Ariel Frenkel will be enjoying an overnight Fantasy Suite date with Zach Shallcross on The Bachelor's 27th season.

Ariel is a 28-year-old brunette beauty from New York City, NY, and she's one of Zach's Final 3 bachelorettes.


Ariel was "mysterious" to Zach at the beginning of The Bachelor season and he was very "intrigued" by her. But as the weeks progressed, Ariel shed some of her layers and began to show Zach her true colors.

Zach eventually came to find out that Ariel is a funny, intelligent and empathetic woman as well as a great listener. Although Zach considered his romance with Ariel to be a late bloom, she surpassed most of the competition after her first one-on-one date with the Bachelor.

In Estonia, the pair enjoyed a sexy one-on-one date at a nudist sauna and spa, and Zach gushed about how the date exceeded his expectations. In fact, Ariel blew him away and made him feel confident in what they shared.

"She's fun, she's absolutely gorgeous -- like holy sh-t. But now, more importantly, I feel like I can be myself and be comfortable around her," Zach told the cameras.

"It feels like she could be my best friend. At the start of this journey, I spoke with [The Bachelor alum Sean Lowe]. And Sean [spoke about] how he envisioned his journey would go and who he'd end up with, and he's with [Catherine Giudici] who he was like, 'Oh my god, you've been in front of my face this whole time.'"

Zach admitted his relationship with Ariel was "very similar" to Sean's experience.

"You've been in front of me this whole entire time, and holy sh-t, you could be it!" Zach concluded in his confessional.

And then Ariel introduced Zach to her family, who was skeptical of his intentions but also trusting of Ariel's decisions.

"I am definitely falling for you. That is hard for me to say, but I am," Ariel told Zach after her hometown date.

Until viewers find out whether Ariel receives a Final 2 rose on The Bachelor 27, let's learn a little bit about the bachelorette right now.
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Below is a list of eight facts Reality TV World has compiled about Ariel Frenkel.

Ariel is a freelance marketing consultant

Prior to working as freelancer for about eight months, Ariel was an account planner for the Financial Times for nearly two years.

Ariel has also held down jobs as a project manager for Earl Enterprises, a TV scripted assistant for William Morris Endeavor, and a Campus Brand Manager for Ponder Products.

She started her career as a marketing and public relations intern.


The Bachelor bachelorette is looking for a man who can match her energy

Ariel considers herself adventurous, sophisticated, and unapologetically herself, and she wants her future husband to be thoughtful and kind.

Ariel experienced major heartbreak in her past. She had been in relationships where she felt like she couldn't be her true self, and so she wants to feel vulnerable, accepted and safe in her next relationship.

She no longer wants to use humor as a veil with a man.


Ariel is a "thrill seeker" and "a woman of the world"

ABC calls Ariel "a woman of the world" because she has traveled everywhere, from Europe to Asia to South America.

Based on Ariel's Instagram, she recently touched down in London, England; Paris, France; Milan, Italy; and Lisbon, Portugal.

Ariel, who says she dresses like a Real Housewife of New Jersey, also speaks French with limited working proficiency and Russian with bilingual proficiency.

Ariel had an interest in seeing the world even in high school. In 2010, she took a creative writing course in Barcelona, Spain.

Ariel appears to love her home life just as much as jet-setting

Ariel comes from a big, loving Ukrainian-Jewish family, and she's looking for a love that resembles what her parents have had for many years.

Ariel says her family is a window into her life and she feels so loved and embraced by them.

Ariel's parents had fled the Soviet Union, where they were persecuted for being Jewish and couldn't be who they are. Being a first generation, Ariel said she's extremely proud of the life her parents had created for her.

When she's not taking trips all over the world, Ariel finds joy in exploring her hometown of New York City. She enjoys going on long walks, dancing and reading Architectural Digest.

Ariel took a cooking class in Italy before starting college

Ariel took a summer culinary course in Florence, Italy at Florence University of Arts in 2012. She learned how to prepare Italian cuisine by region.

Ariel then attended The George Washington University from 2012-2016, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Sciences.

While at school, Ariel was a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority.


Ariel seduced Zach during her virtual chat with him in London

In a deleted scene The Bachelor posted on its official Instagram page, Ariel began her virtual chat with Zach in a seductive black outfit, and Zach's jaw was nearly on the floor when he watched her walk into the room.

"Mr. Shallcross, we have a covert mission today. Are you ready?" Ariel tells the Bachelor.

"I am so excited. I have no idea what to expect, but wow, you look great," Zach replies.

"Are you ready? We have to save London," she explains.

"Okay, we're saving London, yes! What are we doing?" Zach playfully asks with impatience in his voice.

Ariel says, "We're saving London the best way I know how -- through alcohol. We're going to make James Bond's favorite drink. So you should check your door right now, because there's something waiting for you. I believe the butler has delivered something for our covert mission."

Zach proceeds to find a martini, and then he and Ariel both sip one together.

"We took the risk. I don't think they're poisoned," Ariel concludes.

Ariel wasn't a fan of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette before Zach's season

When asked about how she was cast on Zach's season of The Bachelor, Ariel admitted she went into the show "completely blind" during a recent appearance on the "Bachelor Happy Hour" podcast.

"I've seen episodes before, and definitely when I was a bit younger, I watched the show. I feel like my friends fully applied me and I went in blind," Ariel told The Bachelorette alum Becca Kufrin.

"I actually got a phone call about the show, not knowing I was getting a call. So I was caught very off-guard. Basically, my friends applied me."

Ariel also admitted she didn't binge watch any The Bachelor season before filming the show.

"I honestly tried, but then I just didn't want to," Ariel said. "I didn't want anything to change my experience. I didn't want to prepare for something when it comes to dating. The less prepared you are for something, the more authentically you are yourself."

Ariel wanted to be different from everyone else, and so she thought going into the process blind would benefit her the most.

Zach was most afraid of Ariel's hometown date

Zach was asked during a recent appearance on the "Bachelor Happy Hour" podcast if there was one woman in particular whose family he was extremely nervous to meet, for any reason.

Zach replied, "It was Ariel's family."

Ariel previously joked on the show about how her father had confused The Bachelor with Game of Thrones and thought everyone was going to be naked on the show.

"I was a little nervous but excited to meet him, but I was also warned -- well, not warned, but prepared -- for her brother," Zach explained of Ariel's overprotective brother Bobby.

"I'm an older brother myself. I have sisters who have had boyfriends and I've played the macho, older-brother role at a younger time. But she prepared me for that, and so I was really nervous going into meeting her brother."

Zach added, "I don't know if [Ariel's brother] is a big fan of this whole show thing."


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