Anslee's stunning face was not enough to keep her in the competition any longer.

The 23-year-old bartender from Dacula, GA became the eighth girl eliminated from America's Next Top Model's fourteenth season during last night's broadcast of The CW reality competition series.

"I'm very disappointed about not going to New Zealand with the other girls. I would love to. I've never been out of the country," said Anslee after her ouster.

"I am excited to be able to see my child of course, but I'm devastated that I feel like I let her down. I made it way further than I ever would guessed I would have made it. There were hundreds and hundreds of girls I tried out with to get here. To me, that's accomplishing something. It may not have been all the way like I wanted to go, but it's accomplishing something."

America's Next Top Model's seventh fourteenth-season episode began following the previous elimination of Brenda Arens. With only seven girls remaining, Anslee realized that the end was in sight.

"I'm not only here for my own dreams and I'm not only here for myself, but I'm here to potentially give my husband and my child a better life that they deserve," said Anslee.

The next morning, the seven remaining girls were met by The City star Whitney Port and agent Pat Cleveland. Whitney explained that she'd be taking the girls out and they'd be wearing something from her Whitney Eve collection, while Pat would be speaking with each individually to learn more about them.

The girls then arrived at a drag queen bar, where they were introduced to a drag queen version of Tyra Banks and mentor J. "Miss J" Alexander. Miss J explained that the girls would be competing in a challenge in which each would be walking the runway before the audience voted for their favorite.

Krista, a 26-year-old retail manager from Pine Bluff, AR, was awarded the challenge victory after receiving the loudest applause from the audience. She won a several pieces from Whitney's collection.

Back at the loft, Anslee was upset she lost the challenge but happy she "stayed true" to herself.

"In the end, that means a lot more to me," she said.

The next morning the girls were ready to leave for their photo shoot -- except for Alasia, an 18-year-old student from Marietta, GA, who was running behind. Sick of waiting, the girls left the loft without her.
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"I'm about to be in so much trouble," she opined. "I don't want to get in trouble and then -- oh my gosh -- what if that causes me to get sent home or something. I don't want to get sent home because I'm late."

She eventually made it downstairs and got in the limousine.

The girls then arrived at their shoot, where they were met by Top Model photo shoot director Jay Manuel and photographer Jerry Metellus. Jay explained for their next shoot, the girls would be wearing outfits made entirely of hair. The girls would be divided into two teams for the shoot, one of which would be led by hairstylist Weaven Steven while the other would be led by hair stylist Derek J.

Weaven's team consisted of Krista, Anslee, Angelea, a 23-year-old answering service operator from Buffalo, NY, and Raina, a 22-year-old student from Minnetonka, MN. Derek J's team consisted of Alasia, Alexandra, a 21-year-old student from Kerrville, TX, and Jessica, an 18-year-old model from Conway, AR.

"This photo shoot, I'm going to listen to what Mr. Jay has to say, but I'm also going to put my own twist and my own spin on what he has to say," said Anslee. "I want to prove to my family and my daughter that I can do this."

Her shoot commenced, and Jay advised her to not be "over conscious of selling the arm piece" and to be a "little more effortless."

"I think every now and then Anslee forgets about her body positioning," said Jay. "I don't think she understands the true essence that you expect of a top model."

Alexandra knew it was also "imperative" for her to do well during the shoot -- however her twisting in front of the camera didn't sit well with Jay. Alexandra subsequently complained that it was hard to get her hair dress to move, which Jay disputed.

"Alexandra is getting a lot of critique right now, and she is starting to break down," said Raina. "At this point in the competition she cannot afford to get in a rut."

Jay thought Alexandra looked like "a fish out of water."

"She not only did not know how to move the dress, she totally forgot how to model period," said Jay.

"Definitely struggling through a photo shoot isn't something you want ever -- especially now," she opined. "It was really crucial for me to do really well because I haven't won yet. It's just really frustrating."

The photo shoot ended and the girls returned to the loft, aware that they'd be attending panel the next day.

"Deep down inside, I am nervous about elimination this week," said Anslee.

"The realistic side of me knows that I'm not out of the woods yet, but I don't want to think about that. I'm either going to be in the middle, or I'm going to be on top."

The girls then arrived for the next judging panel -- where they would be critiqued by America's Next Top Model creator and lead judge Tyra Banks, photographer Nigel Barker, Vogue editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley, and Whitney. Before panel commenced, Tyra revealed that the six girls remaining after the elimination would be traveling to New Zealand.

Anslee immediately ran into problems when her photo was unveiled, as Andre said he was bothered by her "stereotypical" point of the toe on her left leg, which he called "cliche." Nigel liked the "strength" in her face.

"You look a little stiff," added Whitney. "Your shoulders look a little uncomfortable."

Tyra thought Anslee didn't take enough risks.

Alexandra also ran into some trouble, as Nigel thought she looked "shell-shocked" because she looked straight into the camera.

"I think your hand look very awkward -- it's almost like you were trying to do a dance that maybe is not a dance," added Andre. "Although your face is quite beautiful."

Tyra agreed about Alexandra's face.

"But I wish that you would have had your head closer to camera," she added. "Push your head forward and it will make your head be the same proportion as your body."

The other five girls also received critiques before the judges began to deliberate their decision.

"Anslee was probably my least favorite," said Whitney. "I didn't like her body, her hands are awkward, her legs are awkward. I love her face, but other than that she wasn't selling the outfit for me."

Whitney also thought that Alexandra's pose was "off."

"She obviously is not connecting what she thinks she's doing to what she's actually doing," she said.

However Tyra thought Alexandra's face was "divine."

The judges then met with the girls and revealed that Krista had the best photo of the shoot and learned she'd be flying first class to New Zealand. They then revealed Angelea, Raina, Jessica and Alasia were safe -- leaving Anslee and Alexandra in the bottom two.

"Anslee the judges find your face to be so stunning, but they fear you might be just a beauty model -- meaning a model that only models from the chest up. For some reason, when the camera pulls far away and gets you from head-to-toe, it becomes a little bland. But the judges wonder, do you need a little bit more practice?" said Tyra.

"Alexandra takes pretty decent pictures -- not amazing -- but pretty decent pictures. Then every now and then, a picture that's absolutely stunning. But the judges are feeling a lack of drive and lack of desire to be in this competition."

Tyra then revealed Anslee was eliminated.

America's Next Top Model's next fourteenth-season episode will air next Wednesday at 8PM ET/PT on The CW.