Bachelor in Paradise featured Dean Unglert returning to Mexico in attempt to win Caelynn Miller-Keyes back, Blake Horstmann and Kristina Schulman's friendship taking a romantic turn, Chase McNary and Brianna "Bri" Barnes' arrivals, and Mike Johnson's exit during Tuesday night's Season 6 broadcast on ABC.

"People continue to tell me how great I am, but yet I'm still in this car by myself," Mike said after being denied a rose at the Rose Ceremony.

"I'm the little kid that everyone says, 'Oh we love you! We like you so much,' but I have to watch everyone else play through the window."   


The Bachelor in Paradise broadcast began with the cast venting about how it was hard to lose Derek Peth, but Paradise was quickly coming to an end and those without matches would be sent packing soon enough.

Derek leaving apparently put a lot of things into perspective for Blake, who wanted to give his all to someone and receive someone's all in return. Blake questioned why he was still in Paradise and whether anyone was there for him.

Chris Bukowski was then shown talking to John Paul Jones, who insisted he didn't regret any of his behavior. Chris B., however, told John Paul to keep his morals and values intact and pay attention to others' feelings and how he was treating them.

Dylan Barbour was hoping John Paul would apologize to Tayshia Adams for how he had acted at the wedding because it had put her in an awkward situation.

John Paul definitely didn't like to see Tayshia upset and told the cameras he wasn't about to let their connection slip away. John Paul therefore decided to be there for Tayshia and attempt to build upon what they had already started.

"I feel like my heart is in it with JPJ, but there's still a lot my heart is skeptical about," Tayshia told Mike.

"I think what I did with Derek was the right thing to do, but I'm still up in the air with John Paul Jones at the moment. But I just don't think that I can get there with him."

Meanwhile, Katie Morton needed a lot more from Chris B. to figure out whether he could be her husband one day, but she said she wouldn't waste her time dating him if she couldn't see that potential.

The couple therefore decided to take their relationship to the next level, although they didn't reveal what that meant exactly.


Demi Burnett was then shown planning a sweet date for Kristian Haggerty in which they kissed and expressed their love to each other while surrounded by candles and lanterns. Demi no longer had any doubt that Kristian was the person for her and the person she envisions a future with.

Tayshia then sat down with John Paul for a chat. She realized John Paul would do anything to make her happy and smile, so she told him to trust her and not question her. Tayshia had a soft spot for John Paul because he was a hopeless romantic and seemed so invested in and sure about their relationship.

Tayshia thought John Paul was "so sweet," and she felt they were creating a solid foundation for something. Tayshia was willing to "go with the flow," although it was difficult for her to picture being with him long-term.

Chase from JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette then showed up in Paradise looking for a companion, and his priority was Angela Amezcua -- whom he had set his eyes on at Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson's wedding.

Clay Harbor claimed he had no feelings for Angela anymore but he still cared about her and being subjected to watching her go on dates with other men was "brutal." Clay thought his ex being in Paradise with him was "a weird situation."

Clay tried not to worry about Angela and her business, but he was having a difficult time because it was all unfolding right in front of his face.

Chase then asked Angela out on a date without talking to or getting to know any other women in Paradise.


Clay thought Nicole Lopez-Alvar was "amazing," but he admitted he never signed up for watching his ex date other people while he's sitting there with his girlfriend. Clay said Angela had signed up for that and he might be more comfortable just leaving Paradise.

"If I knew before this situation Angela was going to be in Paradise, I wouldn't be here," Clay told the cameras, before telling the guys her presence was taking away from what he had with Nicole.

Clay later told Mike Johnson that Angela is an extremely special girl and he could understand why guys wanted to date her. Mike therefore advised Clay to sort out his feelings and talk to Angela about where they stood in order to "clear the air."

But several couples were hitting it off in Paradise flawlessly including Connor Saeli and Caelynn as well as Hannah Godwin and Dylan.

Caelynn thought she deserved this love story after everything she had been through.

As for Blake, he was struggling in Paradise to make a connection. Chris thought Blake was just "existing" at the Mexican resort, and he was right, because Blake considered quitting and going home.

Blake said he wanted to settle down with someone gorgeous, smart, funny and sexy. And then suddenly Blake realized that person was Kristina and maybe everything he wanted all this time was right in front of him.

Blake admitted he and Kristina always gravitated towards each other but they had never been "all in." He therefore wondered if they owed it to each other to take a serious shot at a romance.


Blake told Kristina he had been thinking about her a lot and couldn't stop thinking about her. Blake thought he just wanted to be her friend, but he was second guessing everything.

"I can't explain it because sometimes you drive me crazy and we butt heads," Blake said.

Kristina was skeptical, confused and had no idea what to think. She didn't know where Blake's feelings were coming from or whether he was just after her rose.

Kristina therefore asked Blake if they could continue their conversation the next day so she could process all of that information and test whether Blake would really feel the same way after sleeping on it.

It then became time for the season's next Rose Ceremony in which the ladies would have the power and be handing out roses. While several strong connections had formed, there were also "some wild cards out there," according to Dylan.

Sydney Lotuaco was "strongly intrigued" by Matt Donald, but she wanted him to show her more at the cocktail party.

Matt -- who considers himself a gentleman and someone who's far from a smooth talker -- admitted he was a bit of a scaredy-cat and worried about kissing women in Paradise on-camera.

Matt felt comfortable around Sydney but wanted to take his time and let things happen naturally and organically. He was apparently worried about rejection, but even Chris Harrison advised him to be a bit more aggressive and take advantage of this rare opportunity.

After asking John Paul to wipe dripping sweat off his chest and back, Matt gathered the courage to sit down with Sydney and finally kiss her. The whole beach cheered the couple on because Matt was clearly a sweet, sincere guy, but he vented to cameras about how his mother was going to kill him.


Chris B. then asked Katie to be his girlfriend, and she could see their relationship heading towards an engagement. She was on Cloud 9 and felt so happy to be his girl.

Also during the cocktail party, Clay asked Angela to have a conversation in private. The pair, who had dated for eight months, discussed how to move on and be fully open to the process. Clay said he was happy men were interested in her in Paradise and he respected her.

Clay said breaking up with her was one of the hardest moments in his life but he was never as far along as she was in their relationship. Clay insisted he wanted their romance to work but their goals and ambitions were not parallel.

Not only did he want Angela to go to the gym with him and stuff like that, but he also said he hoped to find a woman who had more goals than just becoming a wife and a mother, although he respected that about her.

Angela, however, called Clay out for talking about their future babies just a couple of days before they split up. Angela also alleged Clay would FaceTime her and say he missed her after their breakup, both of which Clay denied.

Angela and Clay started fighting on the beach, but Angela put an end to it and just asked Clay to co-exist with her on the beach. Angela told Clay that she'd always care about him but their relationship was over and it was time to move on.

"Now I can just focus on Chase and I's relationship and growing that and seeing how far that can blossom, and hopefully that's far," Angela said in a confessional.

Blake then told Caelynn that he and Kristina were going to give their romance another shot, which really didn't surprise Caelynn.


Blake subsequently insisted to Kristina he was "all in" with her and wasn't after her rose or the next girl to come onto the beach.

Kristina was skeptical of Blake's intentions but he shared, "When you realize what you want and the life you want, you want to start it immediately. And this whole time, you've been right in front of me."

Kristina asked Blake, "Why now?" And Blake explained he had buried his feelings deep down because he was tired of disappointing Kristina and basically thought she was fed up with him.

Kristina confessed she had buried her feelings for Blake as well, but he just asked her to unlock a door -- not necessarily open it for him right away. Kristina had a lot of concerns and didn't know whether she could trust Blake's words, but he promised to prove it to her through his actions.

"I made a lot of mistakes and I've done everything possibly wrong that I could have, but now I think this might be the beginning of something pretty awesome with Kristina," Blake told the cameras.

"So, I'm hopeful, but she has so many guards up against me -- so many walls. By the end of the night, I will know whether me and Kristina are going to have this amazing relationship and life together or I'll be going home alone."

The Rose Ceremony then commenced and couples in Paradise were beginning to get a lot more serious.

Nicole gave her rose to Clay, who expressed how he had such strong feelings for her and was blessed to have her in his life. Angela offered her rose to Chase, Kristian gave her rose to Demi, and Hannah handed her rose to Dylan, whom she called her "boyfriend."

Dylan was falling more and more in love with Hannah every day, and he could absolutely see her being his wife down the road.


Katie then gave her rose to Chris, and he admitted he had never truly been in love before. He was, however, having such feelings for Katie.

Haley Ferguson offered her rose to Luke Stone, Caelynn gave a rose to Connor, Sydney gave her rose to Matt, and then Tayshia made her choice and gave John Paul her rose.

"Although there are many fish in the sea, you're the only fish I see," Tayshia told him with a smile.

And finally, Kristina decided to give her rose to Blake as a romantic rose rather than a sign of their friendship. She was drawn to Blake but wondered if he was truly ready for love.

With that being said, Mike was eliminated from the show.

Mike said he was sad to put himself out there again and leave alone but he'd continue to become a better man.

Everyone seemed happy after the Rose Ceremony, but everything was about to be shaken up.

The next day, Blake said Kristina brought out "passion and emotion" in him. He had a "calming" sense over him that everything would work out because he could see his future with Kristina.

Blake told Kristina he didn't think he'd go on a date with any of the women who would be arriving in Paradise. 

Blake wanted to kiss Kristina like they used to kiss and prove to her that she'd be his priority going forward, but then Bri -- a beautiful, blonde model from Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor -- stepped foot on the beach.


Kristina was ready to see whether or not Blake would be distracted by the "new shiny thing."

Caelynn said Blake and Bri hit it off at Chris and Krystal's wedding, and Chris B. pointed out Blake had been waiting for Bri to arrive since then. However, Blake had given Kristina his word that he would reject a woman's date invitation.

Bri ultimately asked Blake out on a date, but he apparently declined in order to pursue things further with Kristina. Kristina felt relieved and maybe even a bit surprised, but she needed more until she could feel totally comfortable opening up her heart to Blake again.

Blake didn't blame Kristina for having walls up, but he could apparently tell she wanted to kiss him and hold him again. Caelynn was proud of Blake for saying "no" and said he definitely deserved a fresh start.

"Bri is a gorgeous, gorgeous woman, but I want Kristina!" Blake told the cameras. "Even though Bri and I had a little bit of a connection, this is what I need to do and what I want to do."

Blake said in a confessional Bri was stunning, tall and looked like a model but he desired Kristina and wanted her to remember "the fire" they had for each other. He said they had insatiable chemistry and it was "a cool kind of love story."

However, footage showed Blake and Kristina seeming bored with each other and lacking conversation while Bri went out on her date with Matt.

Sydney was upset Bri had asked Matt out because she felt like he was her only option. She therefore hoped his date was going to suck and they could hang out later.

As Chris B. and Katie discussed having two children -- twins, hopefully -- Connor talked to Dylan about how he felt really good with her. Connor liked the person she is and said they have similar interests and she's also "pretty hot."

Caelynn planned to go in "the boom-boom room" with Connor that night, and she told the cameras how grateful she was to not have ended up with Dean.

Caelynn said she had totally forgotten about Dean and was happy she didn't end up with him because she didn't want to live in a van, nor did she like his mustache.

And then suddenly, Dean arrived on the beach with his mustache shaved off, and the whole cast was stunned.

Dean asked to speak with Caelynn in private, and Connor was confused about his presence in Paradise. Connor said Dean didn't belong there, and Caelynn didn't understand why he was there either.

Dean explained to Caelynn that their first date was the best date of his life given she had chosen to accept everything about himself, the flaws and all. Dean said they got closer and closer but he tried to keep her at arm's length or the sake of "self-preservation."

Dean said he decided to make a decision for Caelynn to leave Paradise, which wasn't his decision to make, and then he returned to San Diego, CA.

"The entire flight back, I literally could not stop thinking about you," Dean told her. "I rented a car and drove to the Grand Canyon, and when I was there, I thought about how badly I wished you were there with me."

Dean said he could've waited until Caelynn left Mexico to talk again but he didn't want to wait that long in order to prevent her from falling for someone else.

"Connor came down and we've been trying to explore things, and it's just easy," Caelynn said.

"Who the f-ck wants easy?" Dean asked.

Connor thought Dean had arrived to win Caelynn over, but he didn't think Dean would be successful. Connor was confident in his relationship with Caelynn and where they stood.

But Caelynn seemed to melt while listening to Dean's speech. Caelynn admitted she had something "special" and "passionate" with Dean and he challenged her -- but also scared her at the same time. Caelynn was confused and said she wants a partner in life, but then Dean replied, "Me too."

"It's just taken me a little bit longer to realize that. But I knew that I needed to come here and tell you that I wanted us to try and be in a relationship," Dean shared.

There were things Caelynn missed about Dean so much, but she was worried to ruin everything. Caelynn could envision a future and even children with Connor, but her feelings for Dean apparently came rushing back.

The cast agreed Caelynn had a stronger, more passionate connection with Dean, so they expected she would choose him.

Connor was afraid to get hurt, but Dean told Caelynn that he was no longer going to play it safe in life.

"If I continue to wait until I'm perfect to be in a relationship with someone, I'll probably be alone forever," Dean told Caelynn.

Dean didn't have it all figured out, but he told Caelynn that he really wanted to be in a relationship after a lot of self-reflection and thought.

Dean therefore asked Caelynn if she'd leave Paradise with him that very day. She said it wasn't an easy decision because she had something really good with Dean and didn't know what to do.


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