Bachelor in Paradise bachelorette Michelle Money apparently had more hesitation about Cody Sattler than she let on.

Money, 33, made it clear Sattler, 28, was overwhelming because he felt so strongly and expressed his love for her after a short period of time. She wasn't sure whether she could catch up to Sattler emotionally while appearing on Bachelor in Paradise.

"Coming out of the experience with [Robert Graham] and feeling pretty rejected and sorry for myself and then having this guy come in who was full-throttle was a total contrast of emotions pretty quickly," Money told Cupids Pulse, referring to how Graham had dumped her for Sarah Herron.

"I wondered if he was being serious, being real, and really meant what he was saying to me. But after talking to [Graham Bunn], my girlfriends, and the producers, everyone agreed that he was genuine."

All the girls still on the show believed, however, Jesse Kovacs was not sincere and went on the show for the wrong reasons. After Kovacs allegedly bragged about hooking up with both Christy Hansen and Lucy Aragon, Money and Lacy Faddoul gave him a piece of their mind.

"We have all experienced someone like Jesse in our lives, who makes you feel degraded or disrespected," Money told the website.

"Sometimes, you want to brush it off, but that just enables them to continue their behavior, and I'm not down with that. People will treat you the way you let them treat you. Christy's an amazing woman, but the longer she keeps letting guys treat her that way, the longer it will continue to happen. She needed to know her feelings were valid and what happened wasn't her fault."

While Money didn't reveal whether she's still dating Sattler, she discussed why she originally wanted to appear on Bachelor in Paradise and what she liked in particular about Sattler.

"When they approached me with the show, I was pretty skeptical about going back on TV for a third time, but they presented the format  to me as being a lot more realistic in terms of finding a relationship," admitted Money, a single mom to nine-year-old Brielle.

"After going on The Bachelor, it was appealing to me to find someone who has had the same experiences that come with reality TV, like being recognized in public and having to deal with the editing."

Money, a hairstylist from Salt Lake City, said she appreciated how Sattler took interest in her daughter.

"He loves talking about her and asked me a lot of questions," Money noted. "That's not easy to find."

Money appeared on The Bachelor's fifteenth season as well as Bachelor Pad 2. Sattler competed for Andi Dorfman's heart on The Bachelorette's tenth season.