Bachelor in Paradise's Colton Underwood and Tia Booth quit the show after breaking up, and three women were ultimately denied roses by the gentlemen in Mexico, during Monday night's three-hour broadcast of Season 5 on ABC.

Monday night's Bachelor in Paradise episode was jam-packed. After Colton and Tia called it quits on their romance and decided to leave Paradise, there were three newcomers to the resort: Shushanna Mkrtychyan from Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor, Christen Whitney from Nick Viall's The Bachelor season, and Jordan Mauger, who starred on The Bachelor New Zealand and later looked for love on ABC's The Bachelor Winter Games.


At the Rose Ceremony, the following three women were eliminated and sent home brokenhearted: Christen, Chelsea Roy, and Angela Amezcua.

"I'm hurt. I'm upset. I'm one of the people here who came into this really hoping to leave engaged, and it just sucks that it didn't work out," Angela told the cameras. "I'm definitely disappointed. It sucks. I'm tired of being let down."

In addition, Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon got engaged!

The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with all the girls admitting they were shaken in Paradise after Eric Bigger accepted a date with Cassandra Ferguson. The girls in serious relationships wondered whether this could happen to them next.

Tia pointed out how Eric had "lied to" Angela and was "taking the chance of losing her."

While everyone at the beach was reeling from Eric's betrayal, Cassandra gushed on her date about how  Eric was very honest and upfront with her. The couple ate popsicles on their date before partying at a festival and parade of horses.


Eric told Cassandra that Angela wanted to take things slowly but he had been missing chemistry from her because she didn't kiss him or hold him.

Cassandra, on the other hand, was warm towards Eric, which was something he had been waiting for, and Cassandra definitely felt a connection with him.

Meanwhile, Colton was then shown telling Kevin Wendt that he didn't feel right or happy in his relationship with Tia. Colton called himself "a people-pleaser" but felt he needed to do something for himself, considering he just didn't see a future with Tia.

Colton didn't want to hurt Tia, but he couldn't continue dating her just to avoid a breakup.

Tia, however, felt she was on the same page with Colton. She was confident in what they had and knew Colton really cared for her.

"I can see me and Colton being engaged at some point and being married at some point. I think it will happen naturally," Tia said in a confessional.

Colton  then pulled Tia aside and embraced himself for a tough conversation ahead. The former professional football player told Tia he wanted their romance to work "so bad" but "it's just not there."


Tia broke down into tears right away, as Colton said she deserved somebody who would be "crazy about" her "every single day."

Colton promised Tia he had given their relationship his all, noting, "I just know what you deserve, and I can't give it to you."

But neither individual wanted to stay in Paradise to meet someone else. Colton and Tia therefore both decided to leave, and Tia demanded that Colton focus on himself and figure out what he wants before he puts another woman in this situation. Tia felt Colton was too confused to fully give himself to a woman.

"She's one of the best people I know. She's incredible. She's just not for me," Colton said in a confessional, adding that he's never wanted something to work so badly in his life.

Tia acknowledged Colton is a great guy and couldn't believe her journey on Paradise ended in this way.

Krystal Nielson and Jenna Cooper then became worried about their own relationships. They asked their boyfriends to be open and honest with them no matter what, especially if they start to have "wandering feelings."


Jordan K. comforted Jenna as she cried about the idea of him dumping her. The professional model assured his girl that she had nothing to worry about and he would stick by her. Jordan said they grew closer and closer every day and his feelings for her were very strong.

As for Angela, she was conflicted because she couldn't turn her feelings for Eric on and off. His behavior, however, was "alarming" and she questioned whether he ruined what they had.

When Eric and Cassandra returned from their date, he totally ignored Angela, and she seemed devastated. But he finally pulled Angela aside for a chat, and she cried about how he had changed his mind so suddenly after calling her his "queen" and saying she is "the whole package."

Eric explained he woke up the morning after their date in Mexico with "a lot of question marks." Eric said he didn't feel like Angela liked him and really wanted him, although she verbally insisted that was the case.

Eric therefore confessed to Angela that he wanted to explore a relationship with Cassandra moving forward, and she was really upset.

"There's no way around it; you went back on your word. Talk is cheap I guess," Angela vented in a confessional.


Angela then blew up Eric's spot by warning Cassandra about how Eric had treated her and how serious he had been about their connection days earlier. Cassandra admitted it was "a red flag" to hear Eric had been dishonest with Angela because he prided himself on honesty and communication during their date.

Cassandra felt she was in "a confusing mess." She realized what she had with Eric was probably too good to be true. As a result, Cassandra confronted Eric about Angela's claims.

Cassandra addressed how Angela felt strongly for him, but Eric didn't view their romance as being one of the strongest in Paradise. Eric felt he had been upfront with Angela, but Cassandra reiterated how blindsided she felt.

Cassandra told Eric that he had made a mistake in having a conversation with Angela about cooling things down only after she arrived at the resort.

"You're quick to disconnect with people," Cassandra told Eric.

"I didn't feel she was all in," Eric explained.

Cassandra suggested Eric lacked respect and could've handled the situation differently. Cassandra felt their relationship was "tarnished," and she simply felt "icky" and "turned off by it all." Eric respected that.

So with that being said, Cassandra appeared done.


Meanwhile, Kevin and Astrid Loch were going strong. Kevin confessed to his girlfriend, "I'm falling in love with you... and you're so out my league."

Astrid then replied, "I hope you know I'm falling for you too."

Astrid gushed to cameras about how she had found a teammate in Kevin and felt they were an equal partnership.

Shushanna then walked into Paradise with a Date Card. She looked beautiful and radiant, according to Annaliese Puccini, and to the guys, she was something fresh. And not far behind her was Christen walking down the beach as well.

"Guys have the power this week, and when guys have the power, I'll be honest, things get messy," Kendall Long said.

Annaliese trusted Kamil Nicalek with her heart and didn't want to date anyone else, but he decided to accompany Shushanna on her date.

Kamil made it know he was in "the friendship zone" with Annaliese, and then Shushanna confessed she had stalked him on Instagram and thought he was really handsome.


Annaliese was obviously upset about Kamil's decision, but she put a brave face on and told Kamil to have fun -- but to think about her on the date. Annaliese said she'd miss him but wanted him to experience dating in Paradise. She also didn't want to come across like "a Stage 5 clinger."

Christen also asked John Graham on the date, which turned out to be a double date. John thought this outing would confirm which woman he'd like to focus all of his energy on.

Annaliese quickly lost her cool, however, when Kamil and Shushanna were gone. Annaliese cried to cameras about potentially getting her heart broken, and she confessed to being in her own little "Paradise nightmare."

Chelsea said Annaliese was "head over heels in love" with Kamil and couldn't stand to think of him with another woman.

"If Kamil asked me to get engaged, I feel like even if it were right now, I would say, 'Yes,'" Annaliese noted, later admitting Kamil checked off all of her boxes "and then some."

After a fun banana boat ride, Shushanna and Kamil took off on their own down the beach. She thought he was sweet and honest and hoped things could work out.


Chris Harrison then arrived to the resort and revealed there would be more dates coming up.

Ashley I and Jared then showed up, and it was up to them to decide which couple would receive a date that night. But the real reason for their appearance was so that Jared could propose marriage.

It was a very romantic proposal on the beach because Jared popped the question where their tumultuous love story began three years ago on Bachelor in Paradise 2

Jared told Ashley that she meant everything to him and made him the happiest man alive. Ashley cried tears of joy and gushed about how the Neil Lane diamond engagement ring and Jared's proposal were perfect. The couple made it clear to one another that their love would last forever.

"Don't settle for anything less than butterflies. But really, don't settle for anything less than your Jared," Ashley told the cameras.

Kevin felt a little offended by Ashley getting engaged in front of him, especially since she ran back to Jared "the day after" they broke up. (As fans probably recall, Ashley I and Kevin dated on The Bachelor Winter Games).

Kevin wondered if he was just "a pawn" in Ashley's "scheme" to end up with Jared, and he called the proposal "a slap" in his face. But Astrid was there for him, understanding that Kevin was not "over being cheated on."


Kevin's day turned around, however, when he received the next Date Card. Astrid was so excited, and the couple enjoyed a romantic dinner that night followed by a late-night swim in a pool filled with fun floaties.

Kevin opened up about how he's never felt good enough for a woman in a relationship, but then Astrid assured the firefighter that he was good enough for her.

"I'm more than falling for you. I love you," she said, to which Kevin replied, "I love you too and I love hearing you say that."

The couple was then serenaded by a Mariachi band.

Once Kamil and John returned from their double date, Annaliese was losing faith and admitted if she witnessed him holding hands or kissing Shushanna, she'd be "gutted." Nothing was missing for Annaliese in her new relationship, so she was really scared to lose Kamil.

But when Kamil pulled Annaliese aside to chat following his date, she learned Kamil was "happy to be back" and "the connection wasn't there from the start" with Shushanna.

"I want him to get down on one knee at the end of this," Annaliese said.

"I want him to be like, 'I'm all in, every day, for the rest of our lives -- because I know.' Kamil is literally the person who makes me feel like I get why it's never worked out with anyone else. I get it. I've been waiting for him... Kamil and I were meant to meet on Paradise... I think it's fate. We are literally the same person."

Meanwhile, John was stuck in a love triangle between Christen and Olivia Goethals.

In attempt to win him over, Olivia planned a little date for John. She thought he was genuine and honest, and the couple shared a kiss. Olivia was convinced John would want to move forward with her in the process; however, he kissed Christen not long after.

It then became time for the cocktail party preceding the next Rose Ceremony. There were 11 ladies and seven guys remaining, so four women had to go home. Cassandra, Olivia, Shushanna and Christen were all on the chopping block.

And John had yet to make up his mind. Jordan K. joked John was being "a promiscuous little boy," running around the beach making out with everybody.

Despite the roadblock in their romance, Cassandra hadn't given up on Eric yet, and it didn't seem like he had given up on her either.

Shushanna felt the same way about Kamil. Even though Kamil had spent more time with Annaliese, Shushanna didn't feel like "the blonde girl" was necessarily the right person for him.

Shushanna therefore decided to talk to Kamil alone and try for a second chance.

Kamil was honest with Shushanna, however, and confessed he did not feel a connection with her at all because she had been very guarded on their date. Kamil added that even though she's "drop dead gorgeous," he "didn't feel it" and they didn't have much to talk about.

Kamil insisted he has to love what's inside of a woman, not just what's on her outside. And Shushanna was really hurt, breaking down into tears. Shushanna believed she had opened up, so she feared there was no one for her in Paradise.

Chris Harrison then met with the group again and announced one more bachelor would be arriving in Paradise with a rose in hand. It turned out to be Jordan from New Zealand, and Chelsea immediately gushed how she was "smitten" and "interested" at the sight of him.

Chelsea assumed Jordan could be her guy because she likes an accent like Benoit Beausejour-Savard had, a nice guy like David Ravitz was, and an attractive man like Nick Spetsas.

Jordan only had one hour to establish a connection, and Chelsea's time with him was interrupted and cut short by Sushanna, so she was pretty disappointed.

Since Chelsea came to the resort to fall in love, she decided to try to pull Kamil away from her friend, Annaliese. Chelsea said although Annaliese believed she was "super solid" with Kamil, that wasn't actually the case.

Kamil admitted to Chelsea he wanted to get to know her better but Annaliese was very special and he had never met a woman like her before.

Annaliese didn't understand why Chelsea was going after her man when she was one of her closest friends on the show. Annaliese felt a little betrayed by Chelsea, and she lost trust in her pal. 

Chelsea then warned Annaliese that Kamil wanted to test the waters, but Annaliese wanted Kamil to make his own decisions. She worried Chelsea was just getting in his head, and Annaliese insisted she wasn't going down without a fight.

"I don't know if she thought there was a weakness where she could get in there, but I don't want Chelsea around my relationship. Stay the f-ck out of my business," Annaliese said in a confessional.

Going into the Rose Ceremony, the women who were in jeopardy of going home were Angela, Chelsea, Olivia, Shushanna, Annaliese, Christen, and Cassandra, which was about half the group.

The Rose Ceremony then commenced.

Kevin gave his rose to Astrid, Jordan K. offered his rose to Jenna, Chris Randone gave his rose to Krystal Nielson, Joe Amabile gave his rose to Kendall, Eric decided to give his rose to Cassandra, Jordan M. gave his rose to Shushanna, John offered his rose to Olivia, and Kamil gave his rose Annaliese.

"I didn't come here and lose time with my son for it not to work out. I did everything I had to do," Chelsea said, before breaking down into tears and hyperventilating.

"This process is not easy. There's a lot of pressure. It sucks to be leaving without love because I came in here very hopeful for it. I know that I deserve love. Why do I keep failing?! I just left my child for so long and didn't come back with what I was working for. I'm having a panic attack right now."

Meanwhile, Christen was on the verge of passing out, as she felt extremely light-headed.

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