Bachelor in Paradise couple Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour have officially set their wedding date, and it's surprisingly coming up soon!

Hannah took to Instagram on Tuesday and posted a slideshow of engagement photos with Dylan in which the bride-to-be looks beautiful in a champagne-colored mini dress.


"August '23," Hannah captioned the post, adding bride and groom emojis.

Hannah tagged Dylan in her post, and members of Bachelor Nation expressed their excitement for the couple.

"Yayyy!!! Very happy for you both," Hannah Brown commented.

"Omg it's happening!!!" wrote Abigail Heringer.

Hannah, who accepted Dylan's marriage proposal on Bachelor in Paradise's sixth season in June 2019, also posted a TikTok video titled "GOIN TO THE CHAPEL BABY!!!!!!"

In the video, Hannah did a makeup tutorial while she opened up about her 2023 wedding.

"So how do I say this casually? We have a wedding date! Like, actually!" gushed the bubbly blonde model and social-media influencer.

"You would think that after being engaged for almost four years that I would give myself enough time to really plan it out and be particular, but, you know, it's happening in six months -- in August!"

Hannah said she's been "doing research" for her big day on Pinterest and TikTok.

"I don't know if this will show up on BrideTok, but I'm a bride. First of all, how do you accept that you're a bride? It makes me feel old," Hannah joked.

"A part of me is kind of sad it's going to be in six months because that means it's all over, like, the whole wedding thing. And I want to enjoy it for longer, kind of, but I guess it has been four years, so whatever."


Hannah then requested tips, advice and recommendations from her followers.

"[I'm interested in] photographers, florists, or things you wouldn't have done. Please let me know, because I am a little stressed," she admitted.

"We do have wedding planners, which is a big help, but as somebody who doesn't love making decisions a ton, this is going to be new for me. Besides for choosing the date or location, we haven't done anything."

Hannah confirmed she hasn't even asked her bridesmaids to be in the wedding party, nor has she invited anyone yet.

"I haven't tried on dresses [either]. We haven't done anything," Hannah shared.

"I can also tell I'm probably not going to be a bridezilla. I just want to embrace and enjoy the day and feel relaxed. You know when you have a birthday and there's too much pressure on it and you don't enjoy it? That's my biggest fear."

Hannah explained how she just wants to have fun at her wedding and focus on her union with Dylan.

The video concluded with Hannah teasing how her content on TikTok going forward will mostly be "wedding related."

"It's in six months and I have no choice but for everything in my life to be wedding, basically!" Hannah said.

"I've been a little stressed with everything that comes with having a wedding. It's way different than it used to be. What if someone thinks something I do is not cute or ugly? But you know what? Screw it!... It's real and I've got this!"

"So yeah, go wedding! Let's do it!" she exclaimed.

Hannah revealed earlier this month that she and Dylan had been "sneakily" looking at wedding venues, but fans probably never expected their wedding plans to come together this quickly.

For several years, Hannah and Dylan were in no rush to get married after their Bachelor in Paradise engagement.

In fact, the pair revealed last year that they had decided to postpone their wedding in order to cut back on spending since they had just bought a new home together in San Diego, CA, in late 2021.


Hannah and Dylan have also been traveling the world together in recent years, including a recent vacation to Paris, France.

In February 2022, Hannah checked in with her followers to answer their burning questions, and one person chose to ask about her dream wedding dress.

"Part of me wants simple, but then I'm like... I can always wear a simple dress. You know? Maybe I go big, like Vogue. I don't really know," Hannah told the fan.

Hannah and Dylan initially decided on an early 2020 wedding, but their planning got derailed due to the global outbreak of coronavirus -- and now more than three years have passed.

"[The date has been] pushed back a bit. We've been eyeing 2023 so we'll see how it goes," Hannah told Us Weekly in September 2021.

Dylan said at the time he and Hannah hoped to wed in Spring 2023 because they don't want to exchange vows in the winter, and Hannah shared how they had already hired a wedding planner and anticipated tying the knot in California since the West Coast has captured their hearts.

"We're loving being engaged," Hannah gushed to the magazine in 2021. "We are excited to, like, start the next chapter whenever that is though. We are getting eager for it."

But Hannah and the Vizer app co-founder were still looking for the perfect place to have their wedding.

"We've been kind of working on that a little bit. I think that, like, [the] vibe that we've been saying from the very beginning, we're still thinking of anything that feels outdoor, European-ish," Hannah disclosed.

"I don't know where that's going to be, but that's the vibe at least we're aiming towards."

Hannah also previously confirmed she and Dylan don't want to get married on television for ABC cameras and viewers.

"For our wedding, we'd just want it to be personal, like, as close-knit as we possibly can. We want to just keep it personal and small," Hannah explained.

Hannah said she believes the wedding will be "more enjoyable" the more intimate it is.

"And we won't have to be greeting people the whole time essentially," she added.

"It's going to be nice I think just to have everybody -- like for it to be a memory for everybody and not just like us. We want to really enjoy it."

Hannah and Dylan also expressed how they didn't appreciate criticism about their delayed wedding or doubts about their future as a couple.

Hannah told Us in 2021 how she and Dylan "love" being each other's rock and support system.

"We just are each other's No. 1 biggest fan and it's really cool. It's really cool," Hannah gushed.

Prior to meeting on Bachelor in Paradise, Hannah competed for Colton Underwood's heart on The Bachelor's 23rd season and Dylan appeared on The Bachelorette's fifteenth season.

During Bachelor in Paradise's sixth season, Dylan called Hannah the love of his life and said he had no doubts in his mind that she was his person.

Dylan basically fell in love with Hannah during the first week of Paradise, but Hannah was a little terrified of investing her heart so quickly into a man following her breakup with Colton.

Dylan, however, never gave up on their potential, even when Blake Horstmann was trying to charm Hannah and steal her away.

After Hannah worked through "a few obstacles" inside of herself, she and Dylan got engaged on the beach in Mexico.

During the reunion portion of Bachelor in Paradise's sixth season, Dylan said popping the question to Hannah was "the best decision" he'd ever made.

"We talk all the time, like, 'How did this all work out for us?' But for some reason, it did. He's my person and I have a different kind of love for him that I knew existed, and that's really special," Hannah shared in Summer 2019.

Hannah also revealed at the time they had met each other's families and she'd be moving from Birmingham, AL, to California in order to be closer to Dylan and his job.


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