Former The Apprentice: Los Angeles candidate Kristine Lefebvre will grace the cover of Playboy's June issue, and she knows at least one guy who can't wait to get a copy:  her one-time potential boss.

"[The Apprentice star Donald Trump] was obsessed with my body during the show," Lefebvre told E! Online last week.

"Literally obsessed, because the second task was the swimsuit one, and I was the one on our team who modeled the suit. After the runway show, he came in the back and said, 'Oh, my God! Who would have known that body was under there? You should be a model.'"

According to the 37-year-old Los Angeles attorney, The Donald also wasn't bashful about letting some of his buddies know what he thought about Lefebvre's looks -- especially during The Apprentice: Los Angeles' eighth episode when Trump rewarded the winning team with a golf outing.

"Mr. Trump introduced me to Mark King, who is the president of TaylorMade Golf, and Mark was commenting on my swing, and Mr. Trump said, 'Well, you should see the body under those clothes,'" she told E! Online.

"I was, like, 'Mr. Trump! Do you want a smart person working for you, or do you just want eye candy? Let me know, because I need to adjust my focus in this game.'"

As an attorney, Lefebvre said she had previously negotiated Playboy spreads for some of her clients -- such as Pamela Anderson and Deborah Gibson -- and added it was a call from The Girls Next Door star and Playboy founder Hugh Hefner that convinced her to bare-all for the magazine.

"Hef called me personally at my office.  And I was like, All right, damn! These people know how to negotiate. He just said, 'You know, I understand we've been in discussions for you to appear in the magazine, and I really hope that we can work this out, because I would love to have you in the magazine,'" she told E! Online. 

"I thought his assistant was going to be on the phone, but it was actually him on the phone and him telling me he hopes we can make a deal because he wants me in the magazine." 

In addition to fulfilling Trump's fantasies by posing for Playboy, Lefebvre -- the wife of celebrity chef Ludovic Lefebvre -- said she also has another reason for appearing the magazine: proving that despite a bout with cancer, she's "still a whole person."

"I want people who have gone through what I've gone through to realize they're still a whole person," Lefebvre, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer following two years of infertility treatment that resulted in two miscarriages and no children, told E! Online. 

"I hope there's one woman out there who has had breast cancer and is willing to go back into her lingerie drawer and pull out that lace bra.  Not to make her husband or her boyfriend feel good but to make herself feel good."

Lefebvre said she appeared as an applicant on The Apprentice: Los Angeles only six months after a hysterectomy and six weeks after a failed adoption.
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"I went through the craziest path to sort of heal from this process... The Apprentice and then Playboy," she told E! Online. "It's not your normal course of therapy, but it ended up working."

Hopefully the story will have a happy ending for her, as Lefebvre plans on using some of her Playboy proceeds to expand her family.

"I will be using some of my Playboy money to get a surrogate so we can have our little frozen babies turn into the real thing," she told E! Online.