Bachelor in Paradise featured Jordan Kimball and Christian Estrada being kicked off the show, Hannah Godwin finally choosing between Dylan Barbour and Blake Horstmann, four exits at the season's second Rose Ceremony, and Caitlin Clemmens' arrival during Monday night's Season 6 episode on ABC.

Following the season's second cocktail party, Onyeka Ehie decided to quit the show because she hadn't made one promising love connection yet, and then Cam Ayala, Wills Reid, and Kevin Fortenberry were sent packing after they were denied roses at the Rose Ceremony.


The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began right where last week's episode had ended, with Jordan and Christian fighting on the beach. After Jordan bodyslammed Christian, Mexican security guards had to physically separate the two men as Christian yelled and swore at Jordan.

"F-ck you, Jordan!" Christian yelled.

"Yeah, you got put to the ground, b-tch," Jordan said in reply.

At one point, Christian managed to run away from security and then charged at Jordan, but once again, he was stopped in his tracks and told repeatedly to calm down.

Jordan's friends agreed instigating that fight was "over the top," and Nicole Lopez-Alvar vented about how she was "freaking out" because she didn't want anyone to get hurt.

Onyeka pointed out Jordan felt "attacked" by Christian at The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All last year and this was probably his revenge, but the girls agreed Jordan's aggressive attempt to ruin Christian and Nicole's date on the beach was "uncalled for."

Suddenly, Bachelor in Paradise host Chris Harrison arrived on the beach, and none of the cast members knew what was about to happen.

Jordan then apologized to a staff member, who told Jordan he must leave the show. Jordan simply replied, "I understand," and removed himself gracefully from Paradise without arguing.


Meanwhile, Christian's right shoulder and ribs were wrapped, but he was also told to leave by the production team. Christian was upset because he didn't feel like he started the brawl, but he had to go anyway in order to keep the rest of the cast safe.

Katie Morton felt relieved both men were kicked off the show because they were "out of control." Blake agreed the two guys shouldn't ruin Paradise for everyone.

Harrison then addressed the group as a whole.

"We have a zero tolerance policy. We stand behind that, period... That's not what Paradise is about," Harrison explained.

"This is about a second chance at love, and I do really want that for each and every one of you. That's what this is for. So we have sent both Jordan and Christian home. I'm not laying blame at anyone's feet... [but] no questions asked, [they] both need to go home."

The cast then picked up where they had left off, with the remainder of the cocktail party.

Clay Harbor hugged it out with Nicole and let her know that he'd be there for her and support her. Although Clay said he wasn't an aggressive man, he tried his best to fight for Nicole.


Nicole appreciated Clay more than ever and apologized for sticking him in the middle of two "unpredictable, wild men." Nicole felt she could always rely on Clay, and then Clay confirmed how interested he was in her and how badly he wanted to see things through.

"I do too," Nicole replied, before telling the cameras she realized in that moment how much she cared for the former pro football player.

Onyeka considered her rose up for grabs. She said Kevin had pretty eyes and she was intrigued by Mike Johnson, but she wanted the men to woo her. Cam then warned Onyeka that while Mike thought she had "a cool vibe," she wasn't his "type."

Onyeka's spirit seemed to immediately deflate because she had her eyes on Mike before he got involved with Caelynn Miller-Keyes and then Sydney Lotuaco. Cam advised Onyeka not to "force a connection," and he appeared to be fighting for a friendship rose.

Onyeka felt like she had been passed on by every guy at the resort, and so she began to wonder why she was still around. Onyeka didn't feel anyone was interested in her.

Onyeka vented about how the same girls were being asked out on dates and the same girls were being wooed by the guys. Onyeka wished a man would make her feel that special.

Meanwhile, Hannah G.'s love triangle with Dylan and Blake continued. The girls said Hannah was "not super innocent" in the situation like she was pretending to be.

But Hannah seemed sincerely torn between the two guys, telling the cameras that she viewed this decision as a huge one that could potentially impact her life long-term.


Dylan could see Hannah and himself falling in love with each other, so he was struggling with the fact Hannah wasn't fully reciprocating the feelings her had for her. But he planned to continue fighting for her anyway and fighting for what he described as "us."

Dylan then surprised Hannah with a little date on the beach that included gummy worms, cheese, crackers and more. Dylan promised Hannah that he would continue to choose her and be there for her while she figured out her feelings.

Hannah felt guilty because Dylan seemed like such a great guy, but a part of her heart was with Blake, who had traveled to see her in Birmingham, AL, one week before filming of Season 6 commenced.

"I'm really totally smitten, 100 percent. I think she sees the potential that we have. If she just fully committed to it, we would be in an unbelievable spot," Dylan said in a confessional.

Blake then pulled Hannah aside and surprised her with four musicians, who serenaded them with music as they danced on the beach. Hannah kissed Blake in front of Dylan, and Mike told the cameras she was "better than that."

"Hannah is flaunting her and Blake's thing in front of Dylan's face, and it just sucks," Caelynn told the cameras.

And Tayshia Adams called Hannah "a puppeteer," adding that she knew exactly what she was doing.

"She's feeding each of them what they need to hear in order to keep them fighting. No one's heart should be played like that. That's not okay," Tayshia said.


Dylan then broke down into tears, saying it was absolutely crazy what Hannah was putting him through.

It then became time for the season's second Rose Ceremony, and Dylan was terrified about being sent home.

Dylan cried to the cameras about how he'd be heartbroken if Hannah chose to let him go given the women had the power and would be handing out the roses.

And it seemed like the rest of the cast was hoping Hannah would make "the right decision," meaning Dylan.

Before the Rose Ceremony commenced, Onyeka asked to address the group.

Onyeka said she came to Paradise with high expectations of meeting someone but had been unhappy on the beach for a while. She therefore chose not to give out a rose and go home instead.

Cam appeared especially disappointed because he had been expecting to receive a friendship rose from Onyeka.

"I know my person is not there and I don't have a hopeful feeling that he's coming either. So what's the point? It just sucks so bad though, so bad," Onyeka said on her way out of Paradise.

It then became time for the Rose Ceremony. Eight women were now available to hand out roses, meaning three men would be leaving Paradise.

Cam felt "disappointed," saying had he been in Onyeka's position, he would've handed his rose to Onyeka so she could continue her time in Paradise and attempt to find love.


Demi Burnett then gave her rose to Derek Peth, Katie Morton handed her rose to Chris Bukowski, Nicole gave her rose to Clay, and Caelynn offered her rose to Dean Unglert.

Tayshia then gave her rose to John Paul Jones, who admitted Tayshia was "the hottest girl" he's ever talked to, not to mention she's intelligent and hardworking. Tayshia in turn told John Paul that besides being good-looking, he was smart and thoughtful.

Sydney decided to give her rose to Mike, and finally, Hannah G. made a decision and picked Dylan!

Although Chris B. had "a gut feeling" Hannah G. would be giving her rose to Blake, she gave it to Dylan, and Dylan was thrilled.

"I really appreciate how patient and understanding... you've been awesome with me this whole week, so thank you for everything," Hannah G. told him.

Dylan was praying Blake would be sent home, but then Kristina Schulman shockingly chose to give Blake her rose. Kristina said everyone in Paradise deserved to find love, including him, especially because she knew he's a good person.

"No, no! All that Blake needs right now is to be sent home in the back of an SUV. It's like the universe just won't let it happen!... Blake is like a turd that won't flush," Demi told the cameras.

The Rose Ceremony sent Cam, Wills and Kevin packing.

"Women claim they want a good guy, but when one appears right in front of them, they want the assh-le. I came here for a pure experience and boys like Blake get rewarded, and that's just not me, so it's pretty messed up," Cam said following his exit.


Kevin was then shown saying, "The fact Blake got a rose is hysterical to me -- he's already slept with every single one of them! The entire time of Paradise, I was in for the genuine, authenticity part, the actual romanticism part. Maybe that was my downfall."

And Wills told the cameras, "Kristina is still living in the past when she could live in the future, and she didn't want to do that. Kristina talks about how she wants to start over and start new, but then why pick someone you have drama with and a past with? I don't know. That's a question only she can answer."

Kristina bragged about how Blake had chosen to stay in his "personal hell" by accepting her rose.

"Yeah, that's kind of mean. But it's Blake we're talking about. The temptation is too good," Kristina noted.

The next day, Blake sulked on a daybed by himself and seemed miserable watching Hannah G. interact with Dylan.

Meanwhile, Derek gushed about having found a significant, meaningful connection with Demi, whom he could envision himself falling in love with.

And Clay and Nicole were also growing closer. Nicole said it had been "such a whirlwind" but she had strong chemistry with Clay and hadn't experienced something like that in a long time.

Caitlin then stepped on the beach with a Date Card, and Katie said she's "super fun, carefree" and "beautiful," so people expected her to mix things up in Paradise. Chris B. also pointed out Caitlin had a noticeable confidence about herself.


Caelynn was "terrified" about someone "stealing Dean away," but after Dean spoke to Caitlin, he told Caelynn he'd "never" go on a date with another girl on the show and burn her like that. With that being said, Caelynn appeared thrilled.

Caitlin then asked Blake to go on a date. Blake said he met Caitlin before at Stagecoach but "nothing happened." Blake was obviously referring to the fact he had slept with both Kristina and Caelynn in one weekend.

Blake thought Caitlin was cute and sweet, but he was still "really, really" into Hannah G. He was "physically and emotionally exhausted" and said it sucked watching Hannah G. pursue Dylan because he had envisioned a future with her.

Although Paradise had been "brutal" for Blake, he forced himself to have some fun with Caitlin and open up again during and after some tantric-yoga type of activity. Meanwhile, Dean and Clay hoped Blake's experience would turn around because they thought he's a good guy.

Dylan didn't expect Blake would come clean to Caitlin on his date about his past, but he actually did. Blake discussed his controversial past, and Caitlin seemed understanding.

Caitlin even pointed out that everyone is allowed to have those experiences and make mistakes and learn from them -- not to label his sexual encounters with the women mistakes.

Blake called Caitlin "a pleasant surprise" because she was cute, sexy and has gorgeous eyes. He saw a connection forming, and then Blake and Caitlin kissed in a pool.

"I've been trying to make things right and owning up to everything I've done, but at the same time, I didn't kill anybody and I didn't cheat or anything like that," Blake said in a confessional.

"And so honestly, I'm ready to forgive myself. I've been really hard on myself the last two weeks... I have to move on from that and I'm excited to do that with Caitlin.. The date with Caitlin went great and it feels good starting fresh in Paradise."

When Blake and Caitlin returned to the beach, Blake admitted it was still going to be hard for him to watch Dylan and Hannah G.'s romance blossom going forward and after the show. Blake called Dylan "clingy" and just didn't see him with the blonde model.

Dylan also received a Date Card, so Blake vented to Chris B. about how Hannah G. would've worn that sexy black dress on his date had he won her over and been able to take her out on a date.

For Dylan and Hannah G.'s date, they enjoyed a romantic dinner surrounded by shallow water, and the pair was excited to have some privacy and continue to be transparent with each other.

Hannah G. apologized to Dylan for being indecisive the past couple of weeks, saying she was being very careful about her choices because she had her heart broken on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor.

Hannah G. thanked Dylan for being open, honest and making her feel special, and Dylan gushed about how he loved doing those things for her and making her feel appreciated and happy.

"Seeing how you really fought for me and didn't give up, it showed me a lot about who you are," Hannah G. said.

Dylan then shared with Hannah G. how his father had been diagnosed with cancer three years ago and the entire family leaned on his mother, who's the strongest person he knows.

Dylan said he got to witness a supportive and enduring marriage during difficult times, and so he couldn't give up on the potential he saw with Hannah G. because he wants the same type of long-lasting relationship.

"I genuinely feel like I'm the luckiest guy in the world. I've never felt like this, this quickly about anyone," Dylan said. "Hannah, I'm starting to fall in love with you."

Hannah G. smiled and seemed giddy, and then she said, "I am all in for you." She didn't express whether she was falling in love, but that was enough for Dylan -- and he couldn't have been happier.

Dylan called Hannah G. "the most amazing woman," and he had confidence she would grow to fall in love with him.

Suddenly, dozens of Aztec warriors gathered around the couple at the table and danced. Hannah G. and Dylan joined in and had fun, and she said meeting Dylan had exceeded all of her expectations and things "felt right" with him.

Meanwhile, Chris B. and Katie deepened their connection. Chris said meeting her had been amazing and he was thinking about taking the next step in their relationship so he could determine if she could be his wife one day.

Derek also gushed about Demi, saying he was instantly connected to her at first sight and was super attracted to her. And John Paul furthered his bond with Tayshia, admitting she made him feel like "a nervous school boy" because she's so gorgeous.

John Paul and Tayshia discussed how they're passionate about spending time with their families, and then John Paul revealed his plan was initially to get married after college. John Paul apparently had a really serious relationship but he couldn't envision that woman being the mother of his children.

John Paul told Tayshia it's easy to get the wrong perception of him because he's so "goofy" and "eccentric," but he insisted he was ready to settle down and looked forward to spending more time with Tayshia.

Tayshia thought it was "bizarre" she was hitting it off so well with John Paul. She found him extremely intelligent and handsome, in addition to the fact he was so silly, fun and goofy.

The couple playfully teased each other, kissed, and then jumped into the pool with their clothes on. Tayshia loved every minute of what was unfolding between them, and John Paul enjoyed sweeping her off her feet.

"You can find love in Paradise. I am starting to fall in love with Tayshia. If Tayshia was my wife, I'd be the happiest man in the world. Tayshia Paul Jones," he told the cameras.

As for Demi, she really cared for Derek but there was a woman back home whom she couldn't stop thinking about. Demi was starting to feel guilty, saying one of them deserved to have all of her.

Demi was confused and needed to figure things out. She wondered if she would think about Derek in the back of her mind while spending time with the woman, Kristian Haggerty, as well.

Suddenly, Hannah Brown arrived in Paradise, and the cast agreed there had to be a good, big reason for her appearance.

Hannah B. showed up to talk to Demi about her relationship with Kristian. Hannah B. knew Demi's relationship with Kristian was significant, and so she wanted to see where her head was at and also make sure that her friend was okay.

Demi shared how she was torn and Derek had been "amazing" and "accepting" over the fact she is attracted to women as well. Hannah B. complimented Derek for being mature, and then Demi admitted both Derek and Kristian were "so good" for her as matches.

Derek said Demi had been brave and courageous to open up to him about her sexuality.

Demi felt Derek deserved to know her relationship back home was more serious and meant a lot more to her than she had let on, so she did just that.

Demi asked Derek to chat in private. She said she had been very emotional and wanted to be honest about the extent of her feelings for the woman back home.

"I kind of downplayed it a little bit. I think about her a lot and have so many feelings for her, and I have so many feelings for you too, and I am so confused," Demi told Derek.

"I have this girl I can't stop thinking about, and then I have you -- an amazing guy -- in front of me who has blown my mind... I am trying to figure it all out and I am just really torn."

That was a tough pill for Derek to swallow given she cared about someone else so much, but he wasn't about to give up on their connection.

Derek told Demi that he really cared about her and wanted to continue to spend time with her and get to know her. Derek planned to keep showing Demi who he is as a person, hoping that's the kind of person she wants to be with.

"I'm not giving up now, and I don't know if 'fight' for you is the right word, but I want as much time as I can spend with you. I want you in my life," Derek told her.

The pair then kissed, and Demi agreed she was feeling the same way.

Derek was still super hopeful his relationship with Demi was not going to end because he knew their connection was strong, and he just hoped that would be enough.

The Bachelor in Paradise episode ended with Demi approaching Chris Harrison.

"We were like, 'Maybe she's going home. She's been struggling.' There's this ominous thing in the air. This could be the end of Paradise for Demi," Caelynn told the cameras.


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