They might have been repeatedly accused of using their bodies to sell while competing on NBC's The Apprentice, but four of the program's female contestants are saying that they do draw the line somewhere -- and have reportedly rejected a $1,000,000 joint offer to pose nude for Playboy magazine while instead agreeing to do a scantily clad pictorial for young men's magazine FHM... for free.

While continuing to defend the women's "sex sells" approach and even denying that their physical attractiveness helped them in the program's competitions -- "the fact that we are confident and intelligent is what makes us sexy," Ereka Vetrini recently remarked to the Palm Beach Post -- Ereka acknowledged that the foursome felt it would be "unprofessional" to accept the Playboy offer.

"It wasn't something I ever wanted to do beforehand, so with the money, I just thought I was selling myself out." Ereka told the New York Post regarding the Playboy offer, which would have called for her and fellow contestants Amy Henry, Krista Frank and Katrina Campins to pose in a "tasteful nude" layout in return for $250,000 each (the same amount of cash as the annual salary that the Apprentice winner will receive.)

As for their willingness to accept FHM's offer of no compensation -- an agreement that Apprentice chief Donald Trump would no doubt condemn as a horrible deal and a reason to question their business acumen -- Ereka told The Post that the group apparently did the layout for the fun of it... and that despite their initial intentions, the pictorial might have ended up a little more revealing than first they first imagined.

"It's the four of us, no nudity. It was a lot of fun. They had an all-female staff, so they were really good about making us feel comfortable... We started out being like, 'Oh, we're going to be clothed, right?' And then, by the end of the shoot, we were taking it off!" Ereka told The Post.