Andi Dorfman faced all her The Bachelorette ex-boyfriends head on during The Men Tell All, but she's not looking back and apparently still has no regrets.

"I have to admit I was definitely scared to see all the guys," Dorfman wrote in her People blog.

"I have to admit I was not expecting Chris Harrison to pull out the lie detector results from Italy! That's the one moment I've kept thinking and thinking about!"

Dylan Petitt lied about preferring brunettes over blondes and being ready for marriage. Marcus Grodd lied about having had sex with less than 20 women. Josh Murray -- who is in Dorfman's Final 2 with Nick Viall -- lied twice during the test, but the Bachelorette just didn't want to know anything further.

"Major props to Dylan for laughing everything off... I was also very proud of Marcus for not revealing his number. I know the audience really wanted to read Josh's results, but I really trust both of my final men, so I definitely didn't want to see the results. That was, again, a hard decision, but I think a right decision," Dorfman said.

Dorfman also feels she made the right elimination choices thus far even though she let go of some great men.

"Marcus, who did everything right... he's the perfect example of how everything can be great on paper, but it doesn't always equal great love. It was important to me for Marcus to know that I wasn't scared by how early he declared his feelings for me. I loved hearing Marcus say that he believed that if you love somebody, you should tell her every day, and I hope he never changes. Whoever ends up with him next will be one lucky lady," she explained.

"I have no doubt [Chris Soules] will find a love to bring back to Iowa. Who knows, maybe it's that superfan who jumped on stage... All in all, the guys from this season were true class acts... So many times, you see the men harboring resentment and animosity, but this group of gentlemen was above that, and I am truly grateful for them. I feel incredibly lucky to have had such an incredible group of guys."

Not only is Dorfman "beyond thrilled" to watch both Marquel Martin and Cody Sattler on Bachelor in Paradise this summer, she's apparently equally as excited to see the finale of her The Bachelorette journey next week.

It will come to "an incredible end!" Dorfman wrote in her People blog. "You won't want to miss it!"