Bachelor in Paradise host Chris Harrison admits he never saw Michelle Money and Cody Sattler coming.

"Cody and Michelle have shocked me from the beginning probably because it's shocked Michelle just as much... Cody and Michelle are easily the most unlikely couple to come out of this franchise," Harrison wrote in his Entertainment Weekly blog.

"I say this because Michelle didn't see it coming herself. You hear about somebody being swept off their feet, but with Cody you actually saw it happen. He came in and blew her away."

Money tried to sabotage her relationship in the beginning because she was overwhelmed by Sattler's strong feelings for her. She was convinced the situation was too good to be true considering Sattler expressed his love and commitment to her so early on.  

"It was almost too much for her to take, as it's hard to believe he could be that genuine but he is," Harrison explained.

"He's a good man and loves her very much. I was very happy to see them leave paradise together, and I'm even happier to know they are still very much in love and planning a life together. I already promised Michelle I would officiate the wedding, and I plan on keeping that promise. I wish them the best."

Money and Sattler are still together and expecting to get married in the near future.