Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal details about the next two episodes and how Season 5 ends -- including which couples stayed together at the end, and whether they got engaged.

[Bachelor in Paradise spoilers warning: This story contains major spoilers about couples to come as well as which established Bachelor in Paradise couples get engaged at the end of Season 5, so please stop reading now if you want to remain in the dark about the season's conclusion].

Bachelor in Paradise's fifth season premiered on August 7, and viewers have already seen an incredible amount of drama, tears, and blossoming love in Mexico.


Yet to apparently unfold is a "big fight" between two guys, according to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone, that will result in one of them looking very bad as well as much more romance.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let's dive into the details of the next two episodes in which relationships will continue to sizzle, fizzle or freeze.

On Monday night's August 20 episode on ABC, a "distressed" woman will confront the man who had deceived her by kissing another woman, who then joins them for an awkward conversation, ABC reveals.

Based on how the last episode left off, it's likely Tia Booth will confront Chris Randone about his backstabbing kiss with Krystal Nielson, who had just dumped Kenny Layne moments before.

After seeing this man's true colors, the "shocked" bachelorette will begin to hope her original love interest -- who is Colton Underwood -- will prove to be the guy for her after all.

So when a newcomer with a Date Card steals away the former professional football player for a conversation, the woman fears what will happen if he gets asked out on a date.


With four women potentially going home at the next Rose Ceremony, one insecure lady sets her sights on an available bachelor but worries when the newest arrival asks out the suddenly-popular single dad, who is clearly Kenny.

Thinking they had little in common, this "brainy beauty" will find herself pleasantly surprised by the professional wrestler, but his "not-so-secret admirer" is waiting for him back at the beach with a surprise dessert.

"When a third contender tosses her hat -- and her lips -- into the ring at the cocktail party, which of the three will he ultimately choose to give his rose?" teases the network.

More controversial will then be stirred up at the cocktail party when a pot-stirrer gifts the birthday girl with a giant stuffed dog designed to get under the skin of her jealous suitor, who also happens to be his bitter rival.

This love triangle is obviously made up of David Ravitz, Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper.

As fans saw in the last episode, Jordan fell for Jenna hard, admitting it was love at first sight. However, David approached Jenna after her date with Jordan to give her a birthday cake. Jenna found the gesture to be cute and kind, but Jordan was already fired up by this gesture alone.


On the August 20 broadcast, the professional male model will lash out on at the adorable oversized pup stuffed animal -- and even some of the women on the island.

The spectacle will upset one woman in particular -- the one with whom he is falling madly in love with, leaving her with a big dilemma. While other women panic over whether they are going to receive a rose, she must decide whether or not to accept the one offered to her.

And then on Tuesday, August 21, the women will hand out the roses, and they are ready for some new options.

"A hunky ladies' man" will then walk into Paradise with his long locks flowing, according to ABC, and asks out another "fair-haired beauty," even though she is seemingly wrapped up in a good relationship.

This teaser is referring to Leo Dottavio, Kendall Long and Kendall's current flame on the series, Joe Amabile.

Kendall will surprise the group by saying "yes" to Leo's date invitation.


Bachelor in Paradise's original bartender, Jorge, will show up on the date and inform the couple he had written a romance novel, which is depicted in a dramatization starring some fan-favorite Bachelor alumni. All he needs are two models for the cover.

"One hot and steamy photoshoot leads the lusty lady to realize that she may not be ready to settle down with the supermarket sweetie anxiously waiting for back at the resort," ABC reveals.

A Date Card would certainly help Joe given his position, but the card has another guy's name on it. This time, it's no surprise to anybody when the lucky lady invited out says "yes."

Hoping to return from the date with an established relationship, the woman is shocked when her friends -- who also happen to be a happy couple from Paradise's past -- show up to help them soak up the local culture.

Based on photos Carbone had obtained from a Bachelor in Paradise double date, Colton likely asks out Tia, and the pair go on a double date with Raven Gates and her steady boyfriend, Adam Gottschalk.

"When her old friend from home stuns her with a tearful warning about her date's intentions, she knows that she must confront him to make sure that he is here for the right reasons," ABC teases.


And love will be in the air during the episode's third date, when a new arrival "from a foreign land" asks out a newly-available "blonde bombshell," who is over her last boyfriend after his behavior at the last cocktail party.

Upon returning from a successful first date, the giddy couple is awaited by the "guilt-ridden gentleman," who attempts to win the object of his affection back with "a bold gesture."

This scene will likely feature Jenna and Jordan. Jordan will have to win Jenna's trust back and prove he can protect her heart.

In addition to the cast members who have already appeared on Bachelor in Paradise thus far, Carbone reports the following bachelors and bachelorettes will also make an appearance in Mexico: Leo, Kamil Nicalek, Olivia Goethals, Robby Hayes, Jacqueline Trumbull, Diggy Moreland, Shushanna Mkrtychyan, Christen Whitney, and Cassandra Ferguson.

Kamil and Leo competed for Becca Kufrin's heart on The Bachelorette 14, Olivia and Jacqueline fought to win Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s heart on The Bachelor 22, Diggy vied for Rachel Lindsay's affection on The Bachelorette 13, Shushanna was on Ben Higgins' 20th season, and Christen and Cassandra appeared on Juan Pablo Galavis' The Bachelor edition.


As for Robby, he finished as the runner-up on JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette and will be making his third attempt at finding love on the franchise.

He dated Amanda Stanton on Bachelor in Paradise 4 last summer, but the pair broke up shortly after returning home and she accused him of cheating and being a player.

Besides Kevin Wendt and Bibiana Julian from The Bachelor Winter Games, Clare Crawley's ex-fiance Benoit Beausejour-Savard and The Bachelor New Zealand star Jordan Mauger will also reportedly show up at the Mexican resort looking for their soul mates.

Although ABC's spoilers suggest Tia and Colton will go out on another date, Carbone reports their romance crumbled again and the pair officially broke things off in Mexico.

"I guess Colton didn't see themselves lasting in the real world so they broke up and both went home," Carbone writes in his blog.

At the cocktail party preceding the Final Rose Ceremony, Kendall and Joe reportedly broke up as well, although they had been together for the majority of the show.


Kendall and Joe's relationship, however, doesn't seem to be over in the real world. Not only did Kendall visit Joe in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, but social media indicates Joe also spent this past weekend in Los Angeles, CA, with her. Kendall and Joe attended a Dodgers game together, so there is clearly still a spark there!

There were reportedly nine guys who handed out roses at the Final Rose Ceremony on Bachelor in Paradise's fifth season.

Those guys allegedly were Robby, Jordan M. and Diggy -- who were naturally around because they all entered in the last episode -- as well as Eric, John, Kamil, Chris, Kevin, and Jordan K.

The women who were reportedly present at the Final Rose Ceremony of Bachelor in Paradise were, Astrid, Cassandra, Shushanna, Krystal, Annaliese, Olivia, and Jenna.

According to Carbone, Diggy was the only person sent home at the Final Rose Ceremony when women were afforded the chance to hand out the roses. (Eric left the show on his own terms at the beginning of this same episode).

Carbone reports Astrid gave her rose to Kevin, Olivia gave a rose to John, Cassandra offered her rose to Jordan M., Annaliese chose to give her rose to Kamil, Krystal asked Chris to accept her rose, Jenna gave her rose to Jordan K., and finally Shushanna gave her rose to Robby.

At the end of the season, Bachelor in Paradise host Chris Harrison met with the remaining couples in Mexico to explain how they needed to make a serious decision about where their relationships stood and whether they were strong enough to last outside of the Bachelor world.

Each couple was therefore instructed to leave Paradise separately, depart the show as a couple, or stay another night in Mexico and enjoy an overnight Fantasy Suite date together.

Kevin and Astrid reportedly chose to split at this point in filming, although they've been spotted hanging out in the real world together recently and may have reconciled.

Robby and Shushanna also allegedly decided to leave the show as just friends, as did Jordan M. and Cassandra.

That left four couples to embark on a Fantasy Suite date, according to Carbone, and those pairs were John and Olivia, Kamil and Annaliese, Chris and Krystal, and Jordan K. and Jenna.

After betrayals, drama, heartbreak, love triangles, romance and more, Carbone reports the season ended with three engagements.

One of the engagements is obvious given Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon have already revealed they got engaged in Mexico when cameras were rolling.

But the other two engagements will probably come as a surprise to Bachelor Nation!

Jordan K. reportedly proposed marriage to Jenna. Jordan was accused of going on the show for a summer fling, but that didn't turn out to be the case.

In addition, Carbone claims Chris and Krystal got engaged in Paradise! This engagement is a shocker since the couple didn't even get involved with each other until the latest episode.

When Carbone released his first set of spoilers in July, he wasn't sure when Chris had popped the question. But the spoiler blogger posted an update in August revealing the pair did, in fact, get engaged in Mexico during filming.

So have any other couples hit it off or reconciled since taping wrapped earlier this summer?

Carbone has heard John and Olivia's romance continued in the real world after the show, as did Kevin and Astrid's relationship.

Nick and Chelsea were recently spotted in Orlando, FL, enjoying each other's company, and Connor Obrochta and Angela were allegedly photographed together on July 4 in St. Petersburg, FL.

Carbone is unsure whether Kamil and Annaliese are still dating, but he's certain about the status of two more couples.

"Robby and Shushanna are definitely not together," Carbone writes in his blog, and "Jordan M. and Cassandra aren't together" either.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently airing on Monday and Tuesday nights from 8-10PM ET/PT on ABC.

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