jackie and half for Ella. While it seemed like most of the women voted for Ella, Melissa was unsure and would act as the swing vote.

But before she cast her vote, Melissa confronted Blake about being a player and how he was "all over Holly in front of her face." Blake realized he had dug his own grave because he teamed up with someone that was "crazy," and he said he wished he picked a different partner. Blake wanted to keep Jackie because Ames was his friend, but because Melissa was angry at Blake, he assumed she wouldn't cast her own vote to match his.

In the end, Ella survived the second season of Bachelor Pad's second vote and Jackie was eliminated instead. Ames walked Jackie to the limo and it appeared as if they could have kissed for days.

"I never could have thought any Rose Ceremony could be as emotionally charged as The Bachelorette where a couple that was falling in love would be split up. Nobody knows what to do when things like this happen. You just have to stay calm and remember what's important, and in that case, it's this beautiful woman that I met and the possibility that we may be able to pursue a future together," Ames explained.

"Not having Jackie around will completely change the game for me and this whole experience. I did really fall in love with her and I fell in love with her in a way that I've never fallen in love with anybody before."

Ames just didn't want to let her go, but he finally did and the limo drove off.

However, Ames -- in a sudden loyal "knight in shining armor" moment of enlightenment -- decided to chase after the limo and hop inside with Jackie, ultimately quitting the competition because he had found love and that's all he really cared about.

"I think it's safe to say that we won Bachelor Pad 2," Ames told Jackie.


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