Mary Delgado labeled her November arrest on a domestic battery charge as the result of an "unfortunate set of circumstances" that had nothing to do with her desire to finally walk down the aisle with The Bachelor sixth-season star and her fiance Byron Velvick.

"The assumption out there is that I'm upset because he doesn't want to marry me, and that's so far from the truth," Delgado said during an interview aired on Inside Edition's Friday broadcast.  "It was a lot of things. It was something that just kind of got out of hand."

Delgado and Velvick were at a friends' condominium watching The Bachelor's eleventh-season After the Final Rose special when the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office claims the pair disagreed over whether they should leave the home after the couple they had been visiting with began arguing.

"I think that night we had a 'perfect storm' of things happening," Velvick told the syndicated entertainment news show.  "We had another couple that weren't getting along; there was a lot of issues there. They were being angry at each other."

While Velvick wanted to leave the condominium, police alleged Delgado wanted to stay, and after the pair got into Velvick's truck they "became involved in an argument which turned physical." 

Delgado, a 40-year-old Tampa resident, then struck Velvick's mouth -- causing the upper left side of his lip to split. Velvick went back inside the condominium to clean-up while Delgado waited in the truck, which is when the former The Bachelor star called police.

Velvick didn't want to press charges and also did not want his injuries photographed, but Pinellas County deputies still determined a crime had happened and Delgado was arrested and charged with domestic battery.

"There was not any reason why something should have gone as far as that," Velvick told Inside Edition.  "I tried to stop [the police] when they were thinking about doing that. I was shocked, stunned and very concerned."

Delgado was booked into the Pinellas County Jail and was subsequently released on her own recognizance. The domestic battery charge against Delgado is a misdemeanor, but that apparently didn't soften the blow of being arrested.

"It was humiliating. It's just indescribable," Delgado told Inside Edition.  "A lot of things go through your mind. From my mug shot you could see I cried nonstop."

Alcohol also played a role in the incident, however Delgado said it was just a contributing factor and not the cause.

"I was not falling over drunk. We had cocktails, yeah, but to sit here and say that I did shots, it wasn't even that at all," she told Inside Edition.  "It was just a lot of things... just kind of like a volcano."

Delgado and Velvick met during filming for The Bachelor's Fall 2005 sixth-season, which ended with Velvick proposing marriage to Delgado.  While the couple has yet to wed and delayed their wedding plans several times, they've remained engaged over the last three years.
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"Just because you met on a reality show, got engaged on this beautiful incredible setting doesn't mean that we're Prince Charming or Beautiful Princess," Velvick explained to Inside Edition.  "It's nothing like that. It's just a real couple going through real things."

Needless to say, Delgado apparently isn't too happy that her romance with Velvick has become public fodder thanks to The Bachelor.

"If I could take everything back -- going on reality TV and putting myself out there -- aside from the fact that I met him, I would," she told Inside Edition.
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