Bachelor in Paradise's JJ Lane has revealed whether he won back the girl he dumped in order to appear on the ABC reality dating show.

During Sunday night's broadcast, Lane gave his rose to his friend Ashley Salter but then determined he wanted to return home to an amazing woman he left behind.

Lane said being on the island every day reminded him of what he had lost and what he really wanted back. The show gave Lane a very heroic portrayal, as he admitted he was going to beg and plead for the special girl to give him a second chance.

"I am floored at all of the love tonight. Thanks you! And in response to whether I got the girl... Unfortunately I did not get the girl back. She is an amazing woman...definitely was a bummer! This show makes some things quite challenging," Lane tweeted last night.

"Soooo...I am single, divorced, live with my parents, and play beer league hockey and PS4 in my ample free time. Please form an orderly queue 131 retweets 1,393 favorites."

Lane also wrote on Twitter he gave Bachelor in Paradise "an honest and genuine attempt."

"After being surrounded by such amazing women yet having feelings back home I knew it was time," Lane tweeted. "The show (Bachelorette) and all that comes with it took a heavy toll."

While Lane has clearly not been lucky in love, he at least redeemed himself and rehabbed his image on Bachelor in Paradise. Lane treated women well, made lasting friends and stood up to the season's main villain Joe Bailey for disrespecting and playing Juelia Kinney, a sweet single mom.
About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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