The Orange Bowl crowd's rough treatment of singer Ashlee Simpson in the game's halftime show is recalling criticism of her "Saturday Night Live" debacle.

Simpson's Tuesday night performance, which was the halftime show's finale, drew boos from the 72,000 spectators.

Besides Simpson, the show featured Kelly Clarkson of "American Idol" fame, country star Trace Atkins and a host of technical problems.

The camera zoomed in on Simpson's face just as the boos started raining down but then quickly cut away.

Bloggers and Internet chat rooms soon renewed critical discussion of the recent SNL glitch that had Simpson's band playing "Autobiography" as a recorded vocal track of her "Pieces of Me" was broadcast, WPLG-TV, Miami, reported Wednesday. Critics say she started lip-synching.

USA Today reports Web sites are lampooning Simpson in altered video and pictures, linking her to Milli Vanilli, the two performers who lost their 1990 Grammy for lip-synching.