Bachelor in Paradise welcomed Jaimi King but eliminated twins Emily Ferguson and Haley Ferguson during Tuesday night's Season 4 broadcast on ABC.

The episode began with Dominique Alexis explaining to the cameras how there was potential for Dean Unglert's relationship with Danielle "DLo" Lombard to take off now that Kristina Schulman was no longer in the picture, because Dean and Danielle could focus on each other.

Dominique noted that Taylor Nolan and Derek Peth were going to become the next Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert from Bachelor in Paradise 2, while Robby Hayes and Amanda Stanton were like "Barbie and Ken." Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk were hitting it off, along with Jack Stone and Christen Whitney.

Dominique revealed that Daniel Maguire and Lacey Mark were still tight and "being weird" -- but "somehow it kind of works." And last but not least, Dominique was having a great time with Kenneth "Diggy" Moreland, saying she really liked him a lot. She didn't believe any girl could enter Paradise at this point and break up a couple.

And that's when Jaimi arrived at the Mexican resort. Diggy thought she was really cute and found her piercings attractive, but since Jaimi is bisexual, no one knew what move she was going to make. The girls, however, joked about how Christen -- a virgin whom they dubbed "Scallop Fingers" -- was curious about Jaimi.

It turned out that Jaimi was interested in Diggy. She didn't want to be "a homewrecker," but at the same time, she said no one was engaged. Much to Dominique's surprise and dismay, Diggy accepted Jaimi's date invitation. Dominique feared the couple would hit it off, and she felt uncomfortable and pissed off because she had become pretty invested in her relationship with Diggy.

During a lunch date, Jaimi expressed to Diggy how she dates a person based on whether she is feeling him or her in the moment. Jaimi said she doesn't strictly like women or men some percentage of the time, but rather she "flowed" and didn't set any rules for herself.

Diggy embraced Jaimi's differences and said he never met someone like her before, and Jaimi definitely felt chemistry with him. Dominique had a feeling Diggy would like Jaimi because she's more expressive and open.

Meanwhile, Danielle felt a weight lift off her shoulders because Dean finally made up his mind about which bachelorette he'd like to continue dating. Danielle thought their romance was evolving, but then The Bachelor twins arrived to Paradise.

Emily came to the resort solely interested in Dean, while Haley only had eyes for Derek. The girls assumed most bachelors and bachelorettes would be coupled up, but they didn't care and said they were willing to break up any bonds to get what they wanted.

Emily and Haley walked into Playa Escondida with a joint date card for a double-date experience. Jonathan "Tickle Monster" Treece called the twins "hot," while bartender Wells Adams dubbed the girls "a national treasure."

The twins decided to pull their best friend, Amanda, aside for a chat in order to learn the lay of the land.

Amanda revealed Jack was "really fun" and Jonathan was also available, adding that Derek and Dean would probably reject a date invitation because Derek was invested in Taylor from Day 1 of the process and Dean was finally getting a chance to know Danielle without any distractions.

Since Haley was convinced Derek was going to say no to her date, she decided to ask out "the serial killer" Jack instead. Jack said "of course," insisting that Christen would have "no problem" with it.

Emily, however, still went after Dean because she traveled to Mexico to date someone she was really excited about. Dean told Emily that his relationship with Kristina just "dissolved" and he was left with Danielle. Emily told the bachelor that the show "saved the best for last," and she made Dean laugh.

Dean initially declined Emily's request for a date, but she kept pushing. Although Dean thought Emily was beautiful and seemed to have a great personality, he admitted going on a date with her would be "a disservice" to both Kristina and Danielle since he arguably put them both through hell this season.

Dean wasn't in a committed relationship, and Emily kept insisting she refused to go out with anyone else, but Dean felt guilty about potentially taking advantage of another dating opportunity.

Emily was convinced that Dean really wanted to go out with her but he was just afraid to make Danielle angry, so the twin decided to ask Danielle for permission.

Danielle told Emily that the situation was entirely up to Dean, and Christen was surprised how "mild and vanilla" Danielle was behaving. The group agreed that if Dean actually took Emily out on a date, Danielle would flip out and go nuts.

In the end, Dean stood his ground and decided to stick with Danielle. Emily complained that Dean had made the situation much harder than it needed to be, and he agreed.

With no options left, Emily asked Jonathan out on a date, and he was fully onboard.

"Turns out [Dean and Derek] are dating shallow, ugly whores and we don't want to be a part of that," Emily vented to the cameras.

"I think DLo's hot -- if you enjoy talking to a wall," Haley added.

Meanwhile, Taylor and Derek loved to escape the drama of Paradise with each other. Derek told Taylor that he was falling in love with her, and his confidence and vulnerability made her want to "lean into that with him." Taylor was happy about the future, and Derek believed Taylor was going to be his life partner.

"I feel like I'm about to finally get my happy ending," Taylor gushed.

Right before the date, Jack vented to Jonathan about how the twins asked him out fourth behind most of the other guys and he didn't appreciate that. So instead of going on a date, Jack admitted he wanted to spend more time with Christen.

Jack therefore blew off the twins and apologized to them, saying he wanted to make the most of every minute he had left in Paradise and the best way to do that would be to stay with Christen and continue getting to know her. Jack saw real potential in his romance with Christen.

With that being said, Emily was "livid" and said she didn't really want to go out with "a serial killer" anyways. The twins were angry and told the cameras they were "too good for this sh-t."

Emily and Haley therefore left Paradise throwing scallops and screaming, "F-ck everybody here!"

Because of how they behaved, Jack was convinced he had made the right decision not to date one of them. He could really see himself falling in love with Christen and maybe even marrying her one day.

As for the other remaining couples, Dean and Danielle had "undeniable chemistry" and felt good about their relationship. Robby wanted to continue progressing his romance with Amanda slowly but surely.

"I can absolutely say that I'm in love with her," Derek said of Taylor before the penultimate episode wrapped.

"I could see myself falling in love with Raven, and I just want to keep that momentum going forward," Adam noted.

Bachelor in Paradise host Chris Harrison then arrived at Playa Escondida and told the remaining cast members it would be their last day in Paradise.
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